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5 Oct. 2008
Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, and her family are sent down from their residence on Mount Olympus to the city Los Angeles to use their skill of magic to make sure that true love continues to blossoms on Earth. Taking the alias of Grace Valentine, Aphrodite is forced to ask a local romance novelist, named Kate Provicence, for help which angers Grace's son Eros the Cupid (aka: Danny Valentine), a charming Lithoario who trades his bow-and-arrow for a love gun. But Grace's cheerful daughter, Phoebe, is happy to have outside help, as well as her cousin Leo Francisci...
12 Oct. 2008
Daddy's Home
Grace's continuing affair with Ray becomes complicated when her estranged husband Ari, (known as Ares, the god of war), returns to Los Angeles and wants to pick up where he and Grace left off. Ari tries to get Danny to come work for him rather than bring couples together. Meanwhile, Danny, Phoebe and Kate try to bring unite another couple, a chemist named Morgan who pines after his co-worker Nisha.
19 Oct. 2008
Act Naturally
Grace, Danny, and Leo set out to try to bring together a Hollywood movie star and a struggling movie theater owner despite that neither one of them have ever met, and that they despise one another. Meanwhile, Phoebe asks Leo for help to break into Kate's apartment for Danny to look for any dirt on her.
26 Oct. 2008
The Book of Love
Grace sends Phoebe on a quest to reunite the passion between two former independent bookstore owners whose lives have now been almost nearly consumed by the stress of the corporate world. Meanwhile, Ari alerts Danny that there might be enemy forces plotting against the family, which leads to the gods to ask for Ray's help. But Ray is skeptic about the situation since he does not trust Ari, and is also frightened by the possibility of Ari finding out that he is having an ongoing affair with his wife Grace.

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