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Follows the drama of a Melbourne-based police tactical squad.
mike_cable8 August 2010
Rush is a high-energy, dramatic police drama filmed in Melbourne, Australia, that follows the jobs of a tactical response group made up of various individuals. Each episode has self-contained stories while ongoing character development and personal drama for each individual unfolds throughout the series.

It isn't afraid to show that the members of the group are only human and can make bad decisions, with repercussions. By 2010, the writers have appeared to have dropped the various "office relationships" that seemed to plague the show in its early stages, although the two young guys seem to have some awkward moments still.

The overly shaky camera work can be a bit annoying to some, but you can get used to it, however the music is modern, diverse and works well with most scenes. It often draws comparisons to City Homicide, but they are two very different animals.

It often feels like each character is going to have their downfall and you never know when or how it's going to happen, and I think that's what draws me to watch the series.

Try not to think too much about the silliness of the actions or dialogue by some of the "professional police officers" in Rush and you'll be rewarded with some good, if sometimes a little anticipated, action sequences by a good group of television stars.
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One of the best cop shows on TV.
TomBowler14 July 2010
Rush isn't just a great cop show, it's a great drama as well, with characters who stay true to themselves and each episode outdoing the last. Instead of overloading the viewers with meaningless action, Rush prefers to spend a lot more time on its characters, adding depth to each one of them every episode. Each character is well developed throughout the course of the series and, despite the lack of meaninglessness, the action contained in a single episode rivals any cop show any American television. ANY cop show.

Each line of the perfectly restrained script flows naturally from the characters, never feeling forced and never feeling scripted. The actors themselves help to create this feeling, each of them seeming to know their character inside out and instinctively know how to portray; a welcome change from the soap opera actors which usually back up the lead in todays cop shows.

The writers also seem to realize that drama doesn't only manifest itself in the killing off of characters, creating twisted character arcs with forbidden love, delusions of grandeur, the whole shebang. They also are incredibly inventive, thinking up new and interesting, though never unfeasible, ways to test the team's abilities. And they're far too smart to, 1) always let them win and 2)let them get away with a clean conscience.

The direction is fantastic. It looks like a constant Bourne film, but if that puts you off, don't worry, each and every shot is perfectly chosen for maximum effectiveness and won't impair your view exorbitantly.

And yes, I know what you're thinking, it's an Australian show, they probably constantly introduce themselves with a g'day and throw in phrases like strewth or fair shake of the sauce bottle (what does that even mean??), but Rush (kindly) eschews this cultural stereotype, focusing instead on the actual plot/technical-aspects-in-general of the show (hint to all other Aussie shows out there, get you're acts together!).

If you haven't found this Aussie gem yet, find it, buy it, watch it and then watch it again. I guarantee you'll love it.
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Thoroughly enjoyable at all levels
Robin Rowlands27 October 2011
I absolutely loathe most American shows of this broad genre (Bones and CSIs spring to mind) because the characters are often so stereotyped, plastic and generally uninteresting that I want to puke. (Most HBO shows stand excepted.) Aussie shows often get slammed for various reasons I honestly can't fathom - Rush, City Homicide, Wildside and East West 101, to name a few, are all excellent shows. They were/are all populated by real people with personality and flaws galore, so that the viewer readily becomes involved with and can easily empathise (or not) with them. In Rush, the dialog is entertaining and natural, the relationships are complex and believable.

I have taken off one star for the weapons handling as commented on elsewhere by someone who says he knows about these things. However, for me, this is a minor detail because my knowledge of procedures and weapons is superficial and what I see (99% of the time) is plausible enough for me as a general viewer. I am more than happy to suspend belief in those areas - I just want to watch a show with the right mix of drama, action, characterisation and dialog. I LOVE all those aspects of Rush. And needless to say the acting is of the usual extremely high Australian standard - Catherine McClements is a standout in a generally superb lineup of talent.
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One of the best Aussie shows I've seen.
Rhys Cooper10 December 2008
It is surprisingly impressive. I would expect something of this caliber from a higher budget American studio (everyone knows America has the best technically inclined staff at their disposal).

When I watched the first episode I was in awe, this show was much better then next to anything I'd expect from Australia. It has so many things you just wouldn't expect from an Aussie show, and it's on so many more levels. The technical skills and creativity are much better then most other shows on the same budget.

I went to the 24 Hour Film making festival of 2008, and I was surprised to find the lead actress of the first episode there (Aurora). The directors make the actors look great.

It is better then most other cop shows. The stories are a lot more complex and things are done more interestingly. It's not just "find the evidence, yell at the killer", it is visually entertaining and more intellectual. They characters aren't just run off the mill killers, there are large stories behind them all.

It obviously doesn't have the budget of CSI, but it is certainly more interesting (I mean, who wants to watch a monotonous guy wearing sunglasses indoors?). It's more like Law and Order, but even then, the technical skills are better and it makes it visually more entertaining.

I do have to admit, watching it for the second time around it's not as shocking as the first time around, but lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice. I am glad it has been brought back for an encore series. I'll finally get to watch the episodes I missed!
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i can't believe this show has only one review
ilya-205 February 2009
It's good and it deserves better.

I don't want to spoil it and talk about what happens. I would like however to mention how Aussie shows manage to capture real life better than American shows - who just lose themselves in unnatural drama. I don't know if that's because Aussie life is more down-to-earth than American life since I haven't been to any of those countries, but somehow I can relate to Rush much more than to any American cop show i've seen lately.

The characters are believable and real. And yeah, some ideas might not be the most original out there, but they don't feel fake while watching, and when watching this show I don't get that odd sensation I sometimes get when watching other shows - that feeling that someone's really trying hard to come up with a good story and it just doesn't get out. The story flows naturally.

Let's hope they don't lose it. I hope they go as long as Water Rats - maybe longer.
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EXCELLENT, What Can I Say?
jaza200320002 December 2009
I just finished up watching Rush Season 2 and wow, just wow. With So many American cop shows out these days all seem to be utter junk. Although there are some good ones. What stands out about Rush the most is (not to mention its filmed in Australia, Victoria) is that unlike other Police Dramas it has Realism aspect to it. I mean how many cop shows do you watch and they kill someone and its like oh well. Although I do understand that it was an innocent man that was shot the realism each of the Police officer face, not knowing which one actually shot Him, I believe really captivates the Audience and gives that extra bit of realism. The cast is excellent, Not any bad acting or poorly preformed scene with crutty lines, I Think its has got to be one of the best cop shows, if not one of the best show in Aus. I would recommend this show to anyone.

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close but no cigar
edumacated29 July 2010
when i first started watching, i started enjoying. the dialog and interactions were more than i'm used to viewing from the us jj programming. i liked the characters, i liked the dialog. i liked the show.

that is until they hit a tactical situation. after that the show turned into amateurish drivel. i'm an old pro, and if this is the kind of respect a major Australian network pays to shows that hinge on gun play, then they should stick to soaps.

the tactics and weapons handling were a joke, when one swat officer tells another she knows her scoped weapon shoots low and to the right i about crapped my pants--that is why they have a range to zero weapons and adjustments to get it right. a swat sniper should be able to hit a one inch spot at one hundred yards, no matter the angle.

now i know i'm not alone. there must be, at least, some Australian, Afghani vets that are cringing at this show.

this is the 21st century, and there is a global audience. get a decent technical adviser and listen to him.

i was hoping to enjoy this show, but instead i ended up laughing at it.

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