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16 Jul. 2009
Episode #2.1
The team race to save the life of a security guard, with an explosive device taped to her chest, after a break-in at an illegal weapons container. Elsewhere, new team member Shannon Henry helps Lawson deal with an irate salesman with a stolen forklift who has his bosses car mounted on its forks.
23 Jul. 2009
Episode #2.2
Leon's on/off girlfriend Nina trips and falls from a high rise after doing a strip for him and it is up to Shannon to keep her calm as she dangles precariously from a cloth whilst Josh and Michael try to get to her before she falls to her death. Elsewhere, Lawson risks everything in his determination to stop a group of students being lured into a drug-smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Josh meets Camilla, a woman from his past, at the airport and Kerry is none too happy about going through a divorce from Jeffrey.
30 Jul. 2009
Episode #2.3
The Tactical Response team are called to rescue a woman in a submerged car. Michael becomes a hero for rescuing her and also an Internet sensation as he was caught on a mobile phone. But he soon finds out that being the hero isn't all it is cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Lawson is called to a domestic dispute involving a drunken father and his young son whom Lawson connects with. Elsewhere, Shannon is tested when she encounters a young prostitute.
6 Aug. 2009
Episode #2.4
Josh, Shannon and Dominic try to find a peaceful resolution when family court judge, Justice Kate Hawker, is taken hostage by Ollie Goddard, an exasperated father who's kids were taken off him by Judge Hawker in a previous ruling. Elsewhere, Lawson, Michael and Stella try to find a man who murdered his girlfriend and left their daughter at a rail station where she was nearly ran over by a train. Lawson is also non enamoured by persistent journalist Jacinta Burns who goes out of her way to get the first scoop on the unfolding story. Stella and Michael agree to go on a ...
13 Aug. 2009
Episode #2.5
Josh, Dom & Stella are called to Edgehurst Prison to negotiate with Martin Gero who has managed to lock himself into a cell with a German Shepherd dog. Whilst there a riot, lead by convict Jacob White, erupts and Dom and Stella get caught up in it with Josh able to make his way outside. Shannon negotiates with Jacob over the closure of the prison but not before a lot of damage has been done and guards beaten up. Meanwhile, Kerry knocks down a cyclist, whilst checking her mobile phone, and he dies at the scene. His grieving brother Boyd Kemper is enraged at Kerry as ...
20 Aug. 2009
Episode #2.6
Gaz Walton, an ex-newspaper editor, causes a disturbance at Federation Square & Immigration Bridge and Tactical Response are called where Shannon tries to talk him down but he falls to his death. The team discover that the vodka bottles he was carrying were glued to his hands and then find his wife tied up at home. Meanwhile, a series of TAB robberies lead Tactical Response eventually to link the robberies and Gaz Walton to Ari Woolcott, a man attempting to get revenge. Elsewhere, struggling to deal with repercussions of the cyclist's death, Kerry goes on a night out ...
27 Aug. 2009
Episode #2.7
Teenager brothers Jay and Vic Connor aim to blow up a series of parking pay stations and gain Internet notoriety. The team try to prevent them killing themselves and innocent bystanders. Meanwhile, Michael's temper gets the better of him and he lashes out at a protester where it is caught on a mobile phone and distributed. Lawson is far from pleased. Elsewhere, Josh and Dominic help Shannon avoid a repo man; Josh inherits a dog and Kerry makes contact with Boyd Kemper despite Leon urging her not to.
3 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.8
Tactical Response are called to a domestic siege in rural Somerville where they apprehend a known guns offender named Troy. But Troy's nephew Robbie has disappeared into the bush after shooting his mum's new boyfriend and doesn't want to be rescued and in the process shoots Josh in the leg and at the rescue helicopter. So it is up to Lawson and Michael to get through to him before he shoots anyone else. Elsewhere, Leon's girlfriend Nina thinks she may be pregnant and makes things difficult for Leon at work.
10 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.9
Stella's involvement with new girlfriend Alana leads her to an illegal car race and puts her future in the Tactical Response Unit at risk after she is arrested whilst driving one of the cars. Meanwhile, Kerry has to face the inquest at the trial of Boyd Kemper's brother and Dominic's married life is not so rosy.
10 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.10
Acting on a tip-off from an armoured vehicle of suspicious activity from a tailing car Lawson, Shannon and Michael pull the driver over. Whilst the driver denies any involvement of attempted hijacking of vehicle to Lawson and Shannon, Michael follows the van on foot and discovers a sophisticated hijack involving a freight train and roadworks and a high-frequency jammer. Michael manages to get on the vehicle but loses his gun in the process. With Leon and Kerry blind back at base because of the frequency jammer and the rest of the team frantically searching for Michael...
17 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.11
As a result of an incident at a petrol station the Tactical Response Team go on the hunt for ex-SAS soldier John Welsh who is known to have links to a terrorist group. Their hunt puts them into working with Detective O'Neil who has a personal grudge against Welsh. Meanwhile, the Drug Squad raid Lawson's girlfriend Jacinta's home for evidence of her involvement with a drug importer.
24 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.12
The grandson of known violent criminal Anton Buczek is kidnapped at a shopping centre and the Tactical Response Team are called to find the baby before Anton and his henchmen do and exact their own revenge. Meanwhile, Josh, Stella and Michael are called to a high-rise where a man is threatening to jump unless his girlfriend returns. But is the girlfriend what she seems?
1 Oct. 2009
Episode #2.13
Shannon is assaulted by a taxi driver after a late night out but manages to leave him with more injuries than she received but it leads to Tactical Response following up an investigation into other assaults on drunken females and which Josh takes a personal interest in. Meanwhile, Lawson breaks up with Jacinta and later when he finds that Shannon has nowhere to live invites her to stay with him but Jacinta misinterprets what she sees and is far from happy. Elsewhere, Leon plays a joke on Dom who doesn't take it very well.
8 Oct. 2009
Episode #2.14
Lawson and the team pull undercover agent Jess North after no contact but they then discover that Jess is pregnant by her criminal lover Zac Costa. She later escapes and is found distraught at an abortion clinic and Zac is found with severe stab wounds. Elsewhere, Dom's walk on the wild-side with Chanel alarms Stella and Kerry continues to keep Josh at base to pay for his previous actions against the rapist taxi driver.
15 Oct. 2009
Episode #2.15
Shannon, Stella and Lawson are called to a college campus where they find two bullied students tied up and strung from trees. But the students take matters into their own hands when Tactical Response leave and go on the rampage with crossbows injuring students as they come on them. Back at base Leon, suffering from sleep deprivation after clubbing, gives incorrect information to Lawson nearly causing catastrophe. Meanwhile, Josh sees his psychiatrist about his anger issues and is forced to talk about his feelings for Shannon. Elsewhere, Michael and Dominic attend to a...
22 Oct. 2009
Episode #2.16
New secret lovers Josh and Shannon stake out two inept and would-be armed robbers who are in the midst of planning a heist. Meanwhile, Stella's personal life becomes entwined in her job when an informant is removed from witness protection against his will and he seeks vengeance against her. Elsewhere, Michael undergoes a change when he delivers a baby and he makes a deal with Stella that if they both reach 35 and have no partners they will have a baby together.
29 Oct. 2009
Episode #2.17
Lawson's ex-lover Jacinta Burns is assigned to his Tactical Response patrol for the day which brings about a change in relationship. Meanwhile, Michael and Josh clash over Jeremy Brindle, a delusional man who believes he is a detective. Elsewhere, the team try to stop a woman and her young school-going lover from murdering her husband and Leon tries to figure out where he is going wrong in this love life by phoning all his ex's after Nina dumps him.
5 Nov. 2009
Episode #2.18
In trying to prove that Brad Parks has been wrongly imprisoned he excludes Shannon which brings their relationship status in the open and in the process angers Lawson and leads to a punch-up between both. Meanwhile, the team try to locate an elderly couple who have left suicide notes for their children. Elsewhere, Kerry's relationship with Boyd steams up.
12 Nov. 2009
Episode #2.19
Caleb Dean, the teenager Lawson's been mentoring, steals a car with his friend only to be pursued by Lawson and his team. Lawson pulls the team off Caleb and investigates the place where Caleb works and finds that Caleb may be in deeper trouble that he first believed. Elsewhere, Dom's sometimes girlfriend Chanel calls Dom to her nightclub where an irate customer is demanding his right to dance. Meanwhile, Dom's wife Sandrine's post-natal depression threatens the life of their daughter.
19 Nov. 2009
Episode #2.20
It's Kerry's birthday and the team bet on which team-member will have sex with her unknown to them that Kerry has been listening in on their conversations. Will Kerry call their bluff? Meanwhile, Leon investigates a series of video store robberies after Lawson and the team ignore his theories, only to be caught in the robbery himself. Elsewhere, Shannon and Stella are tested in their fitness by the Israeli ambassador who brings them on a run.
26 Nov. 2009
Episode #2.21
Lawson and the team are called to assist in the removal of underage girls - most with babies of their own - from a rural community ran by Sheree Holston and her son Ted. But the removal turns dangerous when an aggrieved Ted hijacks a tourist bus and demands the girls be released or he will kill all the passengers. When the hijack escalates, Lawson & Kerry are forced into action with devastating consequences for the Tactical Response Team when it is revealed one of them is responsible for the shooting of an innocent man named Nick on the bus. Meanwhile, Lawson gets ...
26 Nov. 2009
Episode #2.22
Melbourne's water supply is contaminated by a woman named Freya who believes fluoride in the water killed her husband. She in turn puts the team in danger when it turns out she drank the contaminate and in turn seeps from her as a gas and begins to effect those in close contact with her. Elsewhere, Michael loses a large sum of money while swimming with two underage girls. Meanwhile, Stella clashes with Lawson several times as the team wait for the ballistic report on the shooting on the bus. The results which will have devastating consequences for one of the team.

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