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25 Aug. 2008
Search for Noah's Ark
Josh Bernstein investigates a new theory about the truth behind the story of Noah's Ark and the flood as it's described in Genesis.
1 Sep. 2008
The Cloud Warriors
Northern Peru's Chachapoya people, known as the Cloud Warriors, who vanished mysteriously in the 1500s are the focus.
8 Sep. 2008
Living with Mummies
This episode examines a mummification technique used by the Kukukuku tribe.
16 Sep. 2008
Egypt's Lost King
Josh investigates the pharaoh Akhenaten, father of Tutankhamen and husband of Nefertiti, who changed the religion of ancient Egypt to the concept of monotheism and the worship of Aten, the sun god.
23 Sep. 2008
Lost Gold of Timbuktu
The host traverses the Sahara desert to chart the rise and fall of Timbuktu in Mali, Africa.
25 Aug. 2008
Why Elephants Attack
A report on elephant attacks in Africa is featured.
30 Sep. 2008
The Search for Life
The origins of life are sought amidst evidence from Mars.

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