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Perhaps Richard Roeper's Kind Of Martial Arts Movie
Warning all martial arts movie fans: Don't watch this! I wish there was a review or a clue to prevent me from renting this atrocity. I promised myself, I will not rate any movie with 1 out of 10, simply because somebody put time and effort into realization of such, and that alone deserves rating 2.

However how can you justify so much standing, sitting, dancing around in any movie let alone in martial arts or self proclaimed action film. Add to that: horrific acting, stupid script, terrible sound, fight scenes so hilarious for a good while I thought I'm watching a spoof, and editing at accelerated speed to cover up protagonists clumsiness in fighting skills. If they were to use any famous doubles you wouldn't had have hard time to recognize them at all.

I can only recommend this movie to Richard Roeper on the fact that he gave Ong Bak a thumb down in Ebert & Roeper at the Movies with reasoning that there was only 7 minutes of plot in excess to action. Well, Happy Birthday Richard, here is THE movie for you: Twin Daggers! All you can consume buffet of fable, followed by lengthy abeyance, to finish off with just a dash of engagement.
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Do not watch!!! Avoid! Cease and desist! NEXT!!!
EllaG9921 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was the dumbest movie I have ever had the misfortune of renting. EVER.

If I had the chance I wouldn't even have paid the dollar I did to rent this atrocity. The acting, aside from a decent lead performance from 'Scholar', was so wooden and amateur it was worse acting than 'performances' from below-average, camera-loving, wannabe porn stars. The actress who played 'Body' seemed like she must have starred in many of these bad porn movies herself.

Let's not forget the assassin character that paints his face like a mime, waves his hands by his face, and giggles during his 'fight' scenes. What the hell? Extras looked terrified of him. I think my little frame could've easily kicked his derrière. Probably just by chasing him away with a broom...

The plot was actually a very interesting concept itself, but this execution was so idiotic I couldn't possibly recommend this in any way to another soul without feeling like I was doing something evil to that person.

I would have had a better time if I sat in a chair and stared at the wall for an hour and twenty minutes.

Seriously please please save your time and money and avoid this thing like the plague!
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All other reviews are correct
jesskatedd27 May 2013
I just got around to watching this movie on DVD. The local Blockbuster closed down last year, and I bought 200 DVDs for fifty cents each. For fifty cents, I have no complaints about this movie.

The reason I say the other reviewers are all correct, despite wildly disparate scores, is because each score is based upon each reviewer's expectations. This, at first glance, appears to be an action - martial arts movie. Well, to be frank, it's below average in that respect. If you want amazing fight scenes, this movie is not for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer a movie with an interesting plot, you might consider this movie to be above average. From the very start of the movie, you realize that most of the main characters are bad guys. But, there are a lot of surprises along the way, and nothing is really clear until the last two scenes.

Because it is a mixed bag, I was going to score the film a 5. However, I gave it an extra point for one character - Ghost. A psycho killer who dresses up like a mime and laughs maniacally as he murders? That's worth an extra point in my book just for style.
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Enjoyable martial arts movie with lots of plot twists
Jan Vonk23 May 2010
Bought the DVD of this movie at an outlet store for just a little over an euro - because of the promising cover. I know this is a bad way to select your films, so still went in without much expectation but was pleasantly surprised! The movie seemingly starts out with a few unrelated scenes in which we happen to get to know four assassins, which turn out to have made up a secret governmental team before. Scholar, Body, Ghost and Lex find themselves reunited by Kay, who wants to hire them to kill her twin sister Sue. Despite their disliking of each other, they are lured in by the $400.000 on offer and agree on a winner-takes-all deal.

Nevertheless they find it hard to accomplish their goal, because Sue is rather well protected, while conditions are that there should be no witnesses or others harmed. Also, Scholar grows quite fond of Sue and this complicates things further... Lots of double crossings and plot twists later things end up being rather different than you would at first expect.

Surely there are flaws in this movie as pointed out by others, for a start we've all seen better kung fu and the stop motion is a bit too much. Also the character of Ghost will not be to everybody's liking, but for myself I found him passable as a nut case murderer. The cross dressing of Lex at a given point is also far from believable but might still work.

Although this movie will certainly not win any major prizes, I was entertained for a complete hour and a half. The script is strong and the acting was good, with production values exceeding what you'd expect from a straight to video release. With better martial arts direction and the cross dressing removed it would even have been great, but as it is still scores a 7/10 from me.
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Plot > action
gridoon20182 March 2009
Usually in martial arts films, there is a weak plot supporting strong fight scenes; in "Twin Daggers", it's the other way around. The fight scenes, although they have their moments here and there, are spoiled by too many gimmicks, MATRIX ripoffs, freeze frames, speeding up, silly wirework, stunt doubling, etc. The characters themselves are colorful enough (especially "The Body", a bodacious female assassin with blades hidden in her boots, and "The Ghost", a sort of trickster/clown who prefers laughing to talking), but they are poorly served by the film's action sequences. What works much better is the plot, which manages to stay ahead of the viewer all the way and contains several surprising twists. There is perhaps one instance of cheating, but only if you can't accept the possibility that two events shown in parallel time don't necessarily have to be happening at the same time. This surprising script was deserving of better choreography, editing and production values in general. ** out of 4.
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Good, but far from great martial arts film is throw back to films of the 1980's
dbborroughs4 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In 1935 LA four "problem solvers" are hired by a woman to kill her sister in China and given 100 grand each to do it. Complications arise when one of them falls in love with the woman.

Good throw back to a 1980's American martial arts film that manages to keep you interested thanks to some good performances, good action and a number of twists and turns that keep it out of the typical by the numbers rut. Of course you know that there is more to the plot than meets the eye, some of which results in twists you may not see coming. (and some of which you can). Its the sort of thing that would have played on 42nd street 25 years ago and pleased its inhabitants.

I really liked the film and had I not been watching this at midnight would have wandered off to the Kitchen to get some popcorn and a large soda. Is it the be all and end all, no. It is however a really solid action exploitation film that you can put on and let wash over you with out worrying that your brain has been eaten.

6.5 out of 10
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a surprising nice movie
cindyoei24 December 2010
I like the storyline. I love the Chinese elements in it. Its surprising romance touched me. The ending a bit disappointing. I don't see that man is so bad if he wants to find out the truth that who kill the parents. I think the selection of supporting actors could be better and wiser.

Anyway it's different from other Kong FU movies. I don't like watch Kong Fu movies just for empty fighting.But there is meaning in this Kong fu movie. I like when they kiss, dance around the poles, writing poems. It does not remind me it's a kong fu movie.

Anyway I will watch certain parts again and again. I think the storyline should be changed that I don't think that man should be described as lier and end the romance in a tragic way
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