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16 Jul. 2008
Y God
Apprehensive toward organised religion and intrigued by the lengths young people go to in expressing their faith, a young filmmaker undergoes a personal journey into the spirit of a generation.
23 Jul. 2008
Y 21
If fifty is the new forty, what is twenty-one? Y 21 follows the antics of three Gen Y'ers as they celebrate their 21st birthdays - they all want big parties, but are they ready to be adults?
30 Jul. 2008
Y Dwell
With Australia's innate desire to own a home coupled with recent high costs of housing - how will Generation Y tackle these difficult conditions and achieve the dream of owning your own home?
30 Jul. 2008
Fresh off the Boat
Watch out if you don't like ethnic Australians! Music/comedy act F.O.B. are young, ethnic-proud and outspoken. Of Malaysian, Indian, Filipino, Egyptian and Assyrian heritage, these Generation Y Melbournians are pushing cultural buttons and seeking notoriety by taking their unique brand of ethnic comedy out to the most public domain they can find: Federation Square. In the current political climate could they face a backlash?
6 Aug. 2008
At Adelaide University, a feather-weight crop of student politicians prepare to battle for control of the Student Union. On the one hand these Gen Yers are driven, self-confident and highly ambitious; on the other hand the student body that must elect them is apathetic and cynical. These polar Gen Y views come together in election week as student politicians try to convince, cajole and coerce fellow students into voting for them. "Electioneering" follows David Wilkins, leader of the right faction of Labor on campus. He's on a mission to change the world starting with ...
6 Aug. 2008
Age of Avatars
A wireless network has been detected and Gen Y is definitely connected but in an age of avatars and online persona's, can they successfully balance their virtual lives with their real ones?

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