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60 out of 85 people found the following review useful:

Not so bad ...

Author: vram22 from United States
14 April 2009

This movie is along the lines of most Sci-Fi Channel movies, but definitely a tad better - mostly because it tackles a different theme (magnetic storms / polar shift) and has a good lead character.

The basic setup of the story is that a fragment of a comet has hit earth and strange electrical storms are popping up in multiple locations. There are two sub-stories: (1) a scientist (Jack Coleman from the TV series "Heroes") tries to warn the government that the storms are going to get worst, not better and (2) the scientist's son and wife are trying to escape an area hit by one of the storms.

One thing that's very impressive is that the story can be effectively told within the budgetary constraints typical to these types of movies. The filmmakers put just the right amount into effects (simple, but passable), locations (small towns/open roads) and the number of characters (very few) to make it work.

Furthermore, Jack Coleman and Holly Dignard (who plays his wife) are decently interesting to watch - so that helps. Both carry an air of seriousness that helps keep the atmosphere of the movie in urgency mode.

If you're sick of the channel's overused themes (mutant undead/rat/insect/etc.), then this is a step up from that. It's not really good or great, but if you're hunting for sci-fi on TV and nothing else is on ... might as well watch this.

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40 out of 56 people found the following review useful:

When will they ever learn

Author: Harry Barracuda from Bahrain
2 November 2009

The only redeeming feature of this incredibly poor wannabe clone of "The Core" is they probably threw significantly less money down the toilet.

What a complete load of garbage. I'd rather watch a test card.

If you want details:

The script was appallingly repetitive and naive. The acting was more wooden than a sequoia. The special effects must have cost 90% of the budget. And the budget can't have been that big. The story was thoughtless and should never have made it past a one page sum up. The ending was farcical and predictable.

Oh dear God I could go on, but if I wrote a thousand words tearing this minger to pieces it still wouldn't do it justice.

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22 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

If you consider yourself intelligent (with scientific knowledge) spare yourself - do not watch this movie!

Author: Shawn Connelly from Canada
11 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Note to self... Never watch another Paul Ziller project again; EVER! IMDb won't allow reviews of less than 1000 words but seriously this ridiculous farce doesn't deserve more than a few choice adjectives.

Some have commented that this is not bad, so long as you ignore the bad science. And by bad science, that doesn't mean Star Wars type science... because this movie takes itself seriously, it has an obligation to, at least, attempt to get the science correct. However, no such attempts are made anywhere in this video production. Clearly Paul Ziller is clueless about even grade school science and couldn't afford or want a science consultant.

Aside from the bad science, overall the script is amateurish, and the acting was mostly terrible. One notable exception is Jack Coleman, he must have needed the work but overall his acting was pretty good despite everything else.

For those who actually wish to subject themselves to this horrible video, I will point out a few less noticeably errors (without revealing spoilers): 1. The telescope shown early in the video is a cheap Tasco (or similar brand) 4.5" (or 6") with a non-motorized German Eq mount. It is not worth any more than $400.00. In the video, it is valued at 10x that amount.

2. In Alaska, a laptop's LCD screen is shown acting as if it were a CRT monitor. LCD screens do not display a wave effect in the presence of an EMF field.

3. As a large comet fragment enters the atmosphere overhead, it will create massive amounts of heat and an enormous shock wave which will wipe out everything over a large area. No impact required! That covers about 1% of the problems in the first 1/2 hour of the video.

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11 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

There are better ways to spend your time

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
15 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The magnetic polars are disturbed and realigned with the result that there is much death and destruction as mankind tries to solve the problem.

Not particularly good science fiction film might have worked had their been more money and some better people before and behind the camera. The first problem with the film is that the special effects aren't special. I'm all for the suspension of disbelief but there is a point where it becomes much too hard to disbelieve. Almost every effect in the film is computer generated and since there are so many I don't think the effects crew had any amount of time to do them properly. One or twice or now and again you might have been able to forgive it but the scenes of epic destruction is just asking too much. On the plus side its so bad it distracts you from the uneven performances and the plot holes you could drive a comet through.

Clearly I'm at the negative polar on this film and think you should pass.

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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Could've been better.

Author: zaluya from Norway
25 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Shortly you can say this movie is about several polar storms going around having its fun with electronics, which causes a serious deal for people.

It's pretty obvious that the makers of this movie did not do their research behind what a polar storm actually is, or what such things may do to electronic devices and such.

The first part of the movie they're driving around dodging the solar storm (the scientist's son and his wife), where as suddenly, for some reason the ground decides to break up.

Now, I know it sounds weird (and it is), because this could not have happened. Ever. The thing is pretty much that for some reason the devices explode (I know it's a Sci-Fi, but come on, devices would de-activate, not explode), and unless the whole ground is covered in metal or some other stuff, it wouldn't have "disbanded". But let's get back to the "main story" and "what happens" in the movie itself. The first part is as mentioned above, and the son thinks his mom is dead or, whatever, which leads us on of around 40 minutes of what happened before this "event" with his mom, then goes back to seeing the son trying to rescue the mom, after spending some time not looking down for her. For some other reason the dad is at a submarine and underwater volcanoes suddenly start erupting for no obvious reason, as it wouldn't have been affected by any of the elements in this movie. It ends with an explosion and not so surprising normal American movie where the dad sacrifices himself to save the world. Everyone is thankful and it ends well, I guess.

Personally I wouldn't see this if I could go back in time, but if you just want a break from the normal sci-fi stuff, then this is probably worth seeing.

However it looks like they replaced the graphics department at the end of the movie, giving it a half-good look at the end part.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Bargain basement disaster movie.

Author: Celticnationalist from Wales
14 March 2010

which made me laugh all the way through - which I doubt was one of the Producers' intentions.

The Budget for POLAR STORM is Low, but then again being an SYFY channel production you have to expect that, but the FX are very poor by 2010 standards.

What made me laugh all the way through is the appalling dialogue - which is unintentionally hilarious, The acting is only adequate at best, the plot holes are many and there is very few people actually in the Film - ALL expense spared on extras it seems.

The 'star' of the film is Jack Coleman (No - I haven't heard of him either) although he will be known to fans of NBC's drama HEROES.

Written and Directed by Paul Ziller who has made dozens of B-Movies - none of which I have seen or now intend to see given how rubbish POLAR STORM turned out to be, even with my very low expectations.

BUT, having said all that - POLAR STORM was still cheesy enough to be just about watchable.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Polar rubbish

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
21 June 2011

I do dislike a vast majority of SyFy's films, though in all honesty I don't revel in tarnishing them no matter how much some of them deserve it. Polar Storm is not their worst, either The Apocalypse or Alien vs. Hunter, but it is down there. Visually, it looks alright at first, but then from the half-way mark to the end, the special effects look slapdash and done with no heart and the editing becomes increasingly half-hearted. The story is another problem, for its running time like I've said with a few SyFy movies it is very thin and the ending feels like a farce more than anything else and a very predictable one at that. The script is trite complete with illogical lapses and scientific factual errors, and the characters are clichéd and I didn't care for any of them, and my guess is the actors didn't either. And the acting was so wooden from across the board. Overall, as much as I liked the theme that they tried to tackle, Polar Storm is a mess. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

What a surprise of a TV movie...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
11 January 2011

Alright, well first of all I would like to say that this movie is somewhat of a step up for TV aired disaster movies, both in storyline, effects and cast.

Initially, I hadn't heard anything about the movie, so I was expecting something in the likes of "The Day After Tomorrow", because I was thinking in the terms of polar caps, not magnetic poles. But the movie turned out to be quite interesting nonetheless.

The story was actually quite good and takes a hold of you, and you want to sit through the entire movie and see how it ends. Although, and hold on to your hats, you already know the outcome of the movie from the very beginning. Yes, it is one of those type of disaster movies.

Throughout the movie there is a handful of CGI effects that weren't too shabby, truth be told. Of course it is not major Hollywood million dollar effects, but they still managed to pull it off adequately enough.

And the cast of the movie, well the people chosen for the individual roles actually did good jobs with their characters and portraying them. I especially liked the performance of Jack Coleman (playing Dr. James Mayfield) and Holly Dignard (playing Cynthia Mayfield). But the other people in the movie did good jobs as well.

"Polar Storm" is actually a much needed breath of fresh air in an otherwise genre of TV disaster movies that are suffering from horrible effects and laughable story lines. "Polar Storm" manages to captivate and keep your thralled throughout the entire course, despite its predictive nature.

The ending was, well, not really that believable, but hey, it is a movie, and just meant for entertainment. Oh, and one thing did puzzle me, when the chunk of ice struck Alaska and wrought havoc, how did Dr. James Mayfield manage to get transportation back to the USA? Just something to think about...

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21 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

Really a disaster movie

Author: crnyy from Serbia
8 December 2009

This is the most unrealistic and definitely THE WORST movie i have seen in past 5-10 years. 100% waste of money on filming this. It's really funny how some directors can destroy a lot of money on such a project and create a failure in his career. I mean really, the woman holding the rod in the crater with her left hand, half bent, and with the right grips the belt. Vehicle which is full of electronics and is working on petrol, should not have a battery to work? Why then we all spend money to buy them if so. Hello! And who the devil will then initiate the starter like shown in this movie? Radio antenna with few thin cables? Yeah, right! The film is full of similar mistakes and therefore remains in my statement that this is the worst film that I have watched in life. (After Matrix 2) Do not watch this because it is not worth losing 90 minutes of life...

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

So Bad!

Author: mark-818-758555 from UK
5 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So the premise as other people have stated is that the magnetic poles are destabilising and causing various problems because of an asteroid/comet strike.

Well the science is almost complete nonsense in this movie.

But before I get to that...I like the fact that the president of the United States only talks to his experts via video conference (in spite of the fact that the communications satellites were fried and there is an almost world wide communications blackout as stated in the movie)...and the total number of people he seems to consult are his main adviser, a scientist who broke the story to the world and his father who is also in the military. I would have thought they would have at least had one or two (or more likely 100) guys from NASA in the meeting! The special effects are lame...for example when James Mayfield's wife and son drive through the town and the crack in the road opens up and swallows the car...the long shots show other cars, buildings and trees...only a few feet away...and none of them are fact there isn't even enough of a breeze to make the leaves in the trees move! Yet we are led to believe that a twenty foot wide chasm has just opened up! The guy with the pacemaker lived in a town where one of the mini-poles is...seems to survive until he gets in the car with them...then he dies because of the EM pulse! He would have been a goner when the first EM pulse struck not the twentieth! Also she tells them to cut the engine and turn off all electrical stuff...well...I was unaware that switching off the ignition in a car switched off all power! The last time I got in my car, the central locking worked without the engine running...the clock ran on the dashboard...the cigarette lighter get the idea...essentially you would have to disconnect the battery to switch off all electrical equipment within the car. The jump start of the car is also completely stupid...going against the previous logic in the movie and physics! Then there is the plan to drop a couple of nukes (a cliché in itself) to solve the problem. So they send one plane...and when that doesn't work because the plane is hit by a EM pulse...the answer is not to do as James says...send another one...send, the general says no more, come up with another plan! So the other plan is to send the nukes via submarine! OK...rubbish plan for so many reasons. Drop the nukes down in the Marinara Trench...because that would be an easy place to get the nukes into the core right! Wrong again...Can't even be bothered to go into why that is so wrong a suggestion. But they do mention massive tectonic shifts...but no mention of massive world wide earth quakes, tsunamis etc...which would have been triggered...and most of the scenery shown on the various travelogues in the film would have been unrecognisable because of earth quakes, tidal waves, volcano eruptions etc. Come to think of it...why is the sky always pristine blue in this movie? Surely if bad things were happening...there would be huge clouds of dust, acid rain, nuclear style winters with all light blotted out from the ash produced by the erupting volcanoes etc???

I also hate the we're going to die while saving the wait...I have a way out...we'll get into the super heated water vent and get shot to the surface you do'll die! And the typical last five minute of a movie fix for everything and then back to also so unbelievable for such a catastrophic occurrence. And why is there always only one solution available and one set of people able to do it in these sort of films? OK...I know the answer to is to make the movie more exciting and dramatic...well supposedly!

IMO the acting is wooden and the story line could have been OK if they'd have got the science right...or taken it way off track (like 2012 extremes)...where you suspend your reality check and just enjoy it for what it is...entertainment. Suggestion to the directors/producers/writers - stop doing this and become more productive members of society!

Anyway...give this film a wide berth as it will annoy more than entertain.

This review is based on my reality and is my own opinion...which you are more than welcome to disagree with!

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