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Character Assassination and Propaganda!

Author: njmollo from London
3 July 2009

I have no particular liking of Hillary Clinton but this movie is an extremely biased, cynical and politically motivated assassination of her character.

There is little pretence at objectivity or moderation. Simply talking heads spout insults with no other motivation than dislike.

Surely having Ann Coulter, someone of dubious morals, attack Hillary for dubious morals is extremely dubious.

This about sums up the appalling agenda of this movie. Being from the UK, I am not sure that such ill-informed propaganda would be allowed.

Now that Hillary has failed to make the top spot this shameful exercise in slander should disappear .

Hillary Clinton deserves a true character study and hopefully one day some real filmmakers will devote some time to making one.

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It's not just about Hillary

Author: Erika Lockhart (
16 August 2015

This is about Washington, D.C., and how it has taken on a life of its own completely separate from the rest of the country. It is about assumed and demanded privilege. It is horrifying. I read something today about Hillary being the most admired woman in the country and it makes me feel sad because I know so many women who are so much better than she is. Men, too. It's a sad commentary on the state of our nation and a clear picture of why Mrs. Clinton shouldn't be in charge of it.

I've read other reviewers' opinions that the movie is biased and heavy- handed. It seems that those are politically charged statements, not rational ones. As we approach another round of presidential elections, I think every candidate should be viewed as critically.

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Hillary is frightening!

Author: jeninediconti from United States
7 October 2015

This movie was very accurate and every American needs to see it before voting for Hillary Clinton who in my opinion is clearly an opportunistic woman out for herself as well as a narcissist and a bit of a hedonist. This movie gives proof of how Hillary is fake and manipulative. You can understand why I cringed when I saw her on SNL the other night. It was difficult to watch her in her uncomfortableness. She was very robotic compared to her sometimes excessively enthusiastic speeches which should alert voters of her inconsistent range of behavior changing depending on time place, topic or audience. It's AMAZING! It goes from mild to charismatic. At the end of the day it was all dishonest, manipulative and not what we as Americans want or need in the President of the US of America. She is phony and cannot be believed.I think she is believing her own lies to the point of becoming dangerous as Commander in Chief." Hillary sees herself as entitled to be in charge, and above the law, she is comfortable with changing her story or not answering questions at all to fit her end goals especially if she thinks it will appeal to voters. I knew more about the younger Hillary which this movie talks about and the younger Hill definitely matches up with the Hillary of today--she is ruthless which makes her too dangerous to have in the White House,"

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Hillery - The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

Author: Kenny Buell from The Desert Southwest
29 May 2015

This movie barely scratches the surface of just how corrupt this woman and her husband really are. But a lot has happened since this movie was made, and none of it has done anything but expose the Clintons for the cold, calculating, con artists they really are.

This is actually a fairly good movie and well worth watching, especially now after Benghazi and the emails and her personal server and....

Scandal follows this woman like a puppy follows a child.

Just keep repeating to yourself "this movie is 5 years old....this movie is 5 years old."

Attention Liberals: Don't waste your time because you're going to hate it. You see, it exposes one of your heroic icons for the fraud she is - a ruthless, scheming, shrewd, 1%er and professional politician.

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Decent material/Extreme

Author: conservative-40-93587 from United States
29 April 2011

I enjoyed the material they uncovered in this movie and felt like it was professionally produced. Only being critical I did not like how boldly negative it was. It's as if the ideas were being built to directly influence a conservative base. In relation to the conservative ideas of life we need to look at the big picture and then why it makes us happy to call ourself a conservative. If there is one thing I dislike about being a conservative in America today it's the way people compare you to the others with more radical views than your own. While the movie is worth a watch I just felt like they good have shown a little more of the other side of things.

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Hillary: The Movie

Author: a_baron from United Kingdom
19 June 2015

What can be said about this film? It was not sponsored by the Hillary Clinton fan club, that's for sure. If it is to be believed, Hillary was the power behind the throne when Slick Willy served two terms, and now, the American public and the world had best beware.

There are some truly scandalous allegations, though it remains to be seen if the most damaging ones are true. There are also some embarrassing moments, including Hillary's tendency to "forget" things; she has even been condemned out of her own mouth, in particular on America's misadventures in the Middle East. The question must be asked though, even if half of this is true, how different is she from any other politician who seeks to hold high office, in this case the highest office barring none?

The most damning thing about it is not that it has contributions from many people who know her, but that many of these people are Democrats!

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A Political Propaganda Against Hillary Clinton

Author: Desertman84 from United States
1 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a political documentary against then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in the 2008 elections.

Apparently,the presence of famous conservatives such as Dick Morris,former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter only proved that it is one-sided and it will be far from being balanced as it would only present all the negative things about her.In addition to that,people who have grudges against Clinton will be presented and the scandals that she got involved in such as White House travel office controversy, White House FBI files controversy, Whitewater controversy, and cattle future controversy will be highlighted.Finally,all these people will provide her supposed negative traits like dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness that will disqualify her from becoming President of the United States.

While it will be great to know more about the person especially being the former First Lady of the United States and a famous political figure of the Democratic Party,this documentary isn't the best source as it is provided by people who obviously do not know the person very well and who definitely have political agenda of trying to destroy candidacy as a presidential candidate.In addition to that,it was shown almost ten years ago so it would definitely be obsolete considering that it does not provide new information about Hillary like her tenure as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama and the new scandals that she was involved in like the killings in Benghazi and the missing emails from her server.

In the end,one could hope for a better documentary in the future that will provide balance and by people who really know more about the possible first woman President of the United States.

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Surprising and even scary

Author: thesiouxfallskid from United States
26 March 2009

I almost passed on the opportunity to watch this. I was not impressed with what I read of those behind the film and expected a poorly constructed and poorly documented hatchet job. I was surprised. It did give a very unflattering view of Hillary, but it was very carefully organized and well presented. Seeing and hearing from people who had been close to or involved with her in some way had much better substance than anything I have read. Excellent archived footage. I find disconcerting that there have been efforts restrict the dissemination of this film, but the really scary part is that this person might have become the 44th president of the United States. Not surprising is that most of the user ratings so far have been either 10s or 1s. This sort of documentary tends to get rated based more on whether or not one likes the subject of the documentary than on the merits of the documentary itself. I think it is well enough done as a documentary that it will significantly contribute to how future generations will view Hillary Clinton.

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Obscene handling of subject matter

Author: ziplok35 from Los Angeles
29 December 2011

First, a disclaimer...I mixed this piece of tripe that resulted in the horrific "Citizen's United" ruling by the Supreme Court. This is a "mea culpa". I am sorry I ever had anything to do with this. I can only imagine how the rest of the crew felt. A gig is a gig, but I should have walked out on this one. Most of my work has been in child and adult animation (Clifford The Big Red Dog, Family Guy, and everything in between).

While the production value was high (good picture, good sound)) I can't get past the script and the commentators. It was a train wreck. I only discovered the true intention months later. The true intention was political.

Please do not watch this film. It has no redeeming value at all except as a model for a "hatchet job". I felt compelled to write this review (my only review of any work I've ever done) as an opportunity to let other film makers know...there are things you should turn down. I will never be involved in another film that assassinated the title character so mercilessly and without warrant. Please try to separate the crew from the subject matter, if that is possible.

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