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Smart and well-written

Author: seanieboy77 from United Kingdom
12 September 2008

I thought Stacked was a smart, well-written drama that brought up some very relevant issues. The pressure on teenage girls to conform to the stick thin big boobed likes of Jordon and Victoria Beckham are huge and I thought Stacked really brought attention to this in an intelligent and entertaining way. As well as tackling important issues, it was also funny. When is the next ep being aired? I cant wait to see how it develops. The three teenage girls were all interesting characters. As was their father. When your career is actually helping to create the unrealistic images of woman we are bombarded have a lot to answer for. No wonder he's having a hard time of it! And rightfullyt so.

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Fun filled action!

Author: gbmew from United Kingdom
12 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Channel flicking way past my usual bedtime I came across this fantastic drama! Initially captivated by the rather gorgeous cast members I was soon engrossed by a well-realised, contemporary story about three teenage sisters, each trying to deal with their problems while their self-absorbed dad obsesses over the running of his new lads' mag.

The dialogue was zippy, funny and caustic. The tone switched easily between drama and comedy. Given the subject matter it was both entertaining and thought provoking. I found myself drawn in and definitely wanting more. I hope there is a full series to follow. I can't wait to get on board and find out how the various story lines pan out.

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'super cool new drama'!!

Author: elizabethbls11 from London
12 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I tuned in to Stacked on Channel 4 after reading an interview with the writer, Bryony I've, on the Bliss magazine website, which described the show as a 'super cool new drama'.

I'm glad to say it didn't disappoint. For the first time in ages I found myself watching a programme that showed characters I could identify with dealing with the everyday pressures that teenage girls actually face. It got me thinking, why are there so few television programmes out there that have girls as lead characters? It doesn't make sense, especially as it's a well known fact that girls watch more TV than boys.

Stacked was both dramatic and funny and I was left very curious as to what would happen next. Will the 16 year old lead character Ginny continue to regret having had a boob job? Will her crazy little sister Tallulah steal her boyfriend once and for all and will older sister Shona somehow manage to win the heart of a gorgeous 'Stacked' covergirl?

Packed into this one episode were questions and ideas about body image, sexuality and relationships with parents – at no point was I bored and it made me realise how other television shows can be really quite slow paced. As a young woman it's definitely the kind of show I would love to see more of.

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Funny, Topical and Intelligent

Author: mariajmsn from United Kingdom
3 April 2009

A comedy/drama pilot for Channel 4 this was a show aimed at teenagers. It was far more compelling and complex than I would have expected, representing three sisters each with her own set of problems and their dad who's the editor of a lads magazine. What really got me about Stacked was how it illustrated that teens are manipulated into feeling they should look a certain way/fit a certain role by the media - and the media is run by adults. As far as I'm concerned television is a bit of a wasteland at the moment. Amongst the endless drivel this was a real gem - something that made me think while also being very entertaining.

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Author: leah-cox88 from United Kingdom
13 November 2008

Stacked is one of the best shows I've seen in ages. It followed real girls with real and recognisable problems, all of whom I felt I actually cared about by the end. The premise - three sisters whose dad runs a Nuts/Zoo type lads mag was relevant and topical. I'd never stopped to question what kind of men are behind these sort of magazines, well beyond imagining the stereotypical sleazebag, but Jamie was a very interesting character and made me wonder whether men who work in the lads mag industry do also have families and how they manage to combine the two. We live in a time where girls are made to feel more insecure than ever before about their appearance and whether they are sexy enough - even pre-teens are aspiring to look like porn stars. Stacked tackled this deftly - each of the sisters had a different reaction to their father's profession from the fourteen year old man- eater Tallulah to Ginny suffering from low self-esteem about her body to lesbian Shona using the magazine as a way to get closer to scantily clad girls. I'd love to see more of Stacked and find out how the story unfolds. It aired in August and I've heard no news of it since then so I assume it won't be continuing but I think this is a real shame - it's one of the few dramas that is both entertaining and thought provoking.

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Author: film_andy from United Kingdom
29 August 2008

Shown as part of C4's 'Next Generation of talent blah blah blah...' season, "Stacked" was just another unfunny, direction-less story which relied on resorting to 'lad's mags' tactics for its points of interest. The performances were adequate given the material, but the characters themselves were devoid of any likability.

C4 have spent the last month constantly advertising the fact that 'new talent' is taking over C4, when really they should actually invest their time and money more sensibly.

The whole thing smacks of rolling the dice and lets hope something good comes of it somewhere along the line...


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Sexy, funny, great!

Author: bb1983 from United Kingdom
28 August 2008

I stumbled across this last night on channel 4 and I loved it! I haven't seen something this witty, dirty and darkly funny centred on British females since Sugar Rush. In a similar vein to Sugar Rush, Skins and Shameless, it accurately portrayed both teenagers and their parents, not siding with either, in a funny and watchable way. My only grip is why the hell was it on so late, hidden away in the TV schedule? Why, when we are subjected to so much crap TV, was this little gem not properly publicised and advertised. Because it is set in Scotland? Channel four should be doing better than this to support genuine talent when they are lucky enough to find it. I really hope it becomes a series, I'd be a guaranteed viewer! I'm not going to say anything about the plot- go seek it out and watch it.

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A cliché filled showcase of poor acting

Author: stevey_raff from Ireland
27 August 2008

Several thoughts come to mind fairly early on while watching this show on a first time viewing. Unfortunately, all bad things. I'm not sure what hit me first, the cringe-worthy, terrible acting, or the awful script.

In its defense, a lot of actors/actresses in this are quite young, and everyone has to start somewhere. However, i almost find that statement too kind as i wonder if some of them will ever develop an ability to act as it's already starting at such a poor non-existent standard.

In saying this, i can't say much positive or hopeful comments about the older, presumably more experienced cast such as the father/magazine owner character. This guy needs to think of ulterior methods of employment, away from anything remotely related to acting.

And now on to other issues. The directing and writing of this show was a tacky cesspit of clichés and uncreative stereotypical techniques and elements. Some of these made it hard to watch to a toe-curling extent. A good example of what i am referring to is the likes of the typical rebellious angst-ridden teenager portrayed through the character of the youngest daughter. Every time a scene cut to her character, she displayed a face which quite obviously directly reflected a director telling her "show some attitude, GRRR be angry!" and some techno style music would play, as if to reflect the music of a young angry person with an attitude. How disgustingly obvious!

There are also a barrage of other stereotypical issues touched upon that are obviously blatant and miserable ways to make the whole thing seem 'topical'. A lame attempt to raise modern day issues in a way that has already been completely done to death. If you're looking for examples; the father owns a top shelf 'lads mag' that raises the usual sexist issues, his daughter becomes influenced by it so as to give him a 'taste of his own medicine', underage girls becoming exposed and influenced by sexual behavior and the usual moral dilemma's that ensue, oh and not to mention... how do these lad mags change impressionable teenagers idea of a beautiful body and what lengths will they go to in order to copy the catwalk image?! YAWN. Just watch an episode of Trisha or Jeremy Kyle if you are really still oblivious to these media saturated issues.

It all gave the entire duration of the show a student film, unprofessional vibe that resembled a class assignment handed in by someone studying a media course in college. If i was the teacher of such a course i would have rated it quite averagely even at that standard.

On a side note, i did research this enough to discover the director is none other than one 'Jennifer Perrott', also responsible for directing such TV gems as 'Doctors' and 'Hollyoaks'. Not surprising as these are two of the worst shows to ever grace the silver screen - and 'Stacked' came across as just another episode!

P.S Sorry for any 'Spoilers', trust me, it ain't spoiled much more than it already is to begin with. The only regret i have in this review is the time i wasted on 'Stacked' by writing it.

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