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Season 1

9 Mar. 2009
Hannibal: The Annihilator
Born and raised on the battlefield Hannible launches the second Punic War after the death of his father. His intent is to destroy Carthage's main rival the rising Roman Empire. Hannible humbles the Roman army with devastating defeats until Rome changes tactics and is able to resist Hannible until he realizes the futility of his quest and sails for home.
16 Mar. 2009
David: Giant Slayer
David's defeat of the Philistine champion Goliath inspires the nation of Isreal. But his subsequent rise to power leads to a civil war and a trail of intrigue, brutality and blood.
23 Mar. 2009
Joshua: Epic Slaughter
Joshua leads a rain of terror through Canaan in a quest to conquer a homeland for the Israelites. Using innovative tactics in a piecemeal campaign his forces destroy Canaanite cities one by one and exterminate the inhabitants creating a cloud of fear over the land.
30 Mar. 2009
Caesar: Super Siege
Julius Caesar's brutal conquest of Gaul is interrupted by a new leader, Vercingetorix, who believes the Tribes of Gaul are ready to unite and drive the Romans out. But in a ruse Caesar traps Vercingetorix in Alesia and devises innovative methods to lay siege to the city. Then the siege is interrupted by the arrival of Comanus with reinforcements setting the stage for a massive, bloody battle.
6 Apr. 2009
Moses: Death Chase
Relying principally on Biblical references this program portrays Moses as a shrewd general who created the Biblical events traditionally considered divine miracles.
19 Apr. 2009
Alexander: Lord of War
Having conquered Egypt and archenemy Persia, the Greek emperor Alexander and his ambition look further east to India. As his forces encounter diverse adversaries they develop new tactics to add to their portfolio. But Alexander was unprepared for the incredible number of soldiers a confederation of Indian kingdoms could lead into battle.
26 Apr. 2009
Ramses: Raging Chariots
This program explains the transformation of Ancient Egypt from a peaceful kingdom into a warring empire which leads to the Battle of Kadesh between the Egyptians under Ramses II and the Hittites lead by Muwatalli-II. In this conflict technology as well as tactics plays a major role and Ramses barely survives to claim victory.
3 May 2009
Judgement Day at Marathon
The mighty Persian empire under Darius I is ready to avenge past wrongs done to it by the tiny city state of Athens. Darius sends an overwhelming force commanded by Datis to destroy Athens. But, the former Persian conscript, Miltiades, persuades the Atenians to do battle with the Persians, resists the Persiann onslaught and forces them to return home with yet another insult from Athens.

 Season 1 

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