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Exit Stage Left

Author: cjmitch23 from Canada
11 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This second last episode was part of a two hour finale and should not be reviewed separately but since it must be, I will persevere. Like most planned series finales, the writer(s) is required to tie together all the loose threads into a pretty bow while simultaneously making an interesting and hopefully compelling episode. For loyal viewers, there will always be disappointment, most of which is directed at the fact that, as a loyal viewer, one didn't want the series to end in the first place. We would like to believe that these characters who somehow meant something in our lives can continue to live on in some, albeit unknown, reality. To that end, this episode with the next has done that.

In its typical controversial way, this episode explored several topics with its usual liberal interpretation of what the outcome should be. Those who watched and really paid attention to other episodes could easily predict on what side the writers and producers will truly support. For those few that do not believe this, I would have to ask you to start at the beginning and re-watch the series. Right wing politics always acted as the foil against which they could present their liberal biases (and I say biases with all the love I can). Denny Crane acted as a right wing bastion so far on the right as to approach buffoonery (also said with love).

Although I do not specifically write reviews that contradict other reviews, my impetus for this review was my disappointment in a previous reviewer, I am sure you know of which I am speaking. The show set up a difficult situation which is expected and navigated its way through in its usual liberal way. To suggest that the Chinese government is truly embracing Capitalism is laughable. Chinese corporations are state owned and in turn state financed. When a Chinese corporation buys outside its country, the purchase is made with state finances. I am not making a judgment, I am stating a fact. Chinese Human Rights abuses are measured against the backdrop of Today. There is no doubt that most if not all mature nations passed through a period of Human Rights abuses on their way to maturity, (The US and Slavery, Canada and Native rights, Britain and colonialism, the Vatican and the Inquisitions, this list could go on for a long time). Whether this is just a phase that China is passing through on its way to maturity is left for the future to realize, for now, it cannot be doubted that abuses are occurring.

Thank you to the writers and producers for giving us a thoughtful and studied show, for fighting against the pressure to turn out meaningless blather and for entertaining us for nearly five years.

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Ally McBeal Arrives on Boston Legal- Kids didn't think this one out

Author: DKosty123 from United States
26 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode plays very much like an Ally McBeal episode. Shirley Schmitt (Candace Bergen ) is portrayed as more than a bit racist in her opposition of a Chinese buy out of the law firm. The trouble is that even though the issue is becoming timely in the United States, the reason presented here is racism. That is not the case but the producers of this show and the main stream in America are out of touch with reality.

The real problem is the mindless US Government. When free trade legislation was passed in the US in 1993, there was no plan how to pay for it? As more and more jobs leave the US the Government Deficits grow out of control as tax revenues get cut by the job losses.

There is no plan to make up for the lost revenues and raising taxes to do it will not work as there are not enough jobs left to tax. The jobs that are left don't pay enough money to generate tax revenue either. As Corporate profits move overseas, Government take from Corporate Taxes decline too.

Academics still try to argue that new green technologies will create jobs to replace that lost revenue. The problem with this is that new green technology does not develop fast enough to replace jobs as fast at they leave. The real question for the US now is how do we pay for free trade? Academics argue that green technologies will create more new jobs at a fast enough pace to make up for the losses. If that were true, there would be no unemployment in places where green technologies jobs are supposedly 10 years ahead of where the US is like the UK, France, Germany, etc. Is there really an economic boom in these areas already because of green tech?

When you look at the biggest booming economies in the world which are China, India, their jobs are being created by sending jobs off shore, not by green technologies, but by the same technologies which have always created jobs, manufacturing. Off shoring jobs is increasing global warming which cuts expenses for multinational corps. who line politicians pockets to get what they want. These corps only care about their bottom line, not if governments remain solvent & stable.

This episode missed the boat by not addressing this problem.

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I Agree

Author: ChrisKann from Australia
4 May 2009

I agree with the previous comment on most points.

Boston legal explored many controversial issues during its five seasons, it had the latitude to do so because it was "fiction". Boston Legal challenged many main stream views, and offered an opportunity to explore issues from perspectives which main stream media would not approach.

Unfortunately, with the final episodes, Boston Legal betrayed its ethos by straying back into the embrace of the "easy option", adopting an unrealistic view perpetuated by the main stream media, such a shame that a great series ends so poorly and so contrary to the essence of Boston Legal.

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Irresponsible and Stupid

Author: emmashone from United Kingdom
21 December 2008

As much as I enjoy Boston Legal in the past few years, this Made in China (5.12) is absolutely not acceptable and stupid. This is an extremely irresponsible episode.

A. you faked up very negative China business people which in most of the cases never happened in the real world,

B. you made up this episode upon imaginations of so called human rights in your own head and other issues—how many of you even visited China for just Once to understand this country? Most Chinese have in fact much better human rights than before and even better than some of your people right now! Don't tell me you read and watch your news—what kind of twisted news you are having all the time from your propaganda?

C.this episode tried to negatively stereotype Chinese, Chinese Government and Chinese business culture---see your own Poll company results, 93% of Chinese people support the Chinese government, how about yours? Don't pretend to be nice in this episode by faking to say ' China people and country are nice' while putting on so many dirty comments to China, What do you know exactly the history and truth of Tian an men? Tibet? And so on? The conversation and what Allan said in this episode are totally not acceptable!

D, if your genius writer(s) are a little bit dry out, there's no point putting ugly things to others just to make a scene

E. US now has more than 10 thousands students in China—if you really want to add China to your show, ask their opinions a little bit before doing this so irresponsible episode.

F. I am tired of your US based TV shows when you try to add some Chinese or China to your show—it's always negative, always ugly. I can hardly find any offencive or negative about US people in Chinese TV shows.Why is that? Because US people are so good that Chinese can not find any negative things to make a show? No, usually not! Because Chinese TV producers are much nicer and objective in this regard

G.China has its own very serious problems—but you guys mentioned in this episode are totally missing the point. Don't try to be ' nice' when you are actually so prejudiced and biased on Chinese issues, don't try to fake up things and offend Chinese people, don't try to say ' we just don't like your government, not Chinese people' , just don't fake it!

H. You arrogant writers of this Epsode, I have to say, if I wrote all of my comments in Chinese, without a translator, you don't have a clue what I am talking about—who is so narrow minded here?

I. Watch out, this is a small world. If you want to comment on any thing privately, that's fine, but if you put your twisted understanding into a good show like Boston Legal, it's very stupid!

J. Yes, China and Chinese are getting stronger, by working harder, much harder. You can look around in your Chinese town or street, usually how long the Chinese open their stores?

K. So according to your interpretation, Chinese government and communists are the bad guys----but in reality, none of the countries in this world hasn't gotten its own problems.Isn't it a good saying ' clean your won yard'? When can you guys learn a little bit something as Mr. Deng said: Black cat, White cat…after all, do you really know what communists are ?

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