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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: In Search of Mr. Average

23 November 2007

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 2: Head Over Heels in Rats

28 January 2011

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: Double Lesson

15 July 2011

Phil Davis ... David De Gale

Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: The Kids Who Can't Stay Awake

10 March 2015

Unknown Season

Angry, White and Proud

14 January 2014

Jamie Roberts ... Himself - Narrator (voice) (uncredited)

Ashes to Diamonds

24 July 2009

Bus Pass Bullfighter

21 August 2009

Dear Mr Brady

23 July 2012

Winnie Johnson ... Herself

Girls on the Pull

16 July 2010
A touching documentary that follows three women living with trichotillomania, an impulse control disorder that causes them to pull out their own hair.

How to Snare a Millionaire

28 August 2009

Rebecca Arnold ... Herself

Jail Date

15 November 2008
The phenomenon of single men who search Internet websites for Women in Prison to start relationships with.
Lizzie Wingham ... Herself - Narrator (uncredited)

Manchester's Serial Killer?

19 January 2016

Steven Mackintosh ... Narrator (voice)

Missing: Claudia Lawrence

13 August 2010
Last year alone 200,000 people went missing in the UK and Claudia Lawrence was one of them. But Claudia's case is unusual. Unlike in approximately 97% of other missing persons cases, there is still no sign of Claudia; there are no clues and no leads, sightings or witnesses willing to come forward. Claudia's case remains a mystery, leaving her family, friends and community in a continuous state of turmoil.
Peter Lawrence ... Himself

My Boyfriend the MI5 Hoaxer

20 October 2009

Mark Strong ... Narrator

My Brother the Murderer

1 October 2012

My Crazy New Jamaican Life

24 October 2013

My Father the Mercenary

26 June 2009

Saving Britney Spears

1 August 2008

Bruce Fletcher ... Himself - Presenter / Narrator
Chris Crocker ... Himself (archive footage)

Seth Green ... (archive footage)

Sheeraz Hasan ... Himself
Randolph Howes ... Himself (as Dr. Randolph Howes)

The Bishop Don Magic Juan ... Himself
Kristi Lee ... Herself
Harold J. Smith ... Himself - Mayor of Brentwood

Snoop Dogg ... Himself

Britney Spears ... Herself - Paparazzi footage
Nick Stern ... Himself - Paparazzi
Craig Williams ... Himself - Paparazzi

Scientologists at War

17 June 2013
Meet Scientology's highest-level defector, Marty Rathbun. As the former Inspector General of Ethics in the organisation, Rathbun worked closely with its leader, David Miscavige, and celebrity follower Tom Cruise. Now he lives in small town America, a man under siege. "The squirrel himself, how you doing Mr Squirrel?" A woman in a blue poncho cackles at the top of her voice, her wild eyed-face jammed into the camera lens. She's one of the Squirrel Busters who have for months besieged Marty Rathbun's house. They're sent to harass and torment members who leave and then make public their Scientology experiences. It's an incredible turnaround for Marty who had been David Miscavige's number two in the Church and was a master of these 'dirty tricks': "I didn't think twice about silencing critics or punishing someone". The Church may contest Marty's status now, but in 1993 Miscavige describes taking on the head of the IRS, side by side with Marty, as they prevailed in Scientology's greatest victory to date, becoming tax exempt in the US and dodging a billion dollar tax bill. Not only that - but Marty was the man charged with finding a poster boy for Scientology and attracting none other than Tom Cruise. "I helped them on his divorce with Nicole and then I was auditing him and helping him get Penelope audited". But his close relationship with Cruise was also his downfall, "Miscavige had to start undermining me in front of Cruise". Out of favour, Marty eventually escaped, going on the run to start up his own independent Scientology movement. Now his blog presents the greatest direct threat to Scientology. In return, they've turned Marty's daily life into a bitter battle. Marty's story offers an unparalleled insight into the inner workings of Scientology's upper echelons and the full array of the weapons it resorts to when it feels a need to protect its own interests. Truly fascinating - and more than a little frightening. Orwell would have loved it!
Pete Gold ... Himself - Narrator (voice)
Marty Rathbun ... Himself

Tom Cruise ... Himself (archive footage)
Karen de la Carriere ... Herself - Independent Scientologist Class XII Auditor
Mike Laws ... Himself - Former Scientologist
Dani Lemberger ... Himself - Independent Scientologist
David Miscavige ... Himself (archive footage)
Tony Ortega ... Himself - Former Editor Village Voice
Mosey Rathbun ... Herself

Sex, Lies and Parkinson's

12 August 2011

Squirrel Wars: Red v Grey

6 February 2009

Luke Sewell ... Himself - Presenter / Narrator
Rupert Bertram Mitford ... Himself (as Lord Redesdale)


3 September 2012
Stalked reveals how a confident young man ends up as a terrified victim of a female stalker.

Sticks and Stones

5 February 2010

The Bed

6 August 2010
The story of a bed in the Accident & Emergency department of a busy British hospital. The bed sees all sorts of people, from births, through minor accidents and major traumas, through to death. It carries people brought in by ambulance and those who stagger in themselves. It is cleaned and repaired by those dedicated hospital workers who also clean and repair the people who have to visit the A&E department.
Luke Wright ... Himself - Narrator

The Great Piano Scam

31 July 2009
The story of pianist Joyce Hatto, and of the fraud that was perpetrated surrounding her pianistic abilities.
William Barrington-Coupe ... Himself

Samantha Bond ... Narrator (voice)
Julian Lloyd Webber ... Himself

Jeremy Nicholas ... Himself

The Last Chance School

29 April 2014
Each year, over 5000 children are excluded from mainstream education in the UK, and just under 60 of them study at Muntham House School: a specialist boarding school for boys with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Many of Muntham House's pupils have been excluded because of violent and disruptive behavior. But the dedicated teachers, led by charismatic headmaster Richard Boyle, are committed to finding out what it is in each boy that will inspire them to want to turn their lives around. The school is one of the best of its kind and one of its goals is 'to provide a happy experience for the boys'. Muntham House has a high student-teacher ratio, and a combined team of teachers, therapists and care workers. This documentary follows three of the school's most challenging pupils.

The Missing

25 March 2014
Every 2 minutes, someone in Britain disappears. Most will be found within 48 hours, but every year 2000 people go missing and do not return. This film follows three such cases.

Alex Wyndham ... Himself - Narrator (voice)
Helen Alves ... Herself - Missing People

The Only Gay on the Estate?

11 March 2011

The Other Michael Jackson

26 February 2010
Sam Peter Jackson talks to his father Mick and uncle Dave about the song they wrote "Blame it on the Boogie", and how it was made more famous by Michael Jackson as part of the group The Jacksons.
Sam Peter Jackson ... Himself - Presenter / Narrator
Mick Jackson ... Himself (also archive footage)
Dave Jackson ... Himself
Barbara Berg-Jackson ... Herself - Mick's Ex-Wife
Tony Blackburn ... Himself (also archive footage)
Graham Dene ... Himself - DJ Capital FM 1978
The Jacksons ... Themselves (archive footage)
Kid Jensen ... Himself (also archive footage) (as David 'Kid' Jensen)
Sylvester Levay ... Himself
Steve Popovich ... Himself - CBS A&R

Harry Sims ... Himself
Pete Waterman ... Himself

The Playboy Murderer

9 July 2010

The Yorkshire Clamper

14 September 2009

Ur 50 V41N

3 July 2009

Why Am I Still Single?

26 June 2013
Two thirty-something singletons enter each other's lives completely, taking on the other's friends, social media, colleagues and exes, then analyzing their personal outlooks in an effort to tell the brutal truth about why they are alone.
Abigail Hayes ... Herself - Narrator (voice)

Mandell Frazier ... Mandell Frazier
Naomi Hefter ... Herself - Comedienne
Alexis King ... Himself - Salesman / Drummer
Catherine Povinelli ... Herself (as Povs)

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