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  • When the young daughter of a prominent Charming family is assaulted during a visiting carnival, Samcro races the authorities to capture the assailant. Meanwhile a new shipment of guns arrives from their IRA connection with an additional price. Tara's ex-boyfriend arrives in Charming.

  • As the Mayans and the Nords bide their time, Unser reigns in Hale, leaving the Sons free to begin building a new warehouse. However, when a shipment of guns arrives from Ireland, their Real IRA contact Kevin McKeavey is unimpressed he will have to wait three months before they can pay for the merchandise, and contemplates selling to another buyer. Meanwhile, when the daughter of prominent Charming real estate magnate Elliot Oswald is assaulted whilst attending a visiting carnival, SAMCRO finds itself racing Hale to capture the assailant. In hospital, Wendy regains consciousness, rebuking Tara's attempts to find out who brought her the drugs, but still prompting an admonitory visit from Gemma.



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  • The episode begins at a Carnival (of all things). Jackson (Charlie Hunman) gives a young girl money (daughter of prominent Charming business man Elliot Oswald played by Patrick St. Espirit) but then harasses a clown. The boys are torn away to a meeting with the IRA. Contact Michael McKeavy (Kevin Chapman) is not happy about the current Sons problems and wont wait while they rebuild.

    The young girl Tristen (played by Liana Liberato) becomes missing. She is found raped and beaten. Her father asks the Sons for help. Clay (Ron Perlman) agrees to deliver the rapist to him but only if Oswald promises to kill him.

    Deputy Chief Hale (Taylor Sheridan) meets with his father Jacob (Walter Addison) and Leo Kessler (Steve Kramer). They are (correctly) worried the Sons might be helping Oswald with some vigilante justice. This is a problem because Leo wants some land that Oswald is selling and he is worried Oswald might sell it to Clay. Hale disagrees with the motive but agrees with the sentiment and visits the Sons.

    In hospital Jacksons ex-wife Wendy (Drea De Matteo) is recovering and is visited by a doctor and Jackson's high school girlfriend Tara (played by Maggie Siff). Tara is convinced that Wendy did not have an overdose and wants the truth. She tries to reach out to her by saying they are alike but Wendy is no rat and says nothing.

    Tara receives a phone call from a man who says "she is hard to find". She hangs up and is clearly distressed. Later, she asks Hale if a restraining order from Chicago would still be valid here. She says she dated a guy in Chicago and things got "weird".

    The probationary (Johnny Lewis) is told by Juice (Theo Rossi) to follow Hale. Unfortunately the only bike available is a kid's dirt bike . Ever the dutiful club hopeful, he uses the small bike.

    The club investigate the girl's rape. They are not bound by traditional laws and have a lot more success than the police. Chief Unser (Dayton Callie) says he has nothing on the case and is worried the Sons may interfere with the investigation.

    The Sons catch up with Darby (Mitch Mileggi) but he denies he has anything to do with the rape. They follow up a false lead and end up at a bible study group. It is difficult to find a lead because the girl won't say much and the mother Karen Oswald (Judith Hoag) is not letting her see anyone, claiming her daughter doesn't remember anything.

    Gemma (Katey Segal) visits Wendy but this time but Wendy is stronger and she fights back a little, trading insults with the club matriarch.

    Gemma sneaks into see the girl at the hospital and convinces the mother to talk. It turns out the girl was raped by a fat man dressed as a clown. Hale sees the Sons chasing a lead but when he goes to his car, his tyre is flat.

    SAMCRO head to the carnival and get into a fight with the carnies. They capture the clown and let Oswald kill him. He cannot do it so Clay does it for him, keeping the knife with Oswald's fingerprints on it so he can be blackmailed later. As vice president of the club, Jackson is angry that Clay is making decisions without consulting him.

    It turns out the man stalking Tara is a federal agent.

    John Tellar (Nicholas Guest) narrates as Jackson reads his manuscript.

    Juice is found dressed on the ground like a baby. This is his punishment for getting stoned and not attending to club business.

    Jackson visits Wendy and admits he was to blame. He wasn't ready for marriage or a child. He was to blame for Wendy's overdose. He takes her to see Able and is she is shocked at how small her baby is. She cries and apologizes. Jackson tells Wendy to get back to rehab.

    Agent Kohn (Tara's stalker) arrives and makes contact with Hale.

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