"Brothers & Sisters" Everything Must Go (TV Episode 2008) Poster


[Robert picks up a G.I. Joe figure at Nora's yard sale]

Robert McCallister: How much do you want for him?

Kevin Walker: A lot.

Robert McCallister: Name your price.

Kevin Walker: You know what, I'll probably just hold on to him. I don't think he has any tours left in him.

Robert McCallister: He's gonna sit on a book shelf and have some R&R...

Kevin Walker: You say that now, and the next thing you know he's off fighting an endless and unnecessary war.

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Robert McCallister: I'd like to offer Kevin a job.

Kevin Walker: What?

Kitty McCallister: As what?

Robert McCallister: I'd like you to consider replacing Kitty as my communications director.

Kevin Walker: That's a good one. That's a good... Why aren't you laughing?

Kitty McCallister: You know, honey, that's not your worst idea.

Robert McCallister: Right, he's perfect. He's smart, he's informed, he's a pain in the ass.

Kevin Walker: Thank you.

Robert McCallister: Well, you're not afraid to engage me.

Kitty McCallister: Yeah, you know, there's some sort of perverse sense in this.

Kevin Walker: I'm really sorry, have I just walked into an alternate universe where being a gay, liberal Democrat qualifies you to work for a Republican senator?

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Rebecca Harper: You were lying to me even then.

Holly Harper: Rebecca, I tried to explain.

Rebecca Harper: I know, I know, that you were protecting me, whatever.

Holly Harper: I can't say I'm sorry again, because clearly that is not what you want to hear from me.

Rebecca Harper: I hate that when I look at you all I see is lies. I don't get to remember that summer, I don't get to remember kindergarten field trips or Easter egg hunts in the back yard... I remember how you lied to me my entire life. You're my mom. You're the only family I have. I don't know how to get that back.

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