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What an awesome episode!(May contain spoilers)
renee052118 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I know the series is not getting great ratings,but this particular episode really delivered,as far as I'm concerned. The main reason for that is Kevin Sorbo. His portrayal of Guy Goddard,aka Middleman 69,was simply fantastic! Here is a guy,thawed out after 40 years to take on his old archnemesis,The Candle,but ends up retired after breaking the #1 Middleman rule(Never Use Violence Except to Save the World)during his interrogation of a young man who now has possession of The Candle's melting ray gun! He then decides to kill the current Middleman,frame The Candle and take Wendy as his new apprentice. He then proves that chivalry is not dead when he sacrifices himself to save the current Middleman. At times,Goddard was very James Bond-like and Kevin played that very well.
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