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Looks like a Korean movie
ebiros218 November 2011
I know that this is a Chinese movie, but the looks and feel of the movie is like that of a Korean movie.

Everything about this movie doesn't look like a Hong Kong movie. Maybe because the actors are not from Hong Kong, but the buildings, the streets, all look like it's another city. Then again, maybe it wasn't shot in Hong Kong, but who knows.

So this was a very unique viewing experience for me. The story, and the characters are like Korean movie too. It's about two pairs of lovers who are going to college, and not much happens to them. They go about living their every day life, and twists and turns in their life strengthen their love for one another.

Jimmy Lin and Liu Yifei stars in this movie. This movie looks like it was made with their fans in mind.

The story and the acting is thin, but the movie's production is high quality, and hides other short coming of this movie.
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