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TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews15 December 2010
This is one of the featurettes on the 2-Disc Extreme Edition DVD of Alien Vs. Predator. It consists of interviews, behind the scenes footage, clips of the film and comparisons between the latter and the shots being made. This has a running time of 30 minutes. You can probably guess from the title(though it could be argued that the dual meaning of calling this "breakdown" might refer to that they are "breaking down" using visual effects, since they went for…? I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into it), this has them go over the different FX they used(puppets, animatronics, animation and others), how they did them and what they gave them of opportunities, tests and what they told them and how they prefer practical over CGI. This is fairly thorough, and goes over most of what you might like to know about in the film. It's explained well and so that it can be understood by us mere laymen. The editing is good and there is a solid amount of information in this. It does spoil the movie, so I wouldn't watch this before that. There is disturbing content in this, in what we see of the flick itself. I recommend this to anyone interested in the subject. 7/10
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