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Plot Keywords

criminal future
farm kansas
chase year 2074
year 2044 30 years
gold bar floor safe
diner wisp of smoke
topless female nudity self mutilation
social commentary 2040s
younger version of character dead wife
secret tunnel stripper
motorcycle american abroad
interracial marriage grenade
critically acclaimed ethics
morality lens flare
tent dismemberment
severed foot death of protagonist
assassin shot through a window
shot in the leg falling on a car
title spoken by narrator obscene finger gesture
death of wife remington 870 shotgun
bound and gagged supernatural power
thong woman slaps a man
wedding ring pickup truck
slow motion scene drug addict
starts with narration strip club
sunset boy
misfire rifle
shooting a woman torture
cyberpunk camera shot of feet
hand drawn map organized crime
dystopia dual wield
shotgun loaded with rock salt wood chopping
murder revenge
shot in the back gold
blood single mother
urban decay voice over narration
shotgun child in peril
starts with a murder body landing on a car
subtitled scene character repeating someone else's dialogue
cigarette smoking retirement
drug addiction blood splatter
death killer child
flashback dead woman with eyes open
severed nose held at gunpoint
hit with a hammer map
night cityscape bag over head
disposing of a dead body gore
dirt road axe
interracial kiss shot in the forehead
murder of a child incinerating a dead body
bilingualism anti hero
contract killer hiding
mafia double bitted axe
severed finger bomb
shot to death tear on cheek
f word falling down stairs
self sacrifice pistol
mob execution husband wife relationship
future noir asian woman murdered
syringe steak and eggs
execution pocket watch
mother son relationship barn
zippo lighter montage
redemption hitman
severed hand cityscape
car accident party
time paradox severed leg
mother murdered fugitive
exploding body handcuffed to a cot
cornfield climbing a fire escape
one word title shanghai china
showgirl homelessness
telekinesis single parent
silver face slap
hiding in a closet time loop
older version of character machine gun
prostitution shot in the chest
gangster written by director
night club covered in blood
vomit revolver
levitation hit with a door
violence finger gun
french crashing through a window
trapdoor sex scene
suicide neo noir
silver bar tragedy
farmhouse explosion
tantrum crime boss
on the run implied sex
white man asian woman relationship one man army
time travel shot in the face
underground tunnel meeting future self
betrayal tough girl
tough guy seeing wife murdered
2070s trip and fall
teleportation shootout
drug withdrawal lawlessness
junkie death of friend
death of child title spoken by character
surprise ending

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