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"Dancing with the Stars" Round 5 (2008)

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Four new dances were introduced Monday on "Dancing with the Stars. They were the West coast swing, The Hustle, Salsa, and the Jitterbug

Lance & Lacey: Lance Bass said that the previous week was a real breakthrough and it gave him some confidence because he'd always been known as the worst dancer in N-Sync. He said the record company actually wanted to kick him out of the group when it was first signed because he was a bad dancer. He landed the West coast swing, which was fortunate because his partner Lacey Schwimmer brought in her dad, who was a West coast swing-dancing champion. Lance slipped during a slide and fell down, but he recovered well. Len Goodman said Lance proved that he was a good dancer last week and that Lacey has to "give up a little bit of your talent and show off your partner a little more." Bruno Tonioli agreed, saying Lance's performance was more like "dancing around the star." Carrie Ann Inaba added to it, telling Lacey that she has to let her partner shine a little more. Scores: 7, 7, and 7. Total: 21.

Toni & Alec; Toni Braxton worried that she was headed downhill in the competition after a strong start. She looked to step it up with the West coast swing. Toni and partner Alec Mazo gave a little Michael Jackson treatment to the dance, which included a couple of intentional lifts. Bruno didn't like the inclusion of the Moonwalk. Carrie Ann said the difficulty with the West coast swing was in making it look easy, but Toni just over danced it. Len said he wasn't seeing Toni's potential and said she should regroup and come back strong. Scores: 7, 7, and 8. Total: 22

Susan & Tony: Susan Lucci was coming off her best week of the competition, but she suffered two fractured bones in her foot. Would it affect her performance? Susan and partner Tony Dovolani were given The Hustle, which Susan remembered dancing in the heyday of Studio 54 in the 1970s. She got an MRI to check on the injury and he said it was really up to how much she could dance through the pain. Carrie Ann said she liked it and admired Susan for going out there because she didn't see her injury bothering her. Len acknowledged the injury, but said Tony was treating Susan like a China doll and he wanted him to just take her out there and dance. Bruno said it looked like an uptown girl doing The Hustle. Scores: 7, 7 and 8. Total: 22

Warren & Kym: Warren Sapp stumbled with his samba last week and he was looking to bounce back with The Hustle. Warren was wiped out at the halfway point in the competition, but he asked partner Kym Johnson to push him. It was a tremendous, high-energy performance that was easily the best of the night to that point. They earned a standing ovation, but would the judges agree? Len said "that's what I'm talking about" and said he "really enjoyed it, well done." Bruno loved it, and Carrie Ann appreciated that they tapped into the nostalgia of the dance. Scores: 8, 8, and 9. Total: 25.

Cloris & Corky: The end may be drawing near for Cloris Leachman, who landed in the bottom two last week despite her highest judges' scores of the season. She went out on the stump during the week, personally thanking her fans for their votes. This week, she and partner Corky Ballas landed the salsa and Corky hoped he could get her into the character of the dance. She promised to bring "everything this 82-year-old body can bring." Bruno said "the old gal can still turn a trick." He praised her for actually doing a salsa. Carrie Ann said everyone loves what Cloris brings to the dance floor. Len said he loves her for being the first person on the show who's older than him. He said she was "hotter than a chile pepper." Afterward, Cloris admitted she was channeling her inner "skanky ho." Scores: 7, 7, and 7. Total: 21

Maurice & Cheryl: Ex-Olympic sprinter Maurice Greene hit a bit of a wall the previous week with his samba, but he thought the critique was a bit unfair. He wanted to get "that one bad race" out of the way. His partner Cheryl Burke was having a hard time teaching the dance because she wasn't very familiar with it. Cheryl told Maurice she thought he was lazy and that he didn't care. Carrie Ann called Maurice over to her, then shouted and hugged him, saying, "I knew it was in you!" Len said "if there was a mark for energy, I'd give you a 10." Bruno said he was "like a master of theater." Scores: 9, 9, and 9. Total: 27

Brooke & Derek: Brooke Burke remained the front-runner despite some harsh criticism from Len the previous week. It was going to be a challenge for Brooke and her partner Derek Hough because even he didn't know anything about the jitterbug and had to do research online to get step-by-step directions on how to do it. Len said that whatever dance Brooke gets to do she's consistently tops. Bruno said it was "so vigorous" and "so upbeat," it was "glorious." Carrie Ann asked if she could nitpick, but then admitted she couldn't because it was perfect. Scores: 10, 9, and 10. Total: 29

Cody & Julianne: A week after starting to find his mojo, according to Bruno, Cody Linley wanted to keep the momentum going. His partner Julianne Hough was also learning the dance for the first. In rehearsals, they were doing all kinds of crazy flips (when they weren't spying on Brooke & Derek). Could they pull it off? Bruno said it was "a firebug," and that he liked the slapstick they included. Carrie Ann said it was the perfect dance for Cody and said he's giving Brooke a run for her money. Len said it had quality, energy and he liked it very much. Scores: 10, 9, and 9. Total: 28


Brooke Derek, 29

Cody & Julianne, 28

Maurice & Cheryl, 27

Warren & Kym, 25

Toni & Alec, 22

Susan & Lucci, 22

Lance & Lacey, 21

Cloris & Corky, 21


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