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During the truck chase, the Bronco's right headlight is gone as they drive down into the wash. But after emerging from the mud hole, the headlight has reappeared.
(at around 17 mins) The car's name/brand/type is visible on the dashboard from the right side. Exactly one minute later, it's gone.
During the truck chase, they go down the street from Papi's house, make a turn, crash through a fence, and are suddenly in the desert with only a distant cliff behind them.
When Earl is playing Russian Roulette with Bobby, the ammunition changes positions on the table.
When Bobby and Stig are arguing over who is going to kidnap Papi, Stig drops the key's to Papi's truck on the ground. The keys he drops shown in the shot on the ground are to a Chevrolet , however Papi's truck is a Dodge Ram but this does not stop Stig from from using them to drive away in the truck.

Errors in geography 

Corpus Christi, TX, is a coastal salt marsh on the Gulf of Mexico; there are no large hills or cliffs, and very little exposed rock or sand. It is more than 100 miles from the Mexico border.
When Bobby and Stig cross into Texas from Mexico, they walk through the Rio Grande which flows from their right to their left. But the Rio Grande flows east along that border, so it should be left to right when they walk north. As depicted, they're going the wrong way.
The bait shop where Stig stores his weapons and he and Bobby meet up after escaping NAS Corpus Christi is obviously not in Texas. It is against Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission law to have neon beer signs on exterior windows.

Factual errors 

Earl tells Papi that he could have Papi's place attacked by "Apache A-6" helicopters. The A-6 is a jet fighter; the Apache helicopter is designated AH-64.
When Bobby is holding Quince in his office, Quince's assistant comes in a draws his weapon. U.S. military personnel do not routinely carry sidearms on base.
Stig was referred to as AWOL, which is not a term used by the United States Navy. The Navy uses the term UA, or unexcused absence.

Plot holes 

Bobby tells Stig that his sniper rifle is a military version even though Bobby is across the street, at night and with Stig partially hidden behind a roof ridge. Bobby could not possibly tell what version of rifle Stig has under these conditions.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


When Earl kills Jessup, the dead body is seen near the table in the dining room. A few shots later, the body is laying in the doorway leading to the dining room.

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