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The Cabin in the Woods
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The Cabin In The Woods

Author: Morbius Fitzgerald from Bailey Downs!
29 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

39 years ago, the slasher genre was born with a Canadian film by the name of Black Christmas. What would follow would be a wave of slasher films such as A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Friday The 13th and Child's Play. Most of these movies had an onslaught of sequels and you began to see clichés over and over and over. Then a slasher movie satire was made with Scream and Scary Movie. This movie was supposed to be an addition to the satire's by attacking every horror movie cliché in the book for a modern audience. Is it good? Lets see.

The plot starts off pretty basic for one of these things; A group of teenagers go up to this deserted cabin in the woods, they awaken something (reminiscent of The Evil Dead) and they start killing them off one by one. We are also shown that this is supposed to be a ritual for some Ancient God that needs sacrifices to be restrained or the world ends because every other country has one of these Gods and all others have outsmarted the creatures sent.

Okay I'll start off with the things I liked. The acting is actually pretty good from all players however nothing that really stuck with me. The CGI is also fit into this description and in terms of slasher films, this would be one of the better ones. The horror aspect of these killers is quite well done in spite of them just being cut outs from The Evil Dead and the humor in this film is actually pretty funny on its own. So what made it bad? The villains (the people who are "the puppet masters"). I'm sorry but these villains need to be talked about in great detail.

First of all, every country has one of these things? Every country has a group of people die and people either don't notice that this goes on. Next, the climax of the film contains a button that unleashes all the monsters they have on standby pressed by the heroes, why would that be so easily accessible if that happened. Thirdly, who the hell finances this? Who the hell would look at this act of killing innocents and say "okay, thats justified."? Fourthly, they consistently use these toxins to implant suggestions and the one guy who avoids it is a stoner, how do those toxins work and why is weed the only way to avoid them? Fifthly one part of the climax includes 3 of the people that pull the strings dying and one shows empathy when they just did the same thing to 4 other people. Really? Sixthly why do these powerful Gods want these sacrifices specifically to happen in generic horror movie order (because they literally explain it like this).

Overall this movie is a mixed bag. While its not the worst I've seen from Joss Whedon, it still has the flaws of the villains which are literally all thats wrong with the film warped into one easy statement. Its because of them that this film doesn't get say a 6 or a 7 from me. It passes off as semi decent on its own but still with huge problems.

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Cabin the 13th

Author: Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki from United States
7 April 2013

Ignoring the obligatory hick at a gas station that they are in danger, a group of supremely stereotypical college aged people go on a road trip to a relative's cabin in the woods, unaware that they are being monitored by, and in fact, almost guided by, a vary vague, nebulous organisation located in underground facilities somewhere. As they read from some Necronomicon-like book, they resurrect the dead nearby, who then proceed to wreak bloody havoc, much to the delight of this unnamed underground organisation watching them, and several others like them all across the world.

Is the film a joke about reality television?

It is alleged that this organisation rigs things like this to happen every year, in various countries across the world, to appease the "gods," and by that I mean us, the audiences who watch these horrors. If these so-called "sacrifices" are not made every year, the gods are angry, which would cause the world to end. Which indeed, weirdly, does happen in the final seconds, as the gods return to earth to ..... kill everyone? Then what? I cannot give this film a rating, because I cannot decide if I liked it or not. It is either a brilliant satire of horror movie clichés and the audiences who watch clichéd horror movies, or two disparate ideas duct-taped together into one of the strangest films ever made. Either way, it is certainly memorable, but I can't imagine that it would work well on DVD. This is one of those times when this must be seen in a cinema to get the full effect. I actually thought I had walked into the wrong cinema, when the film began with a pair of what appeared to be Homer Simpson-like workers walking through a plant. When the title appeared, in a rather inane font, at least I was certain I was in the correct theatre, but I was still a bit puzzled by it. And I still am.

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Don;t really know how I feel about this movie...

Author: dirtyrichrara from Jacksonville, FL
4 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It didn't all together suck and i'll give them points for originality...but at a point you kind of ask yourself is this the movie i put in? it goes from being this horror movie to this kind of slapstick type of go on trip, which i may add all the actors, even the beautiful Chris Hemsworth, are too old (and look it) to be playing college kids and described as "teenagers" as the movie summary says. they all go on this cabin all along with us the movie viewers knowing that they are being watched by this apparent government agency and so they go on their way drinking the night away. playing truth or dare they end up down in a cellar where they find tons of staged paraphernalia, and they come across this diary. upon reading they discover it belonged to this young girl named patience back 1905. she and her family lived there and being the backwood folk that they are, they were all sadistic and i'm almost sure they probably were all spawns of generations of inbreeding. so patience spoke of evil and finding ways to end it, blah blah blah, her arm was cut off. so the "virgin" reads this Latin written aloud and pan to outside out of a not so obvious grave pops a zombie hand...and i'll leave the rest up to you to make your own judgment but it gets kookier and kookier. i'm a horror genre scifi addict so i found it amusing none the less but if you're looking for a screamfest, not for you...wanna laugh and then say wow, i just watched that then check it out. i picked it up for free with a redbox coupon so i guess i may be giving it a little leeway.

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horrible...and stupid!!

Author: feat-rohit-kumar from India
11 November 2014

i watched this movie just because of its high rating ...but i got to say, this movie is one of the lamest I've ever seen...does not scare you and if at some point if it does somehow manages to give you chills than its gone by some stupid science fiction crap.. ..too much gore and violence makes it boring to watch....the story fails to provide any real sense of attachment at all..characters tries to hold their ground but there is just not anything in the story . just fails to provide any justice to the genre..if you are a core horror fan then there is nothing for you in this might wanna skip this one..its like hunger games on a bad day..!!.too stupid to watch!!!

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

See what I did there? (Yes, Joss, now shutup)

Author: thor5894 from United States
28 May 2014

Fun and entertaining deconstruction of horror film tropes. If there's a problem, it's kind of like when a magician explains how a trick is done, which spoils the fun. Here, the horror elements are never scary, because you see the gears turning. We can normally suspend disbelief for 90 minutes and believe zombies are real, but not here. Second problem, Joss Whedon simply can't get out of his own way. He can't just do something clever, he has to stop every ten minutes and tell everyone how clever he is. It gets tiresome. So this is a fun ride, and often very funny, not scary, and the presence of Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford is invaluable. (Jenkins has the best moment in the movie, screaming at a monitor, "Fuck you! Goddamnit Japan, how hard is it to kill nine-year-olds?!?" In context, this is very funny.)

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Below an average horror film that doesn't offer many surprises

Author: ernesti from Finland
23 March 2014

The Cabin in the woods seemed to be over-hyped in the media at the time it was in the cinemas and that's usually a bad sign. My instinct was right this time. It's impossible to like a film that has such a bad script with hollow unlikeable characters. The plot starts to stink from the very beginning when everything is told straight away. There's hardly any surprises for the viewer as all is given away too early. Everything goes as expected and it gets quite boring.

The movie's also very unstylish that i have to question the vision of the creators. What might have crossed their minds or were they just making a fusion of Evil dead and The truman show and calling that original. Little bit of this and little bit of that movie here and there just seems to make a film these days.

This movie put me off watching new movies for awhile. I wonder when i saw a movie just as bad as this. Even the old trashy movies were more compelling.

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12 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

A real review. Not from the makers or the easily led.

Author: neil-arsenal from Thailand
26 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How else could this get a good score? Plenty of keyboard tapping around the world imo from dubious sources. Lemmings see the high score and are scared to say they don't like it, for fear of being told they are mentally slow.

I couldn't wait to see this. Good horror movies are hard to find and having heard the nods towards 'evil dead' and seeing the high ratings...I couldn't wait.

Finally got to see this the other night and...what a let down.

Comedy you say? Well, excuse me whilst my sides split. I didn't laugh once.

Horror? About as scary as Scooby Doo.

In fact about as intelligent as Scooby Doo.

In fact this IS an episode of Scooby Doo with gore.

The acting was 'B' movie standard and I couldn't stick it out. I tried but with 10 mins or so to go..I was bored and a bit confused. I knew that these kids were being sacrificed to some kind of demon by the lab dudes but I didn't care.

The movie just became more and more ridiculous and not in a good way.

Some critics bang on about the movie being on 3 levels of the gods are us, the audience. That the control room is the directors and blah blah blah.

Who cares? It's an awful movie! If I made a movie with a 'deep' (lol) meaning but the movie was total fools would lap it up!

This is not a time for beard scratching and trying to find deep meanings. This is Scooby Doo. Next they'll tell us that Dumb and Dumber is actually about the thoughts of north Korean political prisoners during the 80's.

For those saying only those with an IQ of over 80 will like it....never in my life have I heard such sanctimonious piffle.


Those who fooled many of us into watching this garbage should refrain from reviewing movies on here and take up a new hobby like base jumping or something really, really dangerous.

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14 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

Save your money

Author: kaikai9 from United States
13 April 2012

I have been an avid horror fan since the late 70's. This is one of the worst horror films I have ever seen. Cabin in the Woods is only a compilation of many horror films jumbled into one with subtle changes that only someone unfamiliar with horror films can not detect. This movie was all over the place and utterly ridiculous. I tend to wonder if the laughter in the theater was because people actually thought the lines were funny or they thought they were so stupid and should not have been added. I found no humor at all, no thrill but I did find I wasted my money hoping someone could produce something that might actually scare me. Think of every horror movie you have seen, mix it up and you have this movie. It is time for a little more originality and much less grabbing for previous movie straws and sucking on them as if they are your own. I give it two stars since I didn't walk out of the theater as I was hoping it would get better.

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15 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

Half-Baked Story Idea

Author: rogerdob from United States
15 April 2012

What the heck was going on with the story in this movie???? It was like it wasn't completely thought out. Was it a horror, science fiction, comedy, or fantasy movie??? It tried to be all of them...thus, is was none of them.

After the film was over, I was reminded of LOST, the TV series, and how similar the writing was. As in that TV show, so much was presented in this movie but very little was explained. It was as if they just didn't care if anything made sense or had a reason to be...lots a puzzles but very little answers...lots of interesting ideas with no logic to support them. Afterwards, I discovered this was written by Drew Goddard, one of the LOST writers!

In the future I will avoid movies written by Goddard.

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21 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

By far the worst movie I have ever seen.

Author: Joseph Williamson from United States
13 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since I saw the first preview I had been anticipating this movie. The idea of mixing a traditional horror concept with a modern scifi was just intriguing beyond belief.

My girlfriend and I went to see this movie and were just dumbfounded by how disappointing it was. The acting was beyond bad, the story was somewhat original but poorly portrayed, and there is a degree of drug use in it that is simply unacceptable.

Now there is drug use in a majority of modern movies, but rarely is it portrayed as being an okay thing to do. In this movie, it is not only okay, it is actually portrayed as helpful! Ultimately this movie was nothing more than a few ideas strung together by bad acting, poor plot choices, and a lot of drug use without any real purpose or message.

Strongly advice anyone who values their morals to stay away from this movie, it is closer to a pot-heads comedy than a horror film by leaps and bounds.

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