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She's not a real psychic!!

Author: rmn139 from United States
18 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I need to comment on this since 15/30 people agreed with the other comment, that she is a real psychic and upstages our hero. I'm sorry to say that you need to pay more attention because she's totally fake. When Jane asks the "psychic" if she had talked to the mom yet, she said yes. When he asked her if she had mentioned who killed her, she responded, "No, she didn't know..." Now I ask you, how is it possible that she didn't know who killed her then, and at the seance, she knew? Obviously, when they took the recordings right before the seance, they staged the whole thing. I loved the ending. Jane knew she was a fraud, but she said exactly what he wanted to hear. His reaction is priceless. Not the best episode of the series, but definitely wasn't bad. 8/10

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Not bad at all!

Author: kabosse
29 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Contrary to another commentator on this episode I thought it was rather good and even ingenious. The professional rivalry between the 'real' psychic Kristina Frye and the confessed con artist Patrick Jane was explored with enough depth and detail to let the viewer be in no mistake about what this woman actually was: a very, very, VERY good con artist! And in that even, perhaps, superior to Patrick Jane himself.

Having PJ mentioning 'cold reading' was all it needed to establish that without any doubt. And especially the last scene catered to that extremely well, - and with a twist! Because no matter how fabricated and illusionary the so-called truths of those 'psychics' may be, if they do strike a nerve with their educated guesses, it can be a cathartic experience for the subject nonetheless. Any good cult leader knows and practices these techniques, and with astonishing results, too.

So back to the episode: I found the acting, the plot, and the over-all feel of it, as always, quite entertaining and of excellent quality.

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real or fake?

Author: Elysseus from Sweden
9 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As far as I can tell, most of the creators of this show think that real psychics don't exist, they're either conmen or deluding themselves, or both. So Jane regards any conmen or manipulators as a kind of colleagues. Not as good as him, but basically in the same racket. Loads of fun.

But THIS episode treats it as if its real. In this episode Jane is a real psychic who just pretends it's all hookum. Probably writer/co-producer Gary Glasberg believes in this stuff in his personal life and twisted the vision of the show to promote his personal beliefs. Or maybe his producer vision kicked in and he figured that since a large segment of the audience actually believes in psychics, it would be good economy to throw them a bone.

Either way, this episode is a betrayal of the rest of the creators, and of intelligent viewers.

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What a weak Episode!

Author: Birkan Deniz
21 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


As all you guys know. Up until this point PJ and the idea of this series are being a psychic is a lie. It was all about using ones intelligence and deductive skills masterfully to come up with solutions that a normal person couldn't. I find this episode weak. Not because PJ got defeated by a psychic women. But this episode claimed that she was true psychic. It would have been okay if the woman out smarted PJ with her intelligence. But coming at the end of the episode and proving in a way that is not even that dramatic to be a real psychic. And making PJ cry was totally weak. The information she gave wasn't really relevant and didn't carry that much importance. Just to prove that real psychic is a thing. Was it worth it, to betray this series just to have this episode and this weak twist?

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Author: exess6 from United Kingdom
30 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very disappointing episode. I was waiting with baited breath for the moment the "real Psychic" would be exposed as a fraud.

"Knowing" about the imminent danger of the victim could simply be explained away as a random guess that happened to come true and "knowing" the whereabouts of the stolen car could also have been a lucky guess at a likely hiding place as pointed out by the character Teresa Lisbon. Jane himself holds celebrity status and is therefore very googleable. His kid was knifed in her sleep so would the obvious question be "Did she wake up"? So all explainable but the episode panders to the believers rather than the thinkers in the audience.

I think what annoyed me most was the way the "psychic" was made out to be a kindly woman attempting to help poor souls in need instead of simply a cold con artist who preys on recently bereaved and vulnerable people. Under any other circumstances a con artist (if caught) would most probably find himself/herself liable for prosecution but the same is not true for these ruthless individuals.

I wish I had missed it and I hope there are no more like it.

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This is a bad episode

Author: Jerry_Sprinkle from United States
21 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was happy to see a Psychic detective show debut where they explicitly state that psychics are frauds each episode. This episode features a "real" psychic who not only upstages the main character, makes him cry by "channeling" the spirit of his murdered wife with a message about their murdered daughter. I was waiting for an episode like this where skeptics have their face shoved in the pile of crap that is the status quo. It wasn't enough to have a central character constantly challenge rational and critical thought at every turn, but to make our hero lose the battle of wits? I didn't want to see her humiliated or exposed as a fraud, but at least end their angle with a snappy one-liner. At least "Psych" doesn't pander to the true-believer majority.

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