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really bad screenplay

Author: Lydia Me
15 July 2012

OK, after the film I wondered which bunch of students created this movie. So I found out that a couple of artists came together to produce this movie and also acted in it themselves. From that perspective, maybe it was a good effort. But from a viewers point of view, I need to say that this movie is not enjoyable. It does not convey any message whatsoever. I was hoping for a lot of suspense but nothing that happened in the story surprised me. I watched the movie till the end, but the only effect this movie has is that you start to appreciate other films that are not as bad as this one. To cut things short: The dialogues are mostly silly. The characters are not believable. They act and talk weird. The whole story is just way too simple and obvious. I'm sorry, but this movie cannot be taken seriously.

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All alone doesn't offer a thing

Author: trashgang from Midian
2 October 2012

All Alone isn't a original story. But that doesn't mean that it can't be a good flick. The story is simple, two couples are going for a camping in the woods but not without a reason. There's an affair going on between the couples and the hike is ideal to kill the partners. Look promising even as a thriller. Sadly it wasn't what it could have been.

As a horror it didn't deliver a thing. Here in our regions it is qualified under horror but again, it doesn't do what it could have done. There's no blood to mention and all bad things are done off-camera. Okay, so it can be a thriller, but even there it just doesn't offer.

Every time you think that things will go awry it just doesn't. Even the witness of one of the killings is being hunted by the killer but it is so low on all things that should have made it a thriller or a horror that you are left with a bitter feeling.

It's one of those flicks that you watch with your teens on a rainy Saturday afternoon. This is one of those flicks that even the easy offended can watch all alone.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 0/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

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Author: George Manolis from Australia
21 April 2016

you never know what to expect from a film with a smaller budget these days but this a rare exception. i really enjoyed it. not really sure why it has a low rating. maybe people are just used to that slick look these days. sad considering you don't need bells and whistles to create a great film, just a good story, cast and direction. this has all that. perhaps it could've done with some more interesting camera work and lighting but it felt plausible and i thought the cast did a great job. i usually can predict what happens next in a film but i didn't here. the web just gets more tangled and you're in for the ride. i think cellini wrote a very solid story with some interesting twists and turns. it's quite a good representation of human selfishness, greed and lust and didn't seem clichéd. great film and performances. suspenseful and realistic. totally underrated!

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You're always alone

Author: kosmasp
24 December 2013

That's what a lot of people would say. Even when in company, with friends or just with a crowd, you ultimately are alone. It's actually only saying that you can only count on yourself. A point which the movie tries to prove (and succeeds I'd say). For a low budget movie it's good, though not overly enthusiastic.

I liked the performances, but there is nothing completely mind blowing here. The story is pretty straight forward and you will realize where this is leading pretty quick. There are some twists and turns, but nothing too surprising. The ending is what you'd expect and nothing that did touch me in particular. You might feel different about it. A nice little thriller then

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All Alone

Author: poinsettiagirl from United States
25 October 2011

I love a good thriller and All Alone delivers. Saw this at a film festival so I knew going in that it was ultra low budget and couldn't believe how great it looked and how solid the performances were, very impressive especially if you know how much goes into making a movie but you'll enjoy it no matter what. Brice Williams and Mandy Levin are stand outs. Actors you've seen somewhere before can't remember where. It's nice to get a chance to see them shine in a memorable piece. The story doesn't re-invent the wheel but is a good version of the wheel. A simple plot, well executed and true to the genre. Watch this movie, you'll talk about it that night and the next day.

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All Alone is Powerful and Moving

Author: Nya Monea ( from Los Angeles, CA
13 July 2012

All Alone was more than I expected as far as a film is concerned, for the budget to have been low, it was a great use of its location. Set in Los Angeles I think it was a unique portrayal of life's struggle for inner peace, and serenity which on the busy streets of the moving energy that Los Angeles is, many would agree is a difficult struggle with many lessons that are to be learned. The characters are strong and constant, a huge feat for any writing, and this does the job superbly. The acting is definitely not amateur, showing the depth and importance of the skill needed. The directing is simple yet has a very distinct beauty. This is a not a movie full of special effects, and eye trickery, but it is a strong thriller built for the soul and the mind. I give all parties involved my two thumbs, and big toes up. When you take on the challenge of telling a story, you must appeal to all senses, and All Alone made its mark, the Indie Film was not cliché, and when you think thriller, we forget the chills that have been lost in the bigger budget films, sometimes less is more, and this is the example of that.

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