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Plot Keywords

mutant professor
nuclear war cia
cia agent poland
concentration camp x men
year 1962 year 1944
redhead lens flare
nazi hunter naval bombardment
ship wreck anti ship missile
missile launch lockheed sr 71
syringe newscast
bunker bell 47 helicopter
cia headquarters tuxedo
watching mother killed impersonation
fighting in the air panties
origin of hero fistfight
combat mixed martial arts
part of series action heroine
sword fight showdown
stylized violence hand to hand combat
battle shootout
tough guy tough girl
action hero soviet army
spy genetics
doppelganger lifted by the throat
tooth ripped out foot race
taking control of someone's body fall from height
punched in the face character repeating someone else's dialogue
fall to death eyes different color
pentagon thrown through a window
langley virginia impostor
paralysis woman in bra and panties
luger crushed head
friendship shot to death
shot in the back telekinesis
erased memory villainess
bullet dodging falling through a glass roof
teenager woman fights a man
fireball chase
plane crash british actor playing american character
battleship beach
tragic hero kitchen
hanging upside down superhuman speed
weightlifting presidential speech
u.s. president repressed memory
flying fire
laboratory injection
hypodermic needle serum
target practice split screen
satellite corpse
covert operation defector
death turned to stone
tail sword
falling from height laser
kremlin statue
crashing through a window flashback
hallucination cuban missile crisis
map fireplace
chess two way mirror
tied to a bed face slap
woods rocket launcher
armored car eastern europe
moscow russia machine gun
naval officer u.s. navy
russian navy military officer
general impalement
barbed wire mercenary
u.s. army army
russian army military
soldier secret government organization
top secret binoculars
prison warden prison guard
shotgun juvenile delinquent
solitary confinement fish tank
wings stripper
taxi montage
brawl fight
martial arts wall of mirrors
anti hero good versus evil
parking garage frozen time
premonition mushroom cloud
nuclear reactor nuclear threat
boy genius fighter plane
ice north pole
underwater scene anchor
terrorist group terrorist plot
terrorism terrorist
exploding body explosion
miami florida boat
throat slitting strangulation
white house washington monument
sabotage illusion
mind control washington d.c.
claw beaten to death
knife throwing stabbed to death
stabbed in the back stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the hand threatened with a knife
knife bar
subtitled scene bank
interrogation torture
teleportation tornado
world domination megalomaniac
henchman diamond
henchwoman hidden room
black bra and panties secret agent
government agent undercover agent
undercover pistol
female spy female agent
casino stepbrother stepsister relationship
college student drinking game
drunkenness pub
shot in the head shot in the face
shot in the chest murder
held at gunpoint handgun
mad scientist scientist
evil doctor english accent
shapeshifting younger version of character
new york city mind reading
baseball bat knocked out with gun butt
supernatural power child in peril
no title at beginning no opening credits
wheelchair bound sonar
telepathy helmet
jet missile
blockade training
aquarium fish
clownfish confinement
army base taxi driver
strip club blood sample
cure rescue from drowning
exploding ship covert agency
mutation hand grenade
turkey war room
las vegas nevada oxford university
florida yacht
tavern submarine
argentina banker
switzerland wolverine
mansion westchester new york
gold bar son seeing mother murdered
super villainess revenge
coin magnet
magnetism german
cuba american abroad
russian nazi
nazi concentration camp cold war
1960s 1940s
teenage superhero marvel comics
based on comic book superhero
superhero team super villain
prequel marvel entertainment
based on comic death of mother
number in title surprise ending

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