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"Dirty Sexy Money" The Convertible (2009)

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Lisa "kidnaps" Kiki when it is Nick's weekend with her, and takes her with her to another country. Nick wants Tripp's private jet to get Kiki back, and Tripp agree's. Karen and Brian accompany Nick on his journey. Karen goes on the trip because she hears that there is a very good fertility clinic there. She wants to get sperm, so that she can have a baby. Brian goes on the trip so that he can meet Mei-Ling, his ex-wife, and rekindle their romance. Along the way, the plane encounters some serious turbulence, and Karen gets scared. Karen is now convinced that the plane is going to crash, and tells Nick that he is the man for her, and she loves him, and then kisses him. Nick returns the favor, and tells Karen that he loves her. Nick then agrees that he will donate sperm to her, the old-fashioned way. They then land unharmed on ground, and Nick continues on his quest to find Kiki. He does, but then leaves her with Lisa. They all decide to go back home, but the plane is in no condition to travel, so the go on a road-trip (in the convertible). They get home soon, and Karen starts crying in her bedroom. Leticia comforts her and asks her what's wrong. Karen replies that Nick agreed to donate sperm to her, but she is already pregnant - with Simon's baby.
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