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Nora is setting up a non-profit organisation and wants to use William's study as its "nerve centre". However, in order to do this, she needs to hold a garage sale to get rid of his things. Justin is worried that she hasn't thought it through and thinks she will regret getting rid of all traces of him. Saul suggests it may just be something Nora "needs to do". Holly misses seeing Rebecca so hires her as a temp for the day. Tommy and Sarah are still arguing over Ojai and the way Sarah left. Kitty steps down as Robert's communications director but Robert is not happy with any of the potential replacements. Holly gets all the state's information on Ryan Lafferty (William's illegitimate child) from her friend at the county's office. At the garage sale, Kitty and Kevin talk about Robert's unsupportiveness and when he shows up later, Kevin challenges him about his politics and his attitude towards Kitty's new venture. Julia thinks that Sarah is mad at herself and the mess she put Ojai in but is putting the blame instead on Tommy- and tells her so. Later, Robert confesses his concerns to Kitty about drifting apart without work as common ground whilst Holly asks Rebecca to work at Ojai (a common ground) so that she can start to earn her trust back. Sarah takes on board Julia's advice and humbles herself by taking a time capsule she and Tommy buried as kids, round to his place so they can open it together. Robert wants to hire Kevin as Kitty's replacement because he is engaged in political issues, is not afraid to confront him and Kevin challenges him. Kevin initially thinks the idea of a gay, liberal, Democrat working for a Republican Senator is a joke but seems slightly more interested after Robert's arguments, and after Kitty says she thinks its a good idea. Nora realises that everything of William, is gone and falls apart. Justin tries to comfort her and buys back an ornament that William bought for her on their honeymoon. Tommy and Sarah rebury the time capsule in his yard and Tommy seems to want Sarah to come back to Ojai and give it another shot. Rebecca finds Holly's file on Ryan.


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