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One of the best modern Sitcoms
JaikrishnaVS14 February 2018
I was probably very late to the party when I had started watching Parks and Recreation . A failed attempt at 'The Office' and 'Arrested Development' meant that I had almost lost faith on there being another binge-worthy sitcom among the modern day contenders. It was without much of an expectation that I started watching Parks and Rec and the low expectations probably went a long way in me ending up liking the series.

Parks and Rec is centered around the very ambitious Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) who is a Deputy Director at The Parks and Recreation in a small town, Pawnee, Indiana and her colleagues. The series stars at a very slow pace with the introduction to characters taking its own sweet time. Leslie, is a hard-working, passionate, self-driven lady who wants to help everyone around her. Nick Offerman plays the government hating, privacy loving, steak loving, 'hard-working' head of the Parks and Rec department , Ron Swanson who also happens to be the boss off Leslie. He carries his contempt for human company and modernism throughout the series and that makes him a special character. Aubrey Plaza plays April Ludgate who is a socially awkward, brilliant, yet lazy intern and Chris Pratt (the reason I started watching the series in the first place) plays Andy Dwyer the lovable, dumb, fun loving wannabe rockstar of the 'Mouserat' band - some of the scenes involving him made me literally fall on the floor laughing. Aziz Ansari plays the tech-savvy, 'stylish' and hip Tom Haverford who feels and knows he is meant for big things but would never work for it. The epitome of coolness Donna Meagle played by Retta and Jerry Gergich (Jim O'Heir) the simpleton and the guy on whom the rest of his office picks on all the time for very little fault of his forms the rest of the Parks and Rec department. The wonderful and beautiful Rashida Jones who plays Ann Perkins the best friend of Leslie and probably the lynchpin surrounding whom the whole series waltz around forms a wonderful partnership with Amy her troops. Adam Scott and Rob Lowe comes in at a later stage to add more fun to the whole series.

There is this massive list of guest super-stars including Paul Rudd, JK Simmons, Sam Elliot, Senator John McCain, Heidi Klum, John Ham, Michelle Obama, Ginuwine, Andy Samberg, Chris Bosh, Kristen Bell and my favorite Joe Biden, if the previous para did not intrigue you enough.

It's on the cuteness and fun scale that the show scores over many of its challengers. When 'The Office' borderlines awkward, Parks and Rec scores due to its genuineness. Its all about how Leslie is hell bent on bringing happiness for the people in her life, even if it means that at times she takes the decisions for them or she quashes their decisions for them. Every character is a sea apart for one another in the way they view life and go about with their life but then they all gel so well together as one cohesive unit that makes the Parks and Rec a jamboree of happiness and fun. There are some filler episodes in between that can be expected even in the best of the sit-coms (except Friends of course!) but I thoroughly enjoyed binge watching the fun team of Parks and Recreation and would definitely recommend it to everyone (especially since its now available in Netflix) who wants to just sit back and relax after a tough day at work.
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youknowimright-6976325 January 2018
This show brought me so much joy when im down and it took my mind off so much things. I even refuse to watch the last two episodes because i don't want to believe its over. Please bring back this show! we love and miss you guys!
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Funny great show to binge
dalto-748074 January 2018
Every episode is funny and continues from the last, at a point where if you skipped 5 episodes you would feel like you missed something. Chris Pratt is hilarious in this but he doesn't start to become a main character until season 2 i think. the cast often looks at the camera and makes a face which is usually cringey but its funny as hell in this show because the faces they make are hilarious. each character is funny in their own way and I think anyone can have fun with this show, i finished it in 2015 but its still a good show today
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I just went from "Knope" to Yes in an instant.
njack-5940924 December 2017
Honestly,I don't understand how people can have anything to say about this amazing show.Okay,It's only problem is that it is way too addictive;I don't think I can ever watch a single episode a day,I often squeeze in like 7 or 8,but I digress.

Its unique set of camera-style is somewhat similar to Modern Family (excuse the paradox) in the way the cast take quick glances at the camera,that my dear friends is priceless.Long story short,watch this beauty and you will never say "Knope" to greatness ever again!!!
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A scary picture covered with beautiful silk cover
waley_83113 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Main idea is quite different unlike many other series of this genre.

Apparently it depicts what an idealist can face to make a better society & to serve it's people. Despite of having people with different mind sets at any workplace can be positive, if they're willing to do so & yes, they definitely need a motivating & a positive minded leader. How a set of quite different people flourished in their careers.

However, from another point of view, whole series revolves around Leslie, how she smothered everyone around her with so much love & care that she can literally control them to her own will & the way she likes, eventually, it made their lives better, but, their's a thing called "will of own" & one can't make a flawless decision with complete surety for someone else's life.

For the people of Indiana, I would say, that this series depicted not a very good picture of the people's attitude, it was like, through out the whole series, they wanted sympathy for a well wishing, hard working, positive thinking government employee who had done so much for them was constantly booed by it's own people because they simply don't want to improve, at all. She got thrown out of office & even back stabbed by her decade old best friend for a quite simple reason, there are a million ways that he would've contacted her, & guess what, It was also for a sympathy vote for Miss.Leslie.
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An excellent comedy with not so sneaky emotions
tawalk-6066731 October 2017
Where to begin. This show is excellent. It starts off as a light- hearted comedy with quirky characters, each unique from one another. The antics are ridiculous but you will fall in love with everyone. But as the show progresses, something happens. Suddenly there are moments that aren't so goofy. They are real moments spilling over with emotion. Every character goes through so much change in the show, and nothing is forgotten. Not even something as small as a burrito related injury or a childhood diary. These characters undergo meaningful and emotional changes, improving upon themselves and becoming closer to their peers. SPOILERS AHEAD: SPOILERS AHEAD: Leslie tries time and time again to further her career into the government. Ron goes from a secluded man to a family man who reveals his secret musical identity for his friends and family and he even works for the... federal government. April and Andy slowly grow up. Andy gets two part time jobs and creates his own television show, April finally finds her dream job. Tom succeeds as a businessman and fails, only to succeed again. The list goes on. Watch this show if you enjoy goofy comedy and heartfelt situations.
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Heart warming comedy spoilt by over-elaborate stories and annoying main characters.
ollie_knight31 October 2017
Parks and Recreation follows suit of Office in a number of ways, a programme which combines heart warming comedy with romantic story lines often leaves viewers happy and wanting more. However...

I feel this programme is spoilt with a few story line and casting issues (there are no spoilers ahead). My main issue is with that of Aziz Ansaris Tom Haverford. Ansaris character is often focused around ridiculous story lines, which stray from the reasonable and connectable story lines which Parks often follows.

The programme has some great characters, such as Nick Offermans Ron Swanson, who has an eccentric and crazy persona. The writers use Swanson hard exterior and manly ways to create many manic and humorous moments, as well as letting viewers see his rare soft side, which leaves viewers seeing all sides to his complex personality.

Ansaris character does not have this complexity. It seems he repeats the same jokes, often taking up far too much screen time with worn out and boring jokes. This, coupled with outlandish story lines and his 'right hand man' Ben Schwartz make him at times, unbearable.

As well as this I have found myself comparing this to the Office, not by choice, but by the writers seemingly copying aspects of the script. I just wished that the writers would have treated this as a different project than a 'Government' based US Office. Bringing in character who seem a replica of the lovable classic.

Jerry Gergich played by Jim O'Heir, a bubbly, granddad figure is clearly a cheap scapegoat for Toby Flenderson, a dry, sometimes tragic loser. These contrasts leave for confusing viewing, that a character that should be treated with respect is getting hammer from not only one person (like Michael on Toby) but from all of his colleagues.

Its a shame that this programme suffers from these issues, something that could have been pushed into the 8's and 9's, with some great story lines and characters, is held back by a few mistakes and some very annoying performances.
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Ignore the haters.
shadyrulez29 October 2017
First time writing a review. I admit I may not write a comprehensive or well detailed one but some things bothered me. People are indulging themselves in debates about logic and character depth and decisions in this show. Parks and Recreation has great and memorable characters. But most importantly, it is a sitcom. It's not a fantasy saga like Game of Thrones that needs to be dissected and checked for plot holes. Honestly, if you want to be in a good mood, you can watch this show. It is an absolutely joyful ride. It makes you giggle, cringe, laugh out loud, smile, cry but most importantly, it makes you happy. No offense but if you are not a narcissist or egomaniac, you will fall in love with the characters, and this show. I thank the creators and the wonderful cast for their wonderful gift to the world, that is Parks and Recreation.
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Silly and cute and heart-warming.
Alan Alencar28 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers

I cannot believe how much I like and care about this show and its characters (it is just a TV show after all). I consider Parks and Rec to be one of the very best sitcom (stupid term) — or just one of my favourites (alongside Seinfeld, It's Always Sunny, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Comeback) — and I'm the most boring and pretentious person and as so I shouldn't even be watching this stuff, but I do and I like it.

This is a confession: I love this show. I care about the characters and I do feel pretty stupid about it. I don't know why I like it. I have nothing in common with this people (character or actors) apart from belonging to the same species. I'm not even American.

The fact that the actors don't look plastic (modelled to be the very embodiment of western assumptions of beauty) is very nice — nothing worst than a Friends-like cast or Marilyn Monroe-like plastic people created to attain some form of weird perfection making us feel bad about ourselves (superficially).

Well, at the beginning, I thought this would be a cringe-y show, but, then, it changed (in my opinion for the better) and instead it became silly, sentimental, and all around oozing cuteness. Also, it starts with the documentary (or mockumentary) idea to explain the camera which I dislike, because it's unnecessary to work, the pretence of reality in visual or literary arts can and should be dropped, but without anything to explain it or back it up like in a Godard film.

So, it is a post-modern show, but it certainly cares about its characters: they change, grow, become better.

What a feel-good show this is; really heart-warming. April and Ben looking at the camera are always funny and cute and real somehow and all the asides directed at the camera (at us) are laughing out-loud funny. That's how meta-fiction should be: disdaining (or better, disregarding) the pretence of reality in art shouldn't affect the diegetic continuity and our enjoyment of it.

Exaggerated and silly and cute Parks & Rec continues.

The chemistry of the cast confounded me at certain times, gave me goosebumps. The veneer of post-modernist pretentiousness is made irrelevant in such an atmosphere of great performances (effortless acting) in which they seem to enjoy themselves so much.

In summa, in my opinion, Parks is the greatest silly comedy show (though less intellectual) since Flying Circus.

* Points for those who know and noticed Jolie Holland's poster (of the album Pint of Blood).

** This review was useless I now notice: why did I wrote this? *** The show is great. Go watch it. If you like silly and cute and heart-warming story telling, go watch it.

**** TV is a waste of time but so is sleeping (and everything else).


I know, I know what I like about this show: so obvious: universal themes: friendship, unity, goodness, etc.; beauty in difficult situations, walking the walk of life, just trying to be a good human being.

Although all the characters are extremely different from one another and their interactions sometimes conflict they manage to be good and support one another (even Jerry). They fight, they make amends, they love.

Leslie's enthusiasm in her personal relationships as well as in her professional affairs is contagious; when she smiles we laugh, when she cries our hearts stop. (Yes, the show doesn't lack highly dramatic moments). Heart-warming heart-warming heart-warming cute so cute silly funny life-affirming renew one's hope in humanity's goodness so cute so nice everything everything I assume some people have disliked Leslie becoming the archetypal progressive woman instead of the clueless and kind of idiot-savant that she was at the beginning, but the awkward, cringe comedy didn't work for the characters and overall feel of the show in those few episodes in which she was that (stupid, misogynist) stereotypical blonde (only slightly less "blonde"). But, come on, the couples are so cute, and there's Ben (awesome! He mentioned Twin Peaks: double awesome!).

Parks and Recreation isn't just a platform to showcase the show's runners perceived progressiveness — it really is a well of great comedy balanced with conflict and drama and a deep sense of friendship and faith in humanity's ability to unite in crises.
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Perfection? Knope. But it's pretty darn close!
smetin24 September 2017
I recently finished watching the Office (US and UK versions) and was told that I would love Parks and Recreation (P&R) seeing as I found the Office truly brilliant. I wasn't aware that it followed a similar format of a documentary-style comedy until I started episode 1. It soon became apparent that a new show would dethrone the current top- sitter of TV shows that make me laugh much as intravenous comedy could...

P&R is set in the small town of Pawnee and follows the local P&R department (go figure), with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) as the main focus. Leslie, a work-a-holic, is surrounded by a team about as competent as tap-dancing monkeys. Ron Swanson is a man I feel embodies the true outdoor American, with an added sense of paranoia and hatred towards the government. His jokes and one-liners were so laugh out loud that I ended up watching a 45 minute compilation on Youtube from start to end. The other members of the team have their own unique features that provide another dimension to the show. In some cases, however, I felt that some of these quirks got annoying as they felt so over the top that they were detached from 'real-life' (even though I appreciate this is a TV show).

Each season had their own separate plot, with a few underlying core themes running throughout. Despite its negative press, I loved season 1. Of course, the show was still finding its feet and it felt slightly confused. However, since P&R grew to become such an incredibly different, refreshing and diverse comedy show, it is understandable that its beginnings aren't 10/10. I believe it set a great foundation for later seasons as the concept of Leslie fighting a storm of opposers became engrained in our minds and the character development was great.

Seasons 2-6 were genuinely comedy gold. I cannot think of 1 bad episode. I have seen people rank the seasons and I just do not see how one can rank seasons 2-6. They are just that good. Leslie's relentless nature, Tom's stupidity, Andy's idiocy, Ron's hatred of all things...the list goes on! Each element made every episode a true gem in their own right. Even thinking about some of the jokes makes me burst out laughing.

Following this, season 7 fell a bit flat for me. I felt as though an already over-the-top show became even more detached from reality. It made it hard to relate to much of what season 7 had to offer as they were just that wacky. I also did not understand why other relationship changes were included altogether as it just confused me. For example, the falling out of 2 key characters (I won't spoil anything for you). What I did feel this season did well was the finale. It tied up all loose ends in a satisfying manner, which is something I felt many shows fall flat on.

In summation, P&R is a brilliant piece of television. The characters were brilliantly conceived, the main plot of each season was great and each episode was a true pleasure to watch. Leslie Knope wore me down and I must concede. P&R is now my favourite TV show. Full stop!
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Falls Flat
benjaminburt20 September 2017
Parks & Rec is by no means a bad show, but it has some serious flaws, and I think it definitely falls flat, especially compared to other contemporary shows.

The biggest problem is the writing. Most of the actors are playing their characters pretty well, but the dialogue is often really stilted and out-of-place. The chemistry of the show is unbelievable - as in I could not believe that any of the supposed couples of the show were in love. I could totally buy the Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt were friends, but the only chemistry they shared was Leslie weirdly and constantly insisting on seeing his butt. That doesn't make me believe they're in love; it makes me believe that they're actors who are reading lines that are poorly written.

The bad writing extends to beyond simple romance. Many of the main characters act out-of-character, like, all the time. Andy is portrayed as a regular guy of below-average intelligence most of the time, but sometimes he goes full retard. No real justification is given for all the characters hating on Jerry/Garry Gergich, and the "joke" comes across as very mean-spirited. It seemed like it was copying Michael Scott's attitude towards Toby, but that joke worked because Michael was just really self-centered and Toby was a killjoy, and nobody else seemed to dislike Toby that much. When everyone ganged up on Jerry/Garry simply for being clumsy or a push-over or farting, that's not funny. It's harsh and unkind.

Despite this, the show is very serviceable. Nick Offerman's character, Ron Swanson, is probably the best thing to come out of the show, his dead-pan delivery being spot on. Most of the characters are likable, if not well-developed. Tom is really the only one who has an arc. Most of the others are throw-away gags: Craig shouts and is gay, Perd Hapley says things very literally, Councilman Milton is old, Councilman Jamm is a jerk, Chief Hotate is an Indian, Ethel Beavers is old, etc. Even the main characters suffer from poor characterization, with Donna often playing the 'Sassy Black Lady,' Ben Wyatt being a nerd, Chris Traeger as super-fit, etc. The writing was really bad between Anne and Leslie as well, as the only way they could prove that they were friends was to have Leslie praise her all the time.

I'm getting off track. The show is decent, and does manage to be timely in some episodes. It does bring up some current issues and give commentary on them. But, again, so many jokes were just, "Hey, look at this cameo, hurr durr! Bill Murray was the mayor all along! Hey, here's half of Key & Peele! Look, it's Vice President Joe Biden! Look, it's John McCain! Isn't that funny? Look, it's Will Arnett! It's funny because Amy Poehler is dating him in the show and married to him in real life!"

Yet another nitpick I'm going to give the show is really poor drunk acting. There were at least a dozen times on-screen characters were supposed to be drunk, and they tried to act like they were drunk, but ended up looking like actors pretending to be drunk.

I'm sorry, I just can't get over the awful chemistry. It doesn't help that there are like 10 on-screen couples: Garry and Gale, Donna and Joe, Tom and Lucy, Chris and Anne, Leslie and Ben, Ron and Diane, Craig and Typhoon, Andy and April, all of them had virtually no chemistry, I didn't believe anybody was really in love, not once.

Look at this show at face-value. It's a slightly funny, slightly quirky sitcom about some fine characters who are given nothing to do.
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Compact and deep
padillaedgar6 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A beautiful show, truly an instant classic. The characters are lovable, touching and overall inspiring. With a character for every type of person, from eccentric to silent wisdom there is someone for everyone. Don't compare it to The Office they are different shows. Parks and Rec has heart, soul and a beat that keeps it going, with a perfect cast and perfect execution.
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Literally the best show Of All Time!!!!!!!!!!
puppypower-2328317 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
***Spoilers*** Don't rate the whole series based on one episode... especially the first episode! You need to stick with the show for a little while until it gets truly amazing (which is around the time Mark Brendanawicz leaves). The first season is still good, but not as outstanding as the rest of it. The longer you stick with it, and the better you get to know the characters, the better the show gets all together. The characters come such a long way...

Jerry/Garry/Terry/Larry goes from being some random local government employee that everyone picks on, to mayor of Pawnee, Indiana, and continues to get re-elected for the rest of his life.

Tom Haverford goes from being someone obsessed with material items and success, without any means of actually becoming successful, to running entertainment 720 (which failed almost immediately), rent-a-swag (which was successful, but he eventually sold), to Tom's Bistro (which became a restaurant empire, but due to bad luck, also eventually failed), and finally wrote a book titled "Failure, and American Success Story" (which became immensely and ridiculously successful). In addition, his proposal to Lucy was so sweet! You need to watch the proposal to understand.

Donna Meagle moves to Seattle where she is finally happy with her husband Joe, and is a great realtor, while she used to be someone who never wanted to settle down (which may have prevented her from ever being truly happy).

Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate-Dwyer move to Washington DC (along with Leslie and Ben) where April has her dream job, and Andy eventually has kids, which he always wanted, while they used to be aimless, helpless people on their own, especially April. In the beginning of the series, April was a rule breaking teenager who literally didn't care about anything, except maybe dogs :). However Leslie pushed April to work in government, and little by little throughout the series, April starts to care, and eventually even starts thinking about what she actually wants to do (which leads her to getting her dream job)!

Ron Swanson goes from being a super tough guy who doesn't let many people into his heart, to having a family that he truly loves, and he ends up being the head of Pawnee national park (which Leslie founded by the way), where his job is literally walking around in, and protecting nature. For those of you who don't know, Ron LOVES nature.

Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger have two kids together and eventually move back to Pawnee.

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt get married, have triplets, and both become very important government officials...

Ben becomes a senator that created "the Cones of Dunshire" a very popular (nerdy) board game.

Leslie Knope (my favorite character of all time from any TV show, movie, etc.) went from being a random, waffle obsessed, small town government employee with huge hopes and dreams, to actually achieving those gigantic dreams. She was the head of the Midwest branch of National Parks, and then became the Governor of Indiana, for at least two terms.

Everyone in this show rose higher than you ever would've thought they would. I've literally watched this show 4 times, and plan on watching it so many times more. I've found that, at least for me, (and I think any fan of this show) you get so attached to the characters that you wish they were real people.

There are sooooooo many wonderful things about this show! For example Little Sebastian the mini horse that everyone in Pawnee (except for Ben) adores in every way, shape, and form. Or Jean-Ralphio, Tom Havorford's ridiculous best friend/sometimes business partner. And the accounting firm that loves Ben.

There are also many details from earlier episodes that you can see in the background of later ones. One example of this is the book Leslie wrote about Pawnee, there was a whole episode about it season 4, and later in the series you can see it in the background in Leslie's city council office. Those details are really fun to look for.

I could go on and on about how much I love this show, and why, but I could never do it justice. So, watch it yourself, and stick with it, to understand, just how truly incredible Parks and Recreation is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A team of misfits solve problems within the Parks and Rec department of a town in Illinois
Joel9 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There was a period of time when I was younger, back in my "middle-school" era, when I thought this type of humor funny, along with FG, The Office, etc. But it seemed like I never had time to watch it since I was so busy with school, or at least, couldn't be thorough in my work in that I couldn't watch the series through, ideally. When however, I gained access to an online streaming service, I was able to catch up, years later. I didn't view it as funny as I once did, but made it a point to find good things in every episode. I began relating to the character of Ron Swanson and began to understand why some of my peers valued him or the actor Nick Offerman. The fact that the team is led by Leslie Knope, a woman, is nice, encouraging and empowering women everywhere. Whenever I get a chance to relax and watch it, it makes me feel good that there is or was a real world like this, where people overcome all odds and solve problems together with clear understanding.
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Poor imitation of the office
ditio_shatta13 July 2017
Not un-watchable, at the best a time killer. If you have some boring work to go through, pop this on a screen and go on working. Honestly, this won't take any significant brain time to crunch through.

I have a tick, once I start watching a show, I stick to it, unless it is really horrid and should crushing, like The Walking Dead become after a few seasons. I even watched Lost. And true to my nature, I am keeping up with Parks & Recreation and waiting for the day when I am done with the series.

The characters are poor and a waste of talent for some of the cast ((What the hell Chris Pratt! why are you there?).

I would have shot the April and John-Ralfio characters in the belly, repeatedly, if that was possible. They are so annoying, not fun annoying, deserves-strangling level annoying. And of course the sorority girl Tom Haverford is not far behind.

Don't make the mistake I did. Don't watch this.
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Cute fun.
adam28 June 2017
This is a very pleasant show. It is less original than The Office, but it balances that with much more fully rounded characters and a more cuddly feel. It is sweet, to use that word in its most positive sense. It doesn't really try to do much beyond make you laugh but that is all I can really expect!

It takes a while to get started, and Season 1 is probably the worst out of any of them, but it rapidly improves. Leslie comes into her own and becomes a bubbly and hilarious character, surrounded by a cast of wonderful actors. Aziz Ansari, Rasida Jones, and Christ Pratt and all do a great job, as does some of the more minor actors like Jim O'Heir and Ben Schwartz.

(I binged this while sick in January 2017.)
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the very definition of mediocre
aaronsciortino19 May 2017
possibly the most overrated TV series of all time. do not believe the good reviews. this show is just not funny,simple as that. it's literally one of the LEAST funny comedy shows I've ever watched and every time I ever watch another comedy show I always think straight away "this is already funnier than parks and recreation". I have watched a whole 6 seasons of this show without ever laughing once. all of the characters are very boring and basic or just annoying and terribly uninteresting, and the humour of the entire show is pretty much just made up of Ron Swanson saying a very mildly funny quote once or twice each episode which may or may not just raise a chuckle, and making pop culture references to popular movies or TV shows without actually making any jokes about them. the whole show is just filled with so many awkward, uncomfortable silences followed by pathetic attempts at humour and its incredibly boring and slow. the concept of the show is uninteresting, it's about people working on building a public park which is just a very random and weird idea. basically someone just said "hey let's make a show just like the office but they're in a parks department". it borrows far too many concepts from the office and ruins them, such as for example the idea that everyone picks on Jerry is just copied from the office where everyone picks on Toby, though it is not anywhere near as funny. it was funny in the office because Toby is such a normal and seemingly nice guy and we have no idea why Micheal hates him. with the whole concept of everyone picking on Jerry in parks and rec, all it seems to be is everyone just bullies Jerry cause he's a fat loser which is really more upsetting than it is funny. it's also filmed like a documentary just like the office except in the end it never even explained why which is just really stupid and blows off the whole point of the show. it was only ever filmed like that just to copy the office. it attempts to have heart by just randomly marrying characters out of the blue without any build up or romance and by creating very annoying "cute" couples like Leslie and ben so really it isn't very heart warming at all. only a sassy teenage girl would find this show heart warming. now here is my biggest problem with the show, I usually always puck out the good qualities in shows first before the problems so that I can enjoy it by focusing on the good qualities. the problem with this show is that I can't even pick out any good qualities, I'm never noticing any funny jokes or moments, I'm never noticing any heart felt scenes, I'm never noticing anything interesting or enjoyable about the show and the entire show feels like when you're waiting for it to start picking up. the office and Brooklyn nine nine are both hilarious shows which blow this mediocre crap out of the water and that's just a fact
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The Office without all that pesky comedy.
O2D12 May 2017
I know this was created by the same people who made The Office but that's no excuse for trying to make it the exact same show.I'm sure at the pitch meeting for this they were very concerned that The Office wouldn't last forever so they had to make a new one.A new Office.Then they talked about how most people who watch TV are idiots and they won't even notice that it's a total rip-off.The moronic public will praise it as comedic genius.Wish I could have been at that meeting.The casting was even more ridiculous.They got lucky with The Office when they cast a bunch of unknowns and non-comedic actors, why not just do that again?Aziz Ansari is the only person on the show who was ever funny but that was in his stand-up act.He won't make you laugh in this mess.Where they really screwed up was adding Rashida Jones to the cast.She was by far the worst character on The Office.What were they thinking?Oh yeah, they were thinking you are stupid.I think they were right.
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A rare gem
Critic13581 May 2017
Parks and Recreation is a rare gem in the comedy business. There is never a dull moment.

Parks and Rec is highly amusing and addictive to watch. You won't be able to stop watching after you watch the first few episodes! The story line is funny and full of plot twists. With seven seasons you are sure in for a ride!

I rate this a 9 out of 10
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I made it to Season 2 Episode 9
c_masten29 April 2017
Let me start by saying, I love "The Office". When I tell people, I'm always asked if I watched "Parks & Rec", and I haven't until recently. I watched it, smiling at parts, finding some good in the characters...but ended up feeling uninterested.

There's just no enjoyment in what any of these characters do, or bring to the show. I mentioned how I made it to S2E9 for a reason. The plot of this episode was to create a mural to hang in the building that defines the city for people to see. What a great concept, except it's been done. On the Office. This series is rehashing every heartfelt and witty scenario from it's predecessor... And it's so blatantly obvious that show-writers Michael and Greg are struggling to follow the masterpiece they created.

Without mentioning every coincidence that reflects The Office, I will share this shows biggest downfall of them all. It's main character, Lesley Knope. She's the whacky, emotional, energetic manager that blindy falls for relationships, gets her staff into business scandals, gets saved by her peers, and believes she's the best person for her job. For those of you not following, she's a female Michael Scott. Except, she gives you no reason to like her very much.

I found the supporting roles of the show to be interesting, and unfortunately hidden away to make screen time for Pohler's character. I pushed through season 1 to give the show room to grow, but it's just recycling poor plots, and bad ideas. It's good background noise, but has no real payoff to give full attention, or learn about the dilemma's at hand. If I could give any advice, I'd say watch this series before The Office.
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Start with Season 2
James Graham16 February 2017
This is one of the best comedies I have ever watched. If you are thinking of watching this and have never seen an episode then start with Season 2.

Even as a big fan, I will say Season 1 is rubbish. It's well known. The programme and characters were tweaked after Season 1 and it keeps as good till the end.

If you start on season 1 you wonder what all the fuss is about and miss out.

I worked in local government and can identify with the fact the public will never appreciate your hard work but will complain about trivial things. Spend too long in local government and you end up like Ron Swanson.
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You can skip this one
tambourinist11 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The two first seasons were OK, if not extraordinary. The series managed to develop its characters. Then it started to deteriorate and get preachy and there were several reasons for that.

At first the series made fun also of the main character, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). Then, however, Leslie gradually lost its characterisation as a clumsy and not very competent employees of the Parks and Recreation Department with her funny quirks. In later episodes she is portrayed as a role model for... basically everybody. It's not clear why she should be a role model and enjoys such a support of her co-workers since she becomes quite unbearable by then.

Also, given that the employees of the department do everything apart from working for most of the series, it's really hard to see why they are such role models of public service. These people's avoiding citizens seems funny in the first episodes, when the series has not got preachy yet, but after the characters are made to stand for public virtues the story simply doesn't make much sense.

Bulling Jerry/Gary is another example where the story is simply not funny. Not sure what the purpose of showing that multiple times was. It's simply cringeworthy.

A similar example is Tom's behaviour towards women especially in the first episodes. It's incredibly sexist with Tom making comments about their bodies and proposing them sex. I don't need characters to be likable to like a show. However, the problem is, in this case, this kind of behaviour is portrayed as something to laugh about and all those people as highly likable, which is simply not the case.

There's a complete lack of conflict and hostility in this idealized little world, which makes the series boring. Everything is simply too cute and predictable.

I give it 5 stars mainly because of the two first seasons.
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I can count on one hand the number of shows that make me laugh out loud when I am watching alone and this is one of them.
mummychic1229 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I started Parks and Rec from a recommendation since I love the Office. I was hesitant at first because it seemed like it was almost a rip off with the whole fake-documentary style comedy where characters break the fourth wall and speak to the camera (and thus, the audience), and it does take place in a different kind of office: the Parks and Recreation department for a town called Pawnee, Indiana.

But let me tell you, I was wrong. I found I enjoyed this show just as much as the Office. While the style was similar, the characters make this show so enjoyable. Every single character is so well developed, unique, and funny. They are caricatures of different people that we all have in our lives, and yet each one has qualities that make you like them. Unlike the Office, you don't have to worry about secondhand embarrassment/super uncomfortable situations, which is a plus.

Parks and Recreation is a show that you will find yourself quoting constantly, which to me is it's own metric of success in anything that I watch. And as the title of this review states: it will have you laughing out loud like an idiot even if you're watching by yourself. Parks and Recreation is fresh, original, funny, and has some great emotional moments even though the circumstances are sometimes outrageous. I will admit that I teared up over a memorial concert for a mini-horse called "Lil' Sebastian". There is also some really great satire for anyone interested in politics, or like myself, has little time for politics. Either way, the comedy there is undeniable.

As an aside, for any Chris Pratt fans out there like myself, this is a good show to watch for him alone (though as I mentioned before, all of the characters are great), and it's really neat to watch because he does transform physically throughout the show because he clinched Guardians of the Galaxy towards the end of the series (in case you are like me and enjoy that sort of tidbit).

Highly recommend.
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Easy and fun to watch
JuliusPizza22 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really loved this series. The thing is that I tried to start watching it a couple years ago and I hated it.. I watched like 2 episodes. Out of the blue I decided to give a second chance I finished all seasons in 2 weeks.

I really liked it because is was really easy to watch, no complicated a story just a really funny down to earth comedy.

In terms of the end, well I got mixed feelings but it was not horrible, but definitely better compared to The Office. For some reason I thought that Michael Scott or Dwight were going to pop up at any moment for some reason. Ron rules ! Tammy, this is Diane. Diane this is a piece of human garbage named Tammy, who is also my ex-wife."
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Sister show of the Office
mnsmb71 January 2017
To start, I love both the Office and Parks and Recreation. I think the shows are the best comedies along with Modern Family that have taken place since 2005. The shows provide unique story lines that really develop the characters and romances with effortless comedy mixed in. One of the bright points of both shows is the writing where most shows struggle with this.

Parks and Recreation provides a very cute aspect of a career driven woman in a city that could care less about the parks department. I think the show maintained a solid performance all the way through the series and while Andy never seemed to get any more intelligent and Tom seemed to get more and more whacky it didn't take away from the overall direction of the show.

The Office draws a lot of its humor from the sheer awkwardness of the situations and while Parks and Rec does this to a certain extent a lot of the humor is derived from the individual performances and not necessarily the plot that unfolds. Would highly recommend this show to anyone that found the Office funny or anyone that is willing to give a comedy a chance.
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