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CaptainPeroxide25 May 2009
This episode was the funniest I've seen so far.

The joke at the beginning is the most original joke I have ever seen on television. It might not be one were you will laugh your ass of, but come on... think about it. Someone, probably writer Stephen Lloyd had to come up with an opening scene en then thought; 'he, I'll let Barney come into the bar dressed like an 80 year old and make him trying to convince a hot girl that he is actually from the future'. This writer is brilliant and surely deserves a special thank you for coming up with this joke.

But there was so much more to love. Like the interventions, so funny! From 'oh bullocks' to 'we're having to many interventions'. I already loved the flashbacks on this show. but the ones in this episode made me even love them more! Finally the joke with Barney and the girl fight made me laugh so badly that I missed the rest of the episode.

Stephen Lloyd, you're my new hero.
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A Classic Episode
slightlymad2222 December 2014
A classic episode of "How I Met Your Mother" Plot In A Paragraph: Ted, Robin, Marshall, and Lily all begin getting cold feet because of the up coming changes in all their lives, and Barney tries to prove to everyone that he can pick up a woman while posing as an 80-year-old man.

The interventions are all great, and Neil Patrick Harris once again knocks it out of the park as Barney. The old man routine was genius. It simply is comedy gold.

I love this show when it hits heights like this, all the cast are firmly settled in their roles and are now playing them to perfection.
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Intervention (#4.4)
ComedyFan201018 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Lots to laugh in this episode. Barney was hilarious as the old man. I loved his idea with coming from the future. It is actually interesting that I love so much a character who has the arrogance to dislike women over 30. I also found him running in and yelling his diagnosis part as well.

Interventions were fun too. I loved the first one with Barney messing up on what it was about. And I am all for Stella intervention. To me she is just a suburb bumpkin that will make Ted old and boring. It didn't work for me when Ted said they should move on to not end up like old Barney. How would this be bad?.

But based on the last scene it seems that all will turn out fine
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