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"Honey, the only thing you could put me in the mood for is a vasectomy."

Author: Anthony Pittore III (Shattered_Wake) from Los Angeles, CA
5 October 2009

'Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned' - What a title, huh? How could this fail with at least being really fun? I don't know, but it did.

The story focuses on a group of thirtysomething guys who head up to the Hamptons to a buddy's bungalow to throw a bachelor party for another friend. Once there, a group of middle-aged, overweight hookers (who look nothing, NOTHING like the girl on the cover. . . not even a little bit!) stop by randomly and give the boys a show. Unfortunately, they're possessed by some type of evil/demonic force and they started to kill the guys off (mostly during sex) one by one.

There isn't much to expect from a film like this. Technically, the film isn't the worst I've seen, but it's far from good. The cinematography is strange, it goes from steadicam to shakicam, uses random different filters for no reason whatsoever, doesn't focus properly, etc. It's often too dark to see what's going on, especially in some of the outdoor action sequences. The acting was, for the most part, bad. Sammy (Gregg Aaron Greenberg) was probably the only actor that I could really compliment, mostly because he reminded me of Jeff Anderson from the 'Clerks' movies. But, the flick only cost twenty grand to make and it's a film not made looking for great story or acting or anything of the like. It's basically a way to show off some gore effects, nudity, and have a few laughs. Unfortunately, the gore was really not good at all and looked like something out of a crappy 80s TV show. The nudity was, well, nothing we wanted to see as all three of the hookers/strippers really had nothing to offer (actually, they had TOO much to offer for the most part). There were a few laughs, mainly caused by the ridiculousness of it all, but sometimes the dialogue actually gave a giggle. The movie ran about a half-hour too long and around the 40 minute mark, I was merely counting down the time. I mean, if you're going to put most of the story into the first half, why even have the second half? Give us a break and just cut the movie down and make it a quick watch that we can either enjoy or, if we don't like it, just get over with faster. Since they didn't, it's mostly a bore with very little redemption.

Final Verdict: 3/10.


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I Actually Kind Of Liked This One

Author: mattressman_pdl from Iowa, United States
9 April 2011

A group of friends gather together for a bachelor party only to become fodder for three 'demon' strippers.

First off, this movie was made for practically no money. That being said, I kind of enjoyed it more than a lot of mainstream horror films. It reminded me of the fun trash that we used to expect from Troma on a regular basis (Kaufman has as cameo). The acting was bad, but not the worst that I've seen. Some shoddy CGI makes an appearance but I thought that it actually added to the cheese factor. The editing and continuity is a nightmare but, as I said before, cheese factor.

This movie is NOT for everyone or even most people. But I was surprised to get a few chuckles out of it and it wasn't as boring as most independent horror seems to be. Movies don't always have to be good to be fun.

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Enjoyable for what it is.

Author: capkronos (capkronos00@hotmail.com) from Ohio, USA
14 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Chuck's (Joseph Riker) about to get married to Michelle (Trina Analee) in a few days. His cousin Sammy (Gregg Aaron Greenberg) is put in charge of throwing the bachelor party and gets in contact with a former high school acquaintance - the uptight Gordon (Joe Testa) - who allows them, along with their pals Paulie (Sean Parker) and Fish (Gelu Dan Rusu), to use his uncle's bungalow in the Hampton's as long as they don't trash the place. Three mysterious, leather-clad strippers (Zoe Hunter, Monique Dupree and Kaitlyn Gutkes) show up for the evening's entertainment, drag three of the men into bedrooms and soon reveal themselves to be some kind of vampire-demon-succubi creatures who feast on human flesh. Two of the five men are quickly killed, Chuck is transformed into an undead vampire and Sammy must try to straighten things out before Michelle shows up to share some important news with her future husband.

A low-budget effort, for sure, but debuting director Brian Thomson (who also wrote, produced and edited) actually does a fairly good job working within his budget range and giving anyone apt to even rent a title like this in the first place exactly what they want to see. The film is well-paced and, though a bit too dark at times, decently shot for the digital medium. The running time of 77 minutes is about right. There's comedy (some amusing, some not so much), the dialogue isn't nearly as bad as one might expect, characters are drawn fairly well, the cast is appealing for the most part (Greenberg in particular shows real promise) and there's plenty of nudity provided by B-movie Scream Queens Hunter and Dupree. The ending (which utilizes some flashbacks) is also well done. The lynch pin here are some awful, laughable CGI effects, which take it down a notch or two.

Overall, it's a pretty fun way to spend an hour or so of your time IF you enjoy B-movies. As long as your not expecting deep, life altering cinema (and who would, based on that title?) and can accept this on its own terms, you should have a pretty good time.

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Unwatchable garbage

Author: Deliberate_Stranger from Belgium
28 October 2012

'Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned' is another 'Brain Damage wonder'. If you are somehow familiar with a 'products' they release, you already know what to expect. I usually try to avoid any BD features whenever possible however, sometimes you just see the title, cool DVD cover and can't resist, especially if the price is low. Well after watching this piece of garbage I would really like to have my 3GBP back. I mean, you can buy a beer or a cheeseburger for that amount of money and at least you won't regret doing this! Aside from the cool title, everything else is on the lowest possible level here. Cinematography is as bad as it can be, acting is non existent and those amateurs extremely annoying(hell they even have Lloyd Kaufman in a completely moronic cameo). Cover says, there are gonna be monsters, strippers(means nudity!) - no way! There is only one scene with a laughable makeup, few fake fangs(so called vampires), few bits of cgi blood(done absolutely horrible) and there are two shots of naked breasts alright but the owners of those breasts are so horribly ugly that you won't care at all. Possibly the best thing about this crap is music - no, It's not good by any means but at least it sounds like a music not a poor substitute for it like in the most of no budget 'movies'. I wish there would be 0 in IMDb rating, in this case I really do. Because atrocities like this should never be made, never. Please do yourself a favor and try to avoid this movie and if you happen to pay for it, you are eternally doomed - just like me.

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Enjoyable micro-budget horror comedy romp

Author: Woodyanders (Woodyanders@aol.com) from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
17 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sammy (a solid and engaging performance by Gregg Aaron Greenberg) holds a wild anything-goes bachelor party for this best buddy Chuck (a likable portrayal by Joseph Riker) at a bungalow in the Hamptons. Things go horribly awry when the three exotic dancers -- Snowy (ravishing redhead Zoe Hunter), Emerald (buxom knockout Monique Dupree), and Vermillion (foxy brunette Kaitlyn Gutkes) -- hired to supply the entertainment for said bash turn out to be ferocious demonic succubus vampires with an insatiable taste for male flesh. Writer/director Brian Thompson (who also produced, edited, and even composed the lively score) relates the blithely inane story at a constant zippy pace while delivering a nice smattering of yummy bare distaff skin and pouring on the excessive tacky graphic gore with merry aplomb. Granted, the unapologetically lowbrow humor is admittedly pretty crude and unsubtle, but still often funny in a pleasingly dry'n'deadpan way just the same. The game no-name cast have a ball with their broad roles: Greenberg excels in his juicy lead part, Trina Analee adds plenty of spunk as Chuck's feisty fiancé Michelle, Hunter, Dupree, and Gutkes are suitably sexy and naughty as the blood-sucking undead babes, Troma head honcho Lloyd Kaufman has a hilarious bit as a transvestite, plus there are sound contributions by Joe Testa as awkward'n'uptight nerd Gordon, Sean Parker as obnoxious fat jerk Paulie, and Gelu Dan Rusu as sleazy horndog Fish. The cruddy cut-rate CGI effects add to the film's considerable rinky-dink charm. Demian Barba's reasonably polished cinematography does the trick. The gut-busting ending credits provide some of the movie's best and most uproarious jokes. An absolute hoot.

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You may limp after watching this lame movie

Author: slake09 from Silver Lake, Ohio, USA
24 December 2008

The story of some single guys throwing a bachelor party that turns into a horror story is bad, and not in a good way.

The movie features strippers who don't strip, monsters who aren't scary and acting that would be embarrassing in a first-grade school play. There just isn't anything to like here. The title sounds good enough, but the film itself is just plain boring. It's not even bad in a way that would make it fun, it's just lame.

I generally like low-budget movies, but there was nothing that I could groove to in this one. The strippers are unattractive skanks who never strip, the bachelors are boring goofballs, and the horror just isn't there.

Some campy fun or snappy dialog would have made this a lot better. Failing that, some respectable amount of gore, special effects or naked chicks could have saved it. Too bad there wasn't any of that.

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Absolutely no redeeming qualities!

Author: midnight_playah from Canada
12 November 2010

Out of everyone I know, I'm the one that always defends the movies I see no matter how poor they are. I always ask my friends to have an open mind when watching a film in order to get the most enjoyment out of it. I've finally, for the first time I can recall, been unable to heed my own advice.

This "film" is the worst piece of crap I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. My sense of self respect will never forgive me after after subjecting my grey matter to this kind of abuse.

I hope the "actors" in this roadkill made enough to pay the administration cost for their GEDs, cause they'll need to find different work. This level of acting needs its own definition or class. It doesn't fall under any known category of professional performance art. The acting in this wet fart makes Killer Klowns from Outer Space look like The Shawshank Redemption.

Now, I could theoretically look past the mind-numbing banality of the acting, or the oatmealishness of the hideous strippers (who, by the way, don't strip), or even the childish and nonsensical story. But the one thing that I found absolutely unforgivable was the "special" effects. Never before have I seen true special effects made by true special kids from the classroom beside the boiler room. These effects looked like they were lifted directly from a bootleg Japanese copy of Zombie Massacre for the NES circa 1987.

Usually, I can recommend bad movies on the basis that they are so bad they're good. But this is just plain bad. I hope anyone who invested in this bucket of yuck found a high enough window to jump out of. I almost feel like I'd rather be dead than live in a world where this film exists.

I cannot in good conscience recommend this film under any circumstances. DO NOT even watch it for a laugh, as you will wind up sobbing into your couch cushions like a freshly scolded toddler.

0 out of 10

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