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Plot Summary

  • Reid and Prentiss enter a Christian cult's community ranch to investigate a anonymous tip about child molestation. Moments after they enter, the state police begin a raid on the place which quickly turns into a Waco Siege-like standoff with Reid and Prentiss being held captive by the cult's militia.

    - Written by J. Rieper
  • Benjamin Cyrus is the leader of a fringe Libertarian sect in La Plata, Colorado. The authorities receive a 911 call from an unidentified fifteen year old girl within the sect stating that an adult male - the authorities assume Cyrus - is having inappropriate relations with the under-aged girls in the sect. Undercover as child abuse interview experts, Reid and Prentiss visit the sect's compound, Liberty Ranch. With Reid and Prentiss inside, Cyrus and his men, with a cache of weapons, lock down the compound when Cyrus gets wind that a raid of the compound is imminent. As the rest of the BAU arrive outside the compound, they have to try and communicate clandestinely with Reid and Prentiss inside to resolve the standoff. Meanwhile, Reid and Prentiss have to try to maintain their cover all the while trying to figure out who the 911 caller is and how they can use her to their advantage to save her and the rest of the women and children being held inside.

    - Written by Huggo
  • Reid and Prentiss, having gone undercover into an underground cult to investigate child abuse, get trapped inside the compound when a federal raid on it goes bad.

    - Written by J. Rieper


Prentiss and Spencer arrive at a remote compound where they find a man named Benjamin Cyrus, the leader of a religious group...

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