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Island at War (2004)
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Eugene's parents visit his grave and are threatened with arrest by the Baron,leading the islanders into defiance by keeping a vigil to mourn the dead youth. They also trick the Germans by thieving a pig upon which they feast. Bernhardt goes on a bombing mission,promising Angelique he will drop his bombs in the sea. His mission is declared a failure as most of his comrades are shot down but he survives,to Angelique's great joy. The Baron takes a shine to 'Mr. Brotherson' as a good worker but Philip must be careful. Cassie begins an affair with Wimmel and Walker discovers that Zelda is actually Hannah,a Jewess. He demands sex in exchange for his silence but again she runs from him and the Mahys hide her in a room in their loft. June deflects attention away,which pleases her mother who was doubting her daughter's loyalty,given that she sings at the German army night-club.

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