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June is singing at the club when a man accuses her of being a Jerry lover and she is hit in the face with a glass. Back at the shop she discovers that Angelique is in love with Bernhardt whilst Walker seeks out the man who injured June and beats him to death. James admits to Eugene's parents that he feels guilty for having persuaded him to surrender and consequently be shot. He gives Philip all the information he has on the Germans on the island and Sheldon agrees to take Zelda and Philip to England. Wilf is to take Wimmel fishing to cause a diversion but Wilf's son Colin,misinterpreting the situation,thinks Wimmel is about to kill his father and shoots at him. Zelda avoids capture and returns to Cassie's shop but Philip is caught and Felicity admits to the baron who he is,offering to have sex with him to spare her son's life. Rather than have him shot Von Rheingarten sends him to a prisoner-of-war camp and is also lenient in the sentences he gives Wilf and James for their part in the...

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