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  • The Notorious Fierce Fourteen Top Model Inauguration The Ladder of Model Success You're Beautiful, Now Change In the cycle 11 season premiere, 30 girls are selected to strike their fiercest pose at the Top Model Institute of Technology.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Cycle 11 returns to Los Angeles with 33 hopeful semi-finalists. Tyra, in voiceover says, "We are looking toward the future, and the future looks fierce."

    The girls are taken to some kind of nuclear plant. The door opens and out come the Jays, wearing matching white pants and metal bomber jackets. Alpha Jay (Ms. Jay) is wearing a white wig in Saleisha's tragic hairstyle and Beta Jay's (Mr. Jay) top is so tight you can see his nipples piercing through.

    Alpha Jay welcomes them. "Welcome to the top model institute of technology, where we build better models."

    The girls, having donned catsuits, are put through a body-scan, a la "Alias," and then strut their stuff for data analysis. Alpha Jay tells the girls to step into the Glaminator, a tall metal cylinder, and when they come out, they will be fierce. But what do you know -- the system overrides and starts to smoke and shake. Out comes Tyra, a.k.a. Tyrabot. "I am looking for young ladies who are bankable who can make money."

    The interviews begin.

    First up is Brittany who comes out screaming and carrying her lucky panties. Jay asks her who her favorite designer but she can't name one. Tyra scolds her: "We're not here to educate you about the fashion industry, we are here to teach you what a fashion magazine can't teach you."

    Laura Brie, the daughter of a police chief, is next. She thinks she's pretty exotic looking and Tyra thinks her blue doe eyes are beautiful.

    Analeigh used to be a competitive figure skater. She shares a story how she was almost sold to a Saudi Arabian prince by a would-be modeling agency.

    Then we meet Clark, the "I'm not here to make friends" girl. She proudly says she will manipulate any girl in a heartbeat. "Call it bitchiness, I call it competitiveness". Tyra thinks she is so put together but Mr. Jay is falling asleep.

    Up next is Casey, the pretty black girl who her friends and family call "white girl." Apparently she used to hang out with a lot of white friends but had to stop when they all went swimming.

    On to Marjorie, a cute French girl from Marseilles (she moved to America when she was eight years old). She has very nervous energy but Jay thinks she will photograph well. Tyra tries to speak French.

    Veronique is a Mormon girl from Riverside. Her parents sent her to lockdown because she had sex with her boyfriend. Now she's back home and goes to church but it's not her thing.

    Finally, we meet Isis. Before they start, she gives Tyra a picture she drew of Tyra, the diva. Turns out, Isis participated in the homeless shoot from Cycle 10 and Tyra thought she was so amazing they had to bring her back. But her staff had a surprise her.

    Isis explains, "Some people say I'm transgender, some say transsexual. Personally I prefer, I was born in the wrong body. I'm male on the outside but everything else about me is female. Tyra asks Isis what her presence in the competition would do for the transgender community but Isis says although she's proud to inspire others, she's worked hard to be there. "Transition or not, I'm me."

    Back in the corral, the girls are discussing their boob sizes and realize that Isis doesn't have any. Casey calls her over to invite her to the itty bitty titty committee but then asks her straight out if she's all female. When Isis confirms, silence. Sheena thinks she's brave but many of the other girls aren't so impressed.

    Clark facetiously says: "If I have to get along with Isis I will. But if it comes between me and my goal, I'll stomp that man right out of the competition."

    Back to the interviews, we officially meet Sheena. She's half Japanese, half Korean, and all ghetto. She thinks, "We are all the same underneath it all. Race does not define us." Tyra thought there was only room for one Kimora in the world, but there may be room for two.

    Moving on. Whitney, I mean Lindsey, is the plus size girl. Although she's almost the same size as Whitney they say shes too thin and they put padding on her. Yes. They pad her. Tyra is impressed that she has no cellulite.

    Next up is Brittany R. Her mother is black and her father is Native American and apparently she was the first African American girl to be on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly. They like her look.

    Hannah is from Alaska and grew up with no electricity or water. She thinks there are a lot of big personalities there and she's kind of ignorant, but really sweet. [That might not seem so scary had I not just watched the RNC]. Tyra makes her re-enact being chased by a moose. Tyra is the moose.

    Joslyn is from Lucky, Louisiana and has tried out for ANTM 30 times. Tyra says she loves her accent but interestingly enough she sounds a lot like Dani from cycle 6 who Tyra pressured to lose her accent. We'll see how much she likes Josslyn's cute voice if she makes it to the Cover Girl commercial.

    Renee, from Inglewood, TN, wants to make Nashville known as a fashion mecca.

    Elina, is a vegan and animal liberation activist (and a lesbian) who only wears black clothes and pants so she's not connected to a gender. She says she's "just a sexual person who loves who she loves no matter what gender they may be." Tyra thinks she's stunning, but something about her doesn't say model.

    Nikeysha is from the Bronx and says ''Heyyyyyy'' at the end of every sentence. Tyra was shocked that she flashed the camera during her audition tape, but when they ask her about it, she does it again.

    Another Brittany. This one, Brittany S., is a tomboy from Lake Forest, IL. who does martial arts with her cage- fighter boyfriend. She tries some of her moves on Jay.

    Susan just graduated from Harvard with a degree in American literature and Language. Tyra asks her to name her favorite literary heroine but she is lost. She says didn't pay that much attention. Tyra wonders why she knows more about literature than someone from an Ivy League school.

    And finally, last (and maybe least) is Samantha. She is another one who really thinks she can change the whole industry yet can't name a single model. Tyra preaches: "If you want to be something, you have to do your homework before you get there. Do your research, show passion. What can you bring to the industry?"

    Time for the first elimination. One by one, the girls put their hands in a scanner to see if they will be move on. Twenty girls move on, the rest cry. The only rejects we met were Renee from Tennessee and the Mormon girl.

    Photo shoot time. The girls have 15 minutes to slip on a blue metallic catsuit and do their own hair and make-up. The girls fumble and pose one by one.

    Alpha Jay, Beta Jay, and Tyrabot are back in character to judge the pictures.

    Analeigh - looks like a star.

    Nikeysha - cute but not so sure about her.

    Susan - they can't get past the Ivy league school thing.

    Elina - knows how to move but is intimidating.

    Brittany R. - they love her multi-ethnic look.

    Brittany S. - they coo over her natural pout

    Brittany B. - she has energy but is scary

    Lindsey - reminds them of Whitney.

    Marjorie - they love her look but only for European shows.

    Isis - Mr. Jay worries about the prejudices against her, but thinks she can be a high fashion model.

    Samantha - a double C: cute and commercial.

    Joslyn - love her positive attitude.

    Casey - looks like a Barbie doll but not in these pictures.

    Lauren Brie - they see her beauty through the ugliness.

    Clark - they think she's pretty but want to turn her ugly pretty.

    Hannah - Tyra is confused by her robot shoot. Ms. Jay thinks Hannah is confused.

    Sheena - Ms. Jay thinks she has the booty of a black girl, the grace of Chinese geisha, and the class of a Korean princess. "Are you sure about the class?" Mr Jay interjects.

    And here they are, the final picks: Sheena, Analeigh, Nikeysha, Marjorie, Samantha, Elina, Brittany R., Brittany S., Brittany B. (she wipes her tears on her lucky panties), Hannah, Lauren Brie, Isis, Clark, and finally, Joslyn.

    As the rejected girls cry, Tyra says Joslyn is proof you shouldn't give up, after trying out over 30 times, she finally made it to the top 14, and thus, into the house.

    And there you have it. The top models in the making.

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