2 Guns (2013) Poster


Plot Keywords

money undercover
fugitive drug cartel
bank on the run
undercover agent dea agent
uh 1 huey helicopter hanging upside down
close up of breasts bechdel test failed
money falling through the air regret
love triangle cigarette smoking
gasoline pickup truck
bulletproof vest dog
bullet wound race against time
cell phone rifle
surveillance security camera
drug dealer frame up
mexican standoff gunfight
home invasion helicopter
key handcuffs
arrest machete
southern accent slaughterhouse
shot in the arm heist
reference to frankenstein barn
target practice chase
foot chase swat team
border guard buddy comedy
answering machine assassination attempt
assassin bodyguard
tattoo barbecue
car accident deception
death border patrol
silencer sniper
ak 47 uzi
female agent gas explosion
disguise admiral
naval base femme fatale
boyfriend girlfriend relationship conspiracy
knife stabbed in the hand
impalement jail cell
safe deposit box security guard
bank vault money falling from the air
cia fbi
naval officer blood
black comedy neo noir
based on graphic novel wisecrack humor
explosive hand grenade
organized crime gangster
crime boss hostage
escape held at gunpoint
torture stable
horse cow
goat baseball bat
stealing money fire
subjective camera reference to tori amos
hung upside down veterinarian
police station slow motion scene
cia agent woman in bra and panties
murder safe
interracial relationship winking
character repeating someone else's dialogue no opening credits
freeze frame zippo lighter
desert shot in the shoulder
shootout hit in the crotch
military base masked man
betrayal topless female nudity
drug lord hotel
motel corpse
stampede bull
chicken killing an animal
head blown off severed head
bag of money corruption
u.s. navy machine gun
shotgun pistol
bank robbery corpus christi texas
mexico subtitled scene
waitress exploding building
diner partnership
camaraderie flashback
nonlinear timeline ranch
apartment reference to albert einstein
revenge gold tooth
rocket launcher framed for murder
blood splatter lens flare
urination hit with a baseball bat
beating punched in the face
car chase car crash
bound and gagged stealing a car
shot to death shot in the forehead
shot in the back shot in the chest
shot in the leg shot in the knee
russian roulette revolver
interrogation u.s. mexico border
hit by a car kidnapping
tied to a chair jumping through a window
shot through a window character's point of view camera shot
dune buggy sniper rifle
hook for hand explosion
border crossing helicopter crash
shot in the head violence
double cross exploding car
based on comic book based on comic
number in title

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