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The CBI help investigate the murder of an informant and his girlfriend
Tweekums10 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When a police informant, who was due to testify against a drug dealer, and his girlfriend and found murdered in the town of Davis the CBI are called in to assist the local police department. After a few minutes at the crime scene Jane realises that the dead woman had a baby in her car, which the local hadn't found. This suggests that she was just popping in to visit her boyfriendÂ… either it was very bad luck that she was there when the killer struck, the killer followed her there or she was the real target. The Davis PD are adamant that their informant was the target and that the drug dealer he was due to testify against is the obvious killer. Jane and the CBI are less certain and the already difficult relationship with the Davis PD turn even more sour when the finger of suspicion is pointed at one of their officers. One of them appears to have had a relationship with the dead woman but not everything is as it seems.

This was another solid episode with plenty of suspects with different motives and an explanation that ultimately proves to be rather tragic. At first the tensions between the CBI and the local PD seem rather cliché put as it becomes clear that the suspect is one of them it obviously makes more sense. There are some nicely amusing moments; I particularly enjoyed Jane's contribution to the drug dealer's capture. The way the killer is exposed was enjoyable and despite the tragedy of the situation we are left with an ending that is ultimately upbeat.
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darbski16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** It is NEVER a good idea to keep secrets from your wife - unless it involves surprise gifts, or vacations you knoe she's wanted. That said, This is where all those little secrets come home to roost. That plus fear of those secrets driving a homicidal accident that then becomes another secret; on and on...

Jane notices the goods for baby care, and finds the kid right under everyone's noses; of course. I liked the dead girl's roomie who realizes that she is totally incapable of taking care of any kid; much less a baby. She's a girlfriend, nothing more. Also, the way Jane manipulated Macho Cop into things that a normal cop would have been embarrassed by.

Sliding the block up to the gate so the team could nail the suspect on the rebound was priceless. Confusion and sorrow are somewhat alleviated by Jane's connivances and ability to slip around legal details in pursuit of the right outcome; it's refreshing, and unexpected - beautiful, at least. You really need to watch this show, okay??
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