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Hollywood "D" lister goes to India to be a movie hero with unexpected results.
afredericks2410 August 2009
I didn't think I would like it, but once I started watching, I wanted to see the whole thing. Kattan was more multi-dimensional than I expected, and the culture of India was a major player. There's something about India - both gritty and glamorous - that really appeals to me. In that setting, Kattan is our everyman, a Hollywood narcissist with a heart of gold who just needs the reality of India to come around and become an authentic human being. The Indian cast was superb, I guess Keanu Reeves was funny (mocking himself completely), and Kattan's (real?) father was spot on. But Maya Rudolph, in a brief bit as Kattan's friend and father-sitter (back in the States), was brilliant. One bit said it all when she and Kattan were at the bar pre-India, and she was flicking the snacks out of the bowl at a bar because she was "looking for a good one." Perfect. On the whole, I liked it. It was charming and colorful.
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Guaranteed Laughs for sure..Bollywood Hero is entertaining,, so quit it with the hate, HATERS!!
Super Star11 August 2009
Now come on guys, stop being so hard on this new series.. Its fresh, original and very entertaining.. When I first saw the preview, I dismissed it as being just another satirical look at Bollywood from the Hollywood point of view kinda thing.. But its not. Its better and truly speaking a fresh of breath air..

Chris Kattan does a wonderful job portraying a struggling actor in the United States being stereotyped by his past roles like on SNL and such.. An Indian director, also debuting his first film for the first time, gives Chris Kattan a chance in his movie by being the lead actor in the hopes of globalizing the movie for a larger audience which is not just confined to being in India.

All the supporting actor like Pooja Kumar and Neha Dhupia also do a good job by complementing Chris Kattan's humor and making it seem real..

So for all those people who're undermining this series to be a "Slumdog" wannabe or something. Stop being ignorant and just watch the show. Its fun and very entertaining..
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Pleasantly Surprised to the Extreme
slackergirl4217 August 2009
I was really expecting this to be some canned crap, another western take on the glory that is Bollywood (ala slumdog). But this miniseries really has a heart and soul of its own. I do agree with those who have stated that it would have been nice if they had examined certain aspects of Indian culture such as the caste system more closely, but one does have to keep in mind the time constraints and the target audience. I would not say that this is a series for people who watch primarily Bollywood movies. This is because it is very westernized in terms of the language use, some minor raunchiness, and the type of humor in general. It is, however, absolutely wonderful for those of us who appreciate American humor and at the same time absolutely adore masala films. I'm just worried that there might not be enough of us. I also agree that the English language songs were at least a little painful, but only at first. They will grow on you. And how could I possibly not love something that includes Bachna Ae Haseeno and Dhoom Taana? I was really annoyed at people calling slumdog a Bollywood movie, because it really wasn't. You can make a movie in India and throw in a song during the end credits with sub-par dancing, but that does not make it Bollywood. This show, however, really has that special something that makes it worthy of the Bollywood name. If you don't like Bollywood, you probably won't like this. If you only like Bollywood and don't want to see anything new and different, you probably won't like this. But if you like Bollywood and you'd like to see something new and different, you might just love this.
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A creaky plot, but a colorful background
U.N. Owen8 October 2011
Former SNL cast member Chris Kattan, plays 'Chris Kattan' an American actor who goes to India to 'prove' to Hollywood he's a misunderstood 'action' film actor.

What ensues over the 3 parts of BOMBAY Hollywood, is a standard boy-meets-girl, girl-loves-boy (but boy doesn't realise it), then boy-loves-girl plot, all set in a film that's part travelogue, part display of India's talent, film culture, styles.

It's a bit creaky, but, for someone like me, who's never been there, it's interesting less for the story, and more for the colourful background.

Julian Sands plays an actor whose Hollywood caché is long past, and has found steady work as a stock 'European' in Bolllywood films.

There are some nice performances by some of India's acting community, and, it's refreshing to NOT see Hollywood's standard 'xerox' talent.

Honestly, it's not great, just, average. The ONLY part I TRULY liked was the end - at which point is the film's 'money shot': eschewing the standard closing credits, is a huge, colorful closing musical production number, featuring the entire cast.

That alone was the only standout for me.
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Kattan is more than a monkey-boy
BladeDurden11 August 2009
I have really no use for Bollywood films. I've tried to watch a bit on those long trans-Atlantic flights where you get the movies for free, but just couldn't pull off more than a few minutes... call me the uncultured American, if you must. But watching actual Bollywood is about as relevant to this film as watching old kung-fu flicks is to "Kill Bill" - it might enhance your experience, but as long as you know what the genre is about, that'll do.

Chris Kattan does a great job with this, as do all the Indian actors. Hey, just because I don't watch Bollywood doesn't mean I can't appreciate some of the talent it produces. I was fully ready to rate this mini higher on the strength of the first episode, which produced some good full on laugh out loud moments (the scene with Keanu Reeves doing his best interpretation of Keanu Reeves being one of them). Unfortunately, parts two and three pretty quickly turned into your standard rom/com fare, but Kattan proved he had the range to finally do some of the "rom" part in that equation. Long story short: starts strong but finishes a bit cookie-cutter. All in all, worth the watch. 7/10
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I feel like I should have liked this more...
scarletminded10 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I really like Chris Kattan and Julian Sands and I like Bollywood films, but something is lost in translation here. Maybe it is because Chris Kattan, Maya Rudolph and other actors in the US scenes are playing themselves, but Julian Sands is playing a character. It gets confusing. Plus, I feel I am being forced to watch a 10 minute cell phone ad each episode.

The plot was interesting enough in the beginning. When I saw them dance to the Untouchable song, I thought the show would take a look at the caste system as well as be about the comedy drama unfolding between Chris Kattan and the woman who ends up directing the film who become his love interest.

It wasn't as funny as I hoped. The dancing scenes were good. I like the idea Michael Penn did the music, though "No Myth" seemed sort of out of place for one of the dance scenes.

Overall, the beginning was amusing, but by the 3rd episode, I was fast forwarding. It was an OK idea, just not one that was great and it didn't need to be three hours long.
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Funny movie and a good story...
Paul Magne Haakonsen8 August 2013
When I purchased this movie from Amazon marketplace, it was solely for the reason that Julian Sands was in it, plus it was super cheap. I got no particular affinity towards Bollywood style movies, so it wasn't that fact that was a motivation factor.

I will say that Chris Kattan actually did a really good job with this particular comedy. But of course, his movies and TV work are usually quite funny and enjoyable - and so was this, so it is well worth a watch.

The story in "Bollywood Hero" is about Chris Kattan (yeah, he is playing himself) who is fed up with Hollywood and goes to India to star as the lead in a Bollywood movie titled "Peculiar Dancing Boy". However, halfway across the world, in a whole other culture, Chris finds more than he had hoped for.

The story is actually quite good and enjoyable, and it is really brought well to life on the screen by a really good ensemble of cast. Chris Kattan plays quite well opposite Pooja Kumar, and they had good on-screen chemistry.

This was a mini-series, though, not a movie, and I hadn't picked up on that, so it was a surprise to find out that this was a little over three hours. But do not worry, because there isn't really a dull or boring moment throughout the entire length of the feature.

"Bollywood Hero" provides good entertainment, and I suppose could work well as a stepping stone to make the transition from traditional Western movies and into the Indian/Bollywood movie genre.
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I liked it, really
imdb-800610 April 2010
Bollywood Hero got poor press, reviews pretty much copied each other, and I didn't find them matching what I saw. It's fun. Chris Kattan, OK not a full range actor, but he's slapstick when he's 'on' and we all fall for slapstick, you're going to have to make a huge effort not to laugh at his movie shoot.

The bus trip's very sweet, the romance not all that unbelievable, when people are around each other stereotypes fade, and it could happen. I liked the grandmother thing, the dance lessons were charming. Though uneven, this grandma escaped much of the condescension usual for a senior in a sitcom. A crochety grandma is hackneyed, but a grandma who actually is passing on info that's useful, if not rejected as just comic, that's pretty darned unusual.

But where this production rises to another level is the finale, I first thought it was going to be a throwaway like the Blues Brothers crew singing Jailhouse Rock. You should see this number- it's honest, it's a joy.

If as some comments say, the miniseries is just for Bollywood neophytes, maybe that shouldn't be a condemnation. Bollywood style is as yet not universally accessible, and crossovers have to build on accessibility.
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Room for more to expect!
bijeshgupta25 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen better movies/TV Series based on the Indian Film Industry. Sometimes,the movie seemed a mock of the industry in India. Whatever be the concept, there has got to be some originality in the acting, which all seemed fake to me, especially the Indian extras. It all looked fake to me. The use of English in the movie by all was great with the subs present where needed. Pooja Kumar and Ali could have done a job better worth than this. Beeji was so not true.... I reckon people should watch some Indian Films and daily TV to be updated with what's happening there. This movie did disappoint me, thought of it to be at par with other movies, which is nowhere near it. I wouldn't recommend people watch this flick. Sorry.
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Lots to like about this:
MovieLoverLBR18 January 2010
The long dark haired leading ladies The "dream" dance sequences The plot line The Indian street life The Indian characters The clash and mash of Bollywood and Hollowwood culture

Playing with Kattan's own imbecilic character, the leading man though no hero realizes something about himself in the end. Although going to India originally to lose himself, something about India taught him a lesson about who he is that he couldn't learn in the USA for whatever reason.

This movie as some heart, some joy, some love and humour. It has a certain essence of India which winds through it and gives it life. Unfortunately, though Chris Kattan is perhaps the least tolerable part of all this, he fulfils a role around which the rest of the memorable presentation revolves.
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Strangely affecting
rice-1720 December 2009
I TiVoed this show in random desperation for anything to watch, and found myself sucked in, and really rather touched.

I have no interest in, or liking for Bollywood movies. I fear I have no cultural connection to them, don't speak Hindi, and find the whole song-and-dance thing distinctly disruptive to my suspension of disbelief. Still, despite all this I really enjoyed Bollywood Hero.

This may seem a little bizarre, but the obvious affection the people involved in this show have for the Bollywood genre in a strange way reminds me of Tarantino's affection for campy movies. I can't help but be sucked in by such obvious passion.
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Great. Subtle and moderate, but tasteful.
nthnrch15 September 2009
I really enjoyed this comedy. Chris does a great job being what seems to be a similar-to-life character for him. This has some hints of Curb Your Enthusiasm-style; someone more mature humor than your average slapstick, one liners-based mega budget.

It was great to see Indian culture as well. I'd say definitely check out Bollywood Hero. It's not over the top; it's!

For some stupid reason you have to make 10 lines to write a comment so I'm just writing this sentence to fill that gap.

I like this film. I liked Night at the Roxbury a lot; it was quite funny and over the top of course. This is a totally different type of comedy, but it's good too.
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Pooja Kumar deserves better
mamlukman11 August 2009
I love Bollywood movies, so I naturally watched this. I can't make up my mind if it is being condescending, patronizing, or taking advantage of the Slumdog Millionaire after effects. Maybe all three simultaneously. The music wasn't written by Indians, and it shows. Same with the choreography--not even close. It looks like Pooja, along with Kal Penn (in some movies) is being forced to adopt an Indian accent. Has anyone ever listened to Aishwarya Rai speak English? The only accent you hear is British, and she was raised and learned English in India. Hrithik Roshan? Virtually no accent. Etc. So to appear suitably "Indian," do actors need to acquire an "Indian accent"? Sad. But Pooja Kumar was a revelation, so I hope she gets more exposure and better parts. Born in St. Louis. She deserves better!!
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This show sucks !!!
omarstphn23 December 2010
It's not funny.

The acting's terrible especially the Indian actors here. All bad.

Story is boring.

why are they even doing this? Do they really think they're making a decent sitcom? who is their target audience?

I am 100% sure that the show doesn't have a storyline or even writers to write the script and storyline etc.

I'll tell you what happened. Chris Kattan was bummed after doing a bunch of sad movies like corky romano so he hopped on a plane, came to India to get some good weed planning to spend the rest of his insignificant life toking, cross dressing as mango and going to clubs and making prank phone calls to will ferrell.

then some producer recognized him saying 'Hey!!! you were in undercover brother.. i love that movie... say, what are you doing here? and why are you dressed like a woman?'......4 hrs later we got 'Bollywood Hero'.
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