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Plot Summary

  • A small favor for Pineys old war buddy turns into a big problem for SAMCRO. With Clay detained, Jax must step-up to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Gemma deals with the pangs of aging and the arrival of a familiar sweetbutt whose intentions are unclear.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • With Marstein's money turning out to be fake, SAMCRO are still unable to pay for the IRA guns, with the time drawing ever closer to McKeavey selling to another buyer and taking his future business elsewhere. When Piney sells five of the guns to an old war buddy, Nate Meineke, the survivalist group with whom Meineke spends his time use them to hold up a prisoner transport, killing several civilians and police, and leading to Clay's arrest and the influx of more ATF agents to Charming, led by the unscrupulous June Stahl. She immediately organizes a search of the Sons' garage, on the same day they are taking shipment of several AKs from Nevada in preparation for selling them to the 9ers. To make matters worse for Clay, Cherry arrives with the shipment, leading to a confrontation between herself and Gemma. As Jax tries to figure out how to get the guns out of the garage, he calls on Trammel, who lost a friend in the shooting, to help SAMCRO find the survivalist group before ATF do.

    - Written by Bertaut


All of the episodes in the later series begin with shots from previous episodes and opening clips of the characters waking up...

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