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  • East Fresia 1401: the era of the feared sea pirates Klaus Störtebeker and Gödeke Michels is coming to an end. After a long period with no booty at last a bulging ship appears on the horizon. However, Störtebeker is badly wounded in the attempted capture and the pirates suffer ignominious defeat. Not only their ship is down the drain - Störtebeker himself is suddenly plagued by anxiety and doubt about his very existence as a pirate. He is drawn to the beautiful country girl Bille, while Michels gets rebuffed by the friesian princess Okka. In the very moment that the crew have mutinied and co-captain Michels is literally at the end of his tether, they discover on board their ramshackle old tub a most unique wonder weapon. Glory days are quickly revived - until the mighty Hanse consolidate their power and weaponry and go to war against the pirates. Störtebeker and Michels are forced to decide: To live as a farmer or to die as a pirate.


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  • East Friesland in 1401: The era of the dreaded pirates and best friends Klaus Störtebeker (Ronald Zehrfeld) and Gödeke Michel (Matthias Schweighöfer) bends to the end. When finally once more again, fat prey appears on the horizon , Störtebeker is hit in the fight, seriously injured and the pirates beaten again disgraceful. Their Ship is broken and Störtebeker suddenly torment general doubts about the pirate's existence. It attracts him to the nice lady Bille on Shore, while Michel meets with a rebuff with the sexy Frisian's princess Okka (Cosma Shiva Hagen) . As well as still the team mutinies without luck against the co-captains and everything seems lost, they discover a miracle weapon aboard their ailing sloop . They experience once again a glorious time until the Hanse arms and the pirates only remains one choice : A life as a radish farmer, or the death as a pirate!

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