The Cabin in the Woods (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

cabin in the woods gas station
zombie cellar
satire dark humor
puppeteer strange behavior
year 2009 2000s
21st century severed hand
year 1903 1900s
20th century psychological torture
torture victim boy with glasses
man with glasses black comedy
film reel conch
scholar athlete
hatchet horror icon
tentacle caged monster
cube grave
cocktail party celebration
pushed into water falling into a lake
ravine explosive demolition
electric shock bloody hand print
stabbed in the eye torture chamber
trapdoor supernatural horror
locked in a room telephone call
disturbing painting chasm
mountain road security guard
goblin giant spider
blob child zombie
robot ku klux klan
cyclops scarecrow
animate tree witch
apocalypse saw
group of five group of friends
surveillance surrealism
mercenary hand grenade
pistol machine gun
blood spoof
clown carnage
video surveillance bare breasts
boat dock woman in a bikini
swimming in a lake deconstruction
f word harbinger of death
trowel video wall
interrupted sex babe scientist
jock alpha male
girl stripped down to panties blonde stereotype
bulletproof glass betting pool
virgin no cellphone signal
grappling hook reality spoof
japanese schoolgirl ethnic slur
redneck music box
subtitled scene control room
end of the world supernatural
cameo intern
covered in blood giant hand
title at the end no survivors
thrown through a window merman
grenade masked villain
swat team falling to death
axe murder person on fire
giant bat bitten in the neck
werewolf body torn apart
eaten alive suicide
shot to death shot in the head
shot in the chest unicorn
evil clown killer clown
giant snake massacre
evil god killed in an elevator
dismemberment car crash
stabbed in the throat exploding body
forcefield cave in
tunnel impalement
severed head decapitation
bear trap ghost
office worker filmed killing
hidden camera stabbed to death
stabbed in the head stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the shoulder stabbed in the back
stabbed in the hand blood spatter
gore severed arm
topless female nudity monster
creature characters killed one by one
manipulation pheromones
human sacrifice ritual sacrifice
diary mounted animal head
truth or dare murder
gambling speaker phone
lake bare chested male
interracial kiss two way mirror
drunkenness revelation
gas station attendant recreational vehicle
dirt bike character repeating someone else's dialogue
dyed hair boyfriend girlfriend relationship
marijuana joint bong
stoner flashback
freeze frame underground bunker
surprise ending

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