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Fantastic and refreshing for BBC3

Author: PintOfGuinness from United Kingdom
11 September 2008

Can't believe this is another great comedy that will be shown and then disappear into oblivion. Written and starring Dan Clark (Johnny Two Hats from Mighty Boosh), the atmosphere, comic subtleties and characters impressed me no end. The main story is based on 'dickhead' Don who is informed and delighted to hear he inherited his grandmothers house, this brings along a mortgage and Don's dead grandmothers carer Eddie, a fantastic original character who ends up caring for Don without asking for anything back, his strange upbeat caring persona is a brilliant comedy addition. With bills to pay he ends up renting a room to girl of his dreams and ex classmate Abby Jones unaware she has a serious relationship with anally retentive boyfriend Karl getting in the way. A joy to watch, hopefully a DVD will come out but can see it being another 'Snuff box'. What this comedy isn't is something trying hard to be crazy and wacky for the "youf". Will be keeping an eye on anything Dan Clark writes in the future.

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Rare Stroke of Genius

Author: shanize from United Kingdom
22 September 2009

This BBC3 comedy is one of the best things I've seen in a long time, and it takes a lot to make me laugh heartily. The writer, Dan Clarke is a diamond and his acting is both hilarious and flawless. The actress who played Abbey (in the first series) was poor although I can see that the character fit in well and looked the part. The main character really hits home to me and I'm guessing he does for a lot of people in their late 20s/ early 30's, especially non-students or ex-students.The new series is even funnier than the first so far with a slight cast switch around. Why isn't there more stuff like this on TV? Can't wait to see if there will be a third series! Here's prayin!

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Fantastic new comedy

Author: Matt Rainbow from Australia
8 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched the first episode not knowing what to expect - I'd never heard of Dan Clark, nor Sinead Moynihan. I must say I love these actors and Dan Clark writes some truly great comedy. His acting in this show is spot on - in his character Don Danbury, can I see a little bit of Rik Mayall's influence? When watching this show I find I am constantly thinking of Rik from the Young Ones.

Other character portrayals are spot on - Eddie Singh is fantastic, played wonderfully by David Armand, whom I last saw playing Richard in the series 'Pulling'. Karl Menford, played by Finlay Robertson, is great but I think needs a little polish - not sure if Finlay is suited for comedy, although he is starring in a new US comedy called 'The Story of _____' so he's obviously doing something right.

The second and third episodes of this show just get better and better. When he goes camping with Abby's students, we witness Don at his best, for he seems on the same intellectual track as the kids he's minding.

All in all a superb new show which I highly recommend to everyone. Dan Clark's on a money-winner here.

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Funniest thing I've watched since Royle Family

Author: heypresto from United Kingdom
7 December 2010

This series has been fantastic!!!! There hasn't been a single episode that hasn't made me laugh out loud hysterically! The casting is absolute perfect! The characters are so funny together. Mrs Treacher especially because you don't expect such vulgar language from an old woman which makes it all the more funnier.

Eddie is a complete weirdo but he is great and as for Don he is one FUNNY guy!!! Hot chicks make this work too So many funny lines. I'll be gutted when it's over and I hope they do a series 4!!

I don't know I even came to watching it but glad I did. Don the main character aka "d1ckhead" just rips the p1ss out of everyone that comes in contact with him. He is vain, shallow, a complete loser but yet at the same time he is completely lovable

The fact that he is written this himself makes him a complete comedy genius in my opinion.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this some of the scenes are so outrageous you can't help but laugh and poor old Eddie is so naive he gets so much stick!

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Very Entertaining, Great series to cheer you up

Author: gaffa_gooroo from Australia
6 February 2011

I don't know why some of these people are saying its not funny or cant act, or ugly people. what is wrong with these reviewers??

Samantha is Really Hot, and the others are a decent looking bunch. I really enjoy all three of the series and i hope they make many more. Its always good for a laugh, it always cheers me up.

Since this show is now into its third series i wondered how they would continue to keep it entertaining and interesting, but they do. although every episode has a different topic the show still has underlying themes such as; Dons lack of tact, his inability to commit to a relationship, his lust for his flat mate first Abby, then Samantha, his reliance on Eddie, Eddies willingness to care for Don in every way. Its never boring.

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Excellent Comedy Series

Author: btotheeck from United States
15 December 2010

This comedy show is great and breaks away from the "norm". The first season is a bit quirky, but once you get to know the characters, they really surprise me how well they somehow mesh together. I think that the first couple seasons were spent developing the characters and the direction their stories will take. Season 4 is fantastic and everything seems to come together because while almost every episode poses some random challenge or oddity, the simple back story still develops and has really progressed in this season. There seems to be a trend of the negative reviewers of this show in that they are all over- analyzing and taking things way too seriously for a comedy. It's supposed to be funny, not intriguing and mystifying. "You gotta think with your balls" as Don would say.

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Fantastic little known British comedy! The inbetweeners for a slightly older audience!

Author: markp-com from England
20 September 2010

If you love British comedy you will love how not to live your life. It is the Inbetweeners for thirty somethings.

It tells the story of Don Danbury, a late twenty something no hoper, aimlessly plodding through life, going from one comedic failure to the next.

His character starts out as a shallow, hollow sketch of a man, but by the end of the second series he has developed in to a well fleshed out thinking and feeling man, helped by his "carer" Eddie and Don's quest to find the girl of his dreams.

I suggest you start with series 1, then go on to series 2, rather than jumping in to random episodes to fully understand all the characters and get yourself ready for series 3 (starting soon on BBC 3, I can't wait) Series 2 leaves us on a cliffhanger. Will Don, or won't Don? My only complaint and its a very minor one, is that I hope series 3 shows less of Mrs Treacher and more of Eddie. Her character, although at times hysterically funny, is often superfluous.

If you like the Inbetweeners, the Young Ones, 15 Stories High, you will love How not to live your life.

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Brilliant !!

Author: Imay_37 from United Kingdom
5 November 2010

Whats wrong with you guys, this is hilarious, probably the best comedy series currently showing.

The characters are funny, the guy looks cool and whats that about 'the people are ugly' whats that got to do with anything? comedy is comedy, looks don't matter.

when i was young i thought Mr bean was funny but now i think its stupid and depressing. 'only fools and horses' is probably the best comedy series but even that gets depressing now and then.

one of the worst comedies ever is 'hot fuzz' and it was soo over rated everyone thought they loved it. i fell asleep twice trying to watch that crap.

why are people following the crowds? think for yourself!

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Funniest show of the decade??? Possibly!

Author: djvalis from United States
8 January 2011

This show is freaking hilarious... I mean, side busting funny and for all you all who gave it a 1 star I feel sorry for you because you have absolutely no sense of humor what so ever... at all... none.. zero.. zilch... this show will crack you up almost immediately and the best part of it all is that each episode gets funnier and funnier as the series goes along. Bunch of sticks stuffed too far up some of these folks butts...that they need surgically removed I suppose. Its okay, not everyone is smart enough for a comedy like this, but for those with more refined flavors, this comedy will be at the top of your list. So this is kind of a hit and miss type show that totally hit with me, again, almost immediately because of the physical comedy that is involved. Not to mention the characters are well written much like the IT Crowd, but I think this takes the cake as funniest series. Good job Mr. Dan Clarke.. you are a funny chap keep up the good work and here is to pulling sticks out of people's butts!

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You Americans (Shame on you)

Author: gaz_warlow from London
9 September 2011

This is truly a fantastic show and although it looks like most Americans don't understand this kind of humour ,you really do have to watch this show as it only gets better from season to season which is quite unusual.Brilliant writing ,great acting and wonderful characters.Just so you all know Dan is an amazing writer and even a better actor so to be honest i am really hoping a fourth season will be created.So if you have written a previous review please watch the whole thing before making a blinkered and dramatically bad statement that you clearly know nothing about.

PS. Do not miss this even if you are American because the grass can be greener on the other side.

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