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When Joe is shot by Sara with rock salt he is hit in the right shoulder. In the next scene where Sara is treating him she is treating his left shoulder.
The young Joe is right-handed, the older one played by Bruce Willis, is left-handed.
When Sara is smoking in bed, the length of the cigarette varies inconsistently between shots.
When Joe is talking to Cid in the kitchen at night, Cid has a noticeable gap in one of his front teeth. In the next scene Cid is talking to his mother Sarah and still has a very wobbly baby tooth where the gap was previously.
When the mob is preparing to send back Old Joe, there are four gangsters. Two restraining him, one attaching the gold bars and another preparing the time machine. In the fight that follows, there are only three of them.
After Sara blasts Joe with the shotgun, Old Joe is shown massaging a scar on his right chest area. A later scene shows Sara dressing Joe's wounds on the left chest area.
When Joe and Old Joe are in the café together, the waitress Beatrix comes over to take their order, and their table is empty. However when she returns to give them their food, there are two drinks already on the table. We know that she has not given them their drinks order previously because the rest of the scene is a conversation between the 2 characters in which she does not reappear.
When Cid is answering multiplication questions with Sara and answers the 7x3 question for the 21 tile, which is then placed on the board, it disappears in the next shot, reappears in the following shot and disappears again in the next shot.
When the truck is upended and overturns, it is clear that there is no one in the cab. Then when it comes to rest upside down on the road, the close-up reveals the Sara and Cid characters held inside by their seat belts.
When Seth is in Joe's apartment awaiting the hit men, Seth is heavily sobbing in one shot, calm in the next and then heavily sobbing in the next shot.
When Seth enters Joe's apartment, sweat is visible on his chin. In the next shot of Seth there is no sweat.
As the Gat men are mobilizing at Abes and filing out, on the video screen on the right you can see the same figures pass by over and over.
When Joe and Cid are having a conversation looking out of the hatch at the end of the tunnel from the house, the branch holding up the hatch changes position from shot to shot. It is rotated about 90 degrees between the positions and the position changes four or five times during the conversation.
Before Joe's first meeting with Abe, Kid Blue is messing around with his gun, eventually winding up pointing it at Joe and cocking the hammer. The film cuts to a shot of Joe, then to a shot of Kid Blue pointing the gun at Joe with the hammer uncocked. The next shot of Kid Blue shows him with his thumb on the cocked hammer.
When old Joe is leaving the golf-cart in which he blew out the windshield to kill the driver, the windshield is still in one piece, as seen in the reflections.
When Sarah is doing multiplication tables with Cyd, the first tile we see him place (56) moves repeatedly between shots - it's correctly on 7x8 from his point of view, but the tile is on 7x9 when we move to her point of view. The next tile (32), which he supposedly places on 8x3, is actually placed on 7x8, adjacent to the incorrectly-placed first tile from Sarah's point of view
When Joe and Seth are talking in Joe's apartment towards the beginning of the movie, the streams of tears on Seth's cheeks and upper lip change multiple times in between the close-up shots of his face.
Late in the movie, when they are in the field, there are rows of some crop (maybe peanuts) then in another scene, the Field is freshly plowed.Then there is grass or corn shown in the field.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Cid and Sara speed towards Old Joe and the car flips and lands on the road, a roll cage supporting the car's roof is clearly visible.

Revealing mistakes 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt went through subtle prosthetic makeup around his nose, lips, and brow to look more like Bruce Willis, but the makeup artists failed to synchronize the actors' ears. Willis has lobed ears while Gordon-Levitt has attached ears.
Young Joe disposes of bodies, by throwing his victims downwards a shaft, ending up into the fire. The actual body we see ending up into that fire seems to slide horizontally towards the fire, instead of vertically falling into it, given the orientation of the fire.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

After Joe shoots Kid Blue off the flying bike, the machine crashes onto the roadway. As is does, you hear the sound of a turbine winding down but it has already clearly stopped spinning.


When the younger version of Joe's older self is waiting for HIS older self to appear, stubble is shown clearly on his face. After he shoots his older self he bends down to collect his silver/gold bars and the stubble on his face is gone.

Revealing mistakes 

When Sara walks up to young Joe after he's killed himself, a pulsating vein is clearly visible on his temple.

Revealing mistakes 

After Cid blows up Jesse at the farm and runs into the field, as Joe approaches him, his face is full of blood. Yet, in the blood, you can clearly see the outline of goggles or glasses that were used to protect his eyes.

Revealing mistakes 

When Old Joe is chasing Sara and Cid through the field trying to kill Cid, Cid causes another "explosion". The expansion wave caused by it makes the vehicle driven by young Joe to roll. The wave goes one way and the vehicle rolls the opposite way.

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