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Season 1

18 Aug. 2008
Eyes Wide Open
When Detective Anna Diaz goes to Paris with her new boyfriend Nick, she cannot escape a nagging feeling that he's hiding something.
19 Aug. 2008
Tug of War
Nick swears there's nothing to worry about after he tried to hurt Anna.
25 Aug. 2008
Love Costs
Anna tails Nick to find out just what he is hiding, but her will her discovery settle her mind or put it over the edge?
27 Aug. 2008
In Deep
As Anna processes the bizarre sight of Nick's 'procedure' things go from surreal to deadly as more mysterious figures enter the fray.
1 Sep. 2008
Clean Sweep
The mysterious assailants that attacked Nick set their sights on Anna, giving her only one option - RUN!
2 Sep. 2008
Murder Will Out
Still on the run, Anna discovers that her life is being erased before her very eyes.
3 Sep. 2008
Ain't Queens
Anna finally comes face to face with the people behind Nick's death.
4 Sep. 2008
This Is What We Know
Anna was afraid that Nick had been keeping a secret from her, but she had no idea how big it would be.
8 Sep. 2008
Ask the Dust
As Anna processes the bizarre sight of Nick's 'procedure' things go from surreal to deadly as more mysterious figures enter the fray.
9 Sep. 2008
Anna and her partner at the NYPD put the pieces together regarding Nick's life, but find themselves in over their heads.
10 Sep. 2008
Slamming Doors
The SIMs are in New York, and that spells trouble for Anna Diaz and anyone else near her.
11 Sep. 2008
After an encounter with a SIM Anna wants in to Gemini Division.
15 Sep. 2008
Insertion Point
Anna's first days as an official Gemini Division agent send her undercover across the globe.
16 Sep. 2008
Deep Cover
While undercover, Anna receives new instructions from Gemini.
17 Sep. 2008
Trapped in Dr. Gallivan's lab with Baoshi's latest experiment coming after her, Anna has to ask herself, "What the hell is a Beetant?".
18 Sep. 2008
Kill Jill
Anna confronts Dr. Gallivan/Jill Sinclair about her SIM research, but time is running out for both of them.
22 Sep. 2008
To Catch a SIM
Still looking for a way to get at the SIMs, Anna decides to set a trap using herself as bait.
23 Sep. 2008
The trap has been set; a SIM has arrived. Now its Anna's turn to be the hunter.
24 Sep. 2008
Closed Circle
Anna gets in gory detail exactly what makes the SIMs tick, courtesy of Dr. Ng's autopsy.
25 Sep. 2008
Anna gets her hands on Gemini Division's primary weapon - the "Genfixer" - and just in time too, as SIMs swarm around her.
29 Sep. 2008
Conejo Blanco
Anna's journey takes her inside the Mexico City drug trade searching for the "Conejo Blanco", The White Rabbit.
30 Sep. 2008
Sub Rosa
As part of the NYPD, Anna has seen the effects the street drug Rosa has on people, but now she'll experience it for herself.
1 Oct. 2008
Eye for an Eye
Anna get's her hands on a new prize: a SIM experience core.
2 Oct. 2008
Manwich to Go
Anna needs help to unlock the memories in the SIM core...say hello to M&M
7 Oct. 2008
Toy Soldiers
Anna comes to realize that M&M is pretty useless in battle...but the same could be said for Gemini Division's weapons.
8 Oct. 2008
La Mujer Dormida
Anna learns more about Nick and his connection to the mangled-ear Gemini agent nicknamed Van Gogh.
9 Oct. 2008
Smart Cows
Surrounded by SIMs, Anna needs reinforcements. Send in the cows?!?
13 Oct. 2008
Training Day
In Northern Italy for Gemini Division weapons training, Anna comes face to face with The Cleaner and his mangled ear.
14 Oct. 2008
Anna is partnered up with The Cleaner as SIMs descend upon the facility looking to free their imprisoned SIM brothers.
16 Oct. 2008
One thing is clear...Amasso wants Anna. But is she to be his ally or his hostage?.
20 Oct. 2008
Her loyalty to Gemini Division tested by Van Gogh, Anna is sent to the USS McKinley where Cpl. Ryder ? a human sympathetic to the SIM cause and a member of the ?SIM Underground? ? shows her footage of the seminal moment that sparked their rebellion.
27 Oct. 2008
Anna comes one step closer to uncovering the truth about Thanatos when she infiltrates the SIM Underground. Convinced Thanatos is a genuine threat to humanity, she sets her sights on taking out Amasso. But can she bring herself to pull the trigger?
3 Nov. 2008
Though Amasso shows her the true purpose of Thanatos, Anna still doesn?t trust him ? and vice versa. But with the key to the SIMs? survival hidden on Nick?s missing core, they?ll have to work together to liberate the one man who can help them find it.
10 Nov. 2008
Finding Laszlo
Dr. Laszlo reveals the location of Nick?s Core, leaving Anna with a terrible choice: to kill or not to kill? Later, as she heads to Antarctica with the SIMs, Anna makes a shocking discovery about the origins of her sudden illness and recent nightmares?

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