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Hunting for the men, killing birds
ctyankee110 July 2015
This episode is with all the rich men and their young boys about 8years old on a hunting vacation. The boys are given rifles and Tom does not want to shoot. Lord Louie a young boy around Tom's age teases Tom and puts a dead bloody bird on Tom's bed.

I also got confused about Victoria and Arnold St John. The characters do no pronounce the name St John the way it looks it is pronounced "sin-gin". It took me 7 episodes to figure this out.

Lots of new stuff and people the major breaks off his relationship with Victoria who is married to Tom's father Arnold St John. Victoria is broken hearted. She later is given a 93 diamond bracelet by her husband who is a wimp with his wife but a bully with his son Tom.

Tom's father forces him out on the shooting range and he shoots his father in the arm by accident. Someone gave Tome stronger bullets for the rifle.

Hannah gets a assistant nanny and I think she is afraid the new nanny will find out this her baby is not Bernie's brother Charlie who is dead.

Matty starts to fall for the footman Ned who is wanted for murder which I think was a fist fight where men were betting on the winner and the man died from injuries.

Ned it the footman is hit on by Pringle. He has a weakness for liquor and misses Nanny Matty who work in the same house.

Lord Hugh is a spiteful man who threats to have Lydia's family kicked off their land because he was beaten up by Matty brother who is infatuated with Lydia.

This episode like the rest is non stop in drama and characters.
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