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Snapdragon20 July 2009
Rarely does a movie come along that shows the gritty underworld of society without glamour or glory. Even more rare is the film that can showcase without judgment the brutality and depravity of the men who populate it. Kerberos, the second feature film from award-winning director William Kely McClung, does both. When past and present overlap one man's purpose, dragging him into the dark world of violence and duplicity he once thrived in, ex-con Michael Finn must sacrifice his own chance of redemption to save an innocent girl caught in the crossfire of these human hellhounds. With gruesome action scenes, unrivaled depth of character and strength of acting, Kerberos chronicles a harrowing 36 hour race through the hell of criminals, dirty cops, thugs, and low-lifes each trying to claw their own way to somebody else's money.
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kdahmani26 June 2010
I was lucky to see both the rough cut and the final cut of the movie with Brad Fallon (Producer). The acting and the effects are spectacular considering the budget of the movie.

I am amazed by Kely's truly amazing talent: Director, Actor, Editor. The movie is violent and by no means can you tell this is a low budget movie. The movie starts off telling the story of an innocent girl that witnesses the killing of a many by corrupt cops. Michael Finn (Kely McClung an ex bank robber)is brought in the middle and goes on a mission to save the girl after falling in love with her. Michael Finn finds himself caught up between the dirty cops and his old partners in crime.

This movie is a must watch.
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