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Classic Barney Stinson
S. B.14 April 2016
Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson is the star of an extremely fun episode about the pros and cons of having kids.

Marshall and Lily think about having a baby and have to decide if they are ready for it. Whereas Marshall is excited about the idea but swamped with work at GNB, Lily is unassured and reverts to Ted, Robin and a lot of wine to help with the decision. Meanwhile, Barney creates a new holiday for single guys without kids and inducts us into the theory of the 'cheerleader effect'. While Barney's theories are usually insane, I find this particular one to actually be a real thing.

Some of the jokes may cast a slur at childless single life, but Neil Patrick Harris' performance makes more than up for it. Besides all the fun, it is good to see some Ted and Robin interaction again.
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Not a Father's Day (#4.7)
ComedyFan201018 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The episode has a lot of fun moments about Marshall and Lily deciding to have a baby and then wondering if they could do it. It was pretty fun how Robin was trying to convince Lily not to do it. But my favorite part was drunk Lily being an equivalent of a baby in Marshall's office. Especially her crying for her alcohol bottle.

They also went for the characters who don't want kids. Such as Barney and Robin. Barney celebrating not being a father was actually fun, very barney like. What I didn't like was the show seem to make it look as a bad thing. Oh the guys who are not fathers are losers. And Robin has to change her mind as she took the small sock. Wanting to have babies is a must for good people. Hope the show won't do too much on this. I want them to keep characters happy and independent and not everyone a family nut. There is Ted for it. And Lily and Marshall who actually manage to make family life cute
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Neil Patrick Harris Take A Bow Sir
slightlymad2223 December 2014
A great episode that features the brilliantly Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in its main storyline.

Plot In A Paragraph: While Barney celebrates a pregnancy false alarm by creating a holiday called 'Not A Father's Day' Marshall and Lily come down with baby fever and they try to decide if they should have a baby. The fact that Robins has a fear of children is revealed.

Once again Neil Patrick Harris totally knocks it out of the park (as he always does) as Barney Stinson. Whenever their is a brilliant episode of "How I Met Your Mother" Neil Patrick Harris is front and centre of the plot. Barney is easily my favourite character in this show and it's mainly due to Neil Patrick Harris's performance being so charming!! In a role that could be sleazy and creepy, he is charming and engaging.
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