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Is there an episode where its not only about herself?
sashank_kini-17 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Miley, in real life, has been nominated for a golden globe once and some other teen awards. I do not think that she has or will ever receive 'Video of the Year' or any other precious awards. Then why is this show trying to show that she is the best singer ever?

In this episode, she is receiving some 'Diamond' which has been kept near a Frankie shop and people keep dirtying it by spitting on it or dropping meat or something on it and so, she wants it to be replaced.

THe idea is okay, but the fact that she gets her task done in a bad way really ticks me off. Why does she always have to get the things done the wrong way? Lilly and Oliver play the side-kicks, as usual and help Miley to get her diamond replaced. I really wished that she could've solved all this in a better manner. At last, she decides not to get rid of her diamond as her fans love it the way it is. The jokes are corny and rude as usual, with some of them being horribly unfunny. The puppet was a bit funny though even though the whole thing was utterly childish.

The Jackson-Rico track stinks and could have been so much better . The main problem is the end where Rico calls him a Country Dumb Kid and Jackson gets mad at him I really didn't understand why he ridiculed him because he was from the countryside. That could have been saved for some other episode where Jackson gets annoyed because Rico insults him in this way. But including it in the end doesn't make any sense. Also, Rico is monotonous in his behavior and acting.

I'll go with a 3 out of 10 for his. I is watchable once but a torture after that.
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