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Thank you for making this a clean movie.

Author: kskillian_004 from United States
14 March 2009

I thought it was a clean movie and I sat down with my kids to watch it. We enjoyed it very much. Candace still looks as beautiful as ever and my 13 year old has a crush on her. I didn't have to cover the kids ears or eyes during the movie. Thank you. I thought the story line was overall a 10 very sensitive and adorable. The sweetness of the romance moved me. I wish we had a Santa town like that it would be fun. Traditions are fun specially when it brings the family together. Hardships are displayed here as another way to get them working together for the same cause. The villain did a great job too. There is such a reality to that. So many schemers waiting out there to take your money.Great movie.

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Sentimental, minor flaws

Author: MartianOctocretr5 from Redondo Beach, CA
27 November 2009

Overall, a pretty good story for a Christmas season diversion. A year round Santa's village type place is suffering budget problems, and nearing bankruptcy. Tom Arnold stars as the owner/operator of the sentimental amusement center, but his dedication and festive spirit are not matched by any business sense. The place has fallen from better times, and is now nearing extinction through bankruptcy or sale.

Tom Arnold is usually an annoyance in any movie he appears, but he was pretty good this time out. He plays Nick as confused and frustrated yet faithful to his dream. Nick feels lost, as the world doesn't seem to care about this Arctic fantasy wonderland any more, even though several locals express fond memories of the once popular resort. He maintains that childlike hope that the crowds will soon return. To him, the era of this magical place is not over; it never will be over.

Enter Nick's daughter, a shrewd businessperson, who Nick fools into returning to her home town. She thinks she's there to tend to her ailing father. The only thing that's sick is the business, with thousand of dollars worth of unpaid debts, and creditors closing in. The shrewd businesswoman relies more on a sentimental approach, appealing to people to rally together to save the landmark institution. The sparks over their different approaches to Santaland, and a mysterious visitor to the town who woos Nick's daughter, provide for the main conflicts.

Some events seem just a bit too convenient for the story, but with enough Christmas spirit like Nick has, the movie works. Acting and direction are up to par for this style of movie. There's a nice spirit and message to it, and plenty of heart.

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Wonderful Holiday Film

Author: sgc_183 from United States
28 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Is this film ever going to win an Oscar, not on a bet, however, this is a warm, goofy, family movie. The only people who are going to watch it are people who know the names of all the reindeer by heart, have seen Christmas Vacation, with Chevy Chase, about a thousand times, and deep down in their hearts, believe in Santa. This is one of my favorite holiday movies, right after October 31st, I start counting the days until Hallmark channel starts it holiday movies. I love them, and people who love this season, will agree this is one of the perfect holiday movies, people who hate this season, won't be watching Hallmark or Lifetime, and should keep their "bah humbug" opinions to themselves.

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One of my top favorite Hm.Christmas movies...again and again.

Author: adoptshelterpetstoday
13 December 2014

I have never been disappointed with a Hallmark Christmas movie starring the very talented Candace Cameron-Bure...and I was not disappointed with this one either.........The plot was great! It definitely stayed focused on Christmas...with constant Christmas décor. The lines were great to nicely and clearly express the story with the intensity of several the situations...The entire movie flowed nicely...None of the players were annoying....However, I thought Barbara Niven seemed inappropriate for the part...including her little girl, "Shirley Temple" hairstyle. Her lines were weak in the way of support...and she presented her lines in an untalented, insincere, "jumpy" way. Fortunately she did not appear in the movie much........I liked "Peter" because he was sincere, and just so right for his part.......I have watched this movie several times, and every time it is just as enjoyable!

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Pretty good

Author: SanteeFats from United States
4 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unlike some reviewers I found this film to be a typical Christmas movie. Candice Cameron Bure has matured very nicely in my opinion and I did not find her shrill. Her acting was good enough for this show. I have always liked Tom Arnold and while his nasal voice can be a little annoying at times he still is a good actor. In this picture Tom Arnold is not the real Santa but a man who loves Christmas so much he has made a whole town called Santaville dedicated to Christmas. It is open every day of the year, no exceptions. Candace his his daughter, Holly. She gets enough cheer while growing up and has moved to the big city where she is the consummate sales manager for a big company. She returns to Santaville after years away and finds out daddy is close to losing it all. A seeming miracle occurs when a financial adviser shows up and says he might be able to help. Of course he is a bad guy and while he gets backers the contract calls for Tom to pay off his debt by Christmas, three weeks away. Trying to save the place leads to Tom doing a blog and calling past visitors. This leads to hundreds of people and their families coming out to the town. Then there is Peter a very gifted craftsman who makes one of a kind hand made Christmas related toys(?). Turns out they are what saves the day as they sell so well that, with a substantial commitment from Candace's boss, they manage to raise enough to save Santaville. Since this is a feel good Hallmark movie Peter and Holly also fall in love. I liked it.

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"Everybody needs Santa, no matter where they live."

Author: utgard14 from USA
12 July 2014

Holly (Candace Cameron Bure) grew up helping her father Nick (Tom Arnold) run his Santaville Christmas theme park but now she is a successful sales executive without any Christmas spirit. When her dad is hurt, she has to return to Santaville to help out and discovers the bank is about to foreclose on the place. She tries to find a way to save Santaville while dealing with her daddy issues and two potential suitors.

Nice little Christmas TV movie. Nothing groundbreaking but sweet, sentimental, and charming. Candace is beautiful and very likable. Tom Arnold's great although he sounds like he has a cold throughout the whole movie. One of Candace's guys is a little too good to be true. He's handsome, kind, and "went to college for like a decade and got several degrees" before going to Santaville to work for free making toys while he waited for Candace to come back because he met her once as a kid. Yeah right. But stuff like that is to be expected from this kind of movie. This is the first Christmas TV movie Candace did. She's done several more since and they're always pleasant and enjoyable.

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A Christmas film that could have been much better

Author: SimonJack from United States
7 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing "Moonlight and Mistletoe," I wondered why Hollywood or TV hadn't come up with the idea for such a plot long before 2008. Kudos to Hallmark for having an original and interesting plot. It seems like a natural, and the setting of this TV film in Chester, Vermont, apparently gave the community a tourism shot for the next several years.

While the story is a good one, this movie unfortunately suffers in a number of areas. The screenplay seems to skip a beat here and there. Some of the situations are overly hokey or a little hard to believe. The most obvious is Nick's accident and injury. His runaway horse-drawn sleigh crashes into a tree? The film is billed as a drama, romance, family movie – no mention of comedy. So, we're to believe that a horse that had been pulling Santa's sleigh for more than 20 years all of a sudden went wild (in its old age) and ran its sleigh head-on into a tree? A somewhat lesser, but still very obvious far-fetched scene is toward the end when Holly all of a sudden is in love with Peter. Until that scene she was so-so, even a little attracted to Ben. But when Ben turns out to be a bad guy, Holly suddenly falls for Peter. It's a bit much. Perhaps the writers and/or director could have had this build up a little earlier – and not have it appear right on the heels of Ben's fall from grace.

Finally, the acting. Most of the cast were passable to good only. Tom Arnold as Nick was just enough overboard in his enthusiasm (I know, it's a part of his normal persona), that he came across as being oblivious to his dire circumstances. And, while Candace Bure portrayed the hectic Holly as a businesswoman, I think it was overdone to the point that we in the audience can't buy her sudden return to earth with her nostalgia for the past. If her fast-paced, hectic busy-ness had been reduced just a bit, the return to normalcy would have seemed more natural and believable. The exaggeration of those two performances detracted considerably from the story.

This film isn't bad, but it misses its potential for a number of these shortcomings. Most people may enjoy it once, but aside from some pictures of toys, I doubt that the fast action of Holly and her dad will keep young ones interested.

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A Christmas Chick Flick

Author: ChristmasDreamin73 from United States
13 August 2016

Candace has been in many of these Christmas films that i have watched and enjoyed. Now "Moonlight and Mistletoe" is a "Typical" Christmas Theme Hallmark" film but this film is so good that even "The Grinch" "Mr Potter" and "Scrooge" would even love.

In this film a young woman returns to her family home to take care of her dad. Her dad has been Mr Santa Claus for years. His daughter is a little resentful that he is always there for everyone but her. After an accident leaves him immobile she comes to take care of him. Once home she realizes that her dad is about to lose the family home and business. Before she can help him she must repair her relationship with her dad.

Yes this is a chick flick. However guys watch it with your girlfriend or wife. It is adorable!

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An okay movie but nothing to rave about

Author: Rpdsf from United States
8 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Candace Cameron Bure is Holly a business woman who is wrapped up in her own world. She begrudgingly returns home to help her injured father. She's at first condescending and unsympathetic towards her father, Nick played by Tom Arnold, along with treating Peter, her fathers helper, like he's beneath her. She's soon smitten over a like businessman whom she meets through an old high school friend. Knowing nothing about the guy, she's drawn into a deal she believes will help save her father's failing business. For a businesswoman, she's naive in letting his good looks and her attraction to him overshadow her good sense. Without reading the contract herself, she just takes the businessman's word for it and introduces him to her father suggesting he will save his business. The opposite is true however in that the contract may actually force her father to lose his business. It's then up to her and Peter to undo the damage done.

Being a hallmark movie, there is a love interest, misunderstandings and of course a happy ending. A family friendly movie.

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Lovely Location otherwise Nothing Special

Author: Zoooma from Oakland, New Jersey
1 June 2014

"You can never be too busy for Christmas." Another formulaic story but does it work? Eh, so so. This made-for-TV movie from the Hallmark Channel stars Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner in Full House) and the usually entertaining Tom Arnold. She stinks but he's great and really brings true charm and Christmas warmth to the screen. Great location in Chester, Vermont -- that's the name of the town it takes in and the name of the town where it was filmed which is different from so many movies where a fictional name is used. Overall, not a terrible Christmas movie but nothing special.

5.5 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener

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