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A veritable feast of acting & writing

Author: Knole1456nt from United States
6 January 2012

I was profoundly moved by this episode, & am more moved every time I watch it. So many human emotions are explored, and in so many different ways. I did not expect to feel everything I felt; and each time I see this episode, I learn a little more. I don't for one moment understand everything in it but I do know about disappointment, disillusion, and pity. The casting is perfect and, as usual, the Criminal Intent regulars do their jobs with the same consistency as ever. All the guest cast are also very believable in their roles. This ranks way up there for me such as: "Penelope," "L.D.S.K.," "Normal," "Riding the Lightning," both parts of "The Fisher King;" & too many more to list. Thank you, Criminal Minds.

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Unearthing the Past

Author: ttapola from Finland
14 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The best episode since "Normal" (#4.11), proving once again that simple ideas are usually the best. Instead of ritualistic killings, imitators, perverts, delusional killers and all the Hannibal-wannabes, we get a simple *female* serial killer. Except that since women are not simple, neither is a female serial killer. A small difference changes the whole story.

And what a tangled web it is. The killer is trying to make a very important point, and the potential victims hide from FBI behind their high-priced lawyers. A common human hates corporate lawyers - they are usually as distorted soulless horrors in real life as they are portrayed in fiction. Here we get another chance to hate them – you just have to love a scene where the lawyers remain tight-lipped until they are told that their employers' dirty secrets might become public unless they co-operate.

The killer's acting performance is great and there are a couple of fantastic twists towards the end that make this episode so excellent, but unfortunately there are also some clichés, at least one of which is *totally* unnecessary. "I was in the same elevator with the killer but did not know it" is so worn out and lame it shouldn't be used even in spoofs. In an otherwise excellent episode the scene felt like it had wandered in from a B-movie. And then there is the principle used in the final twist. Sure, there are *only* two ways to play it out, but *both* ways have been used so many times that it's a lose–lose situation. Actually lose–lose more badly, since the writers choose the less ballsy outcome. The ending leaves one with a feeling that something completely new should have happened. As it is, now this is just a very gripping episode, but unlikely to be remembered along such classics as "L.D.S.K." (#1.6), "The Fisher King: Part 1" (#1.22), "Revelations" (#2.15), "3rd Life" (#3.12), and "Lo-Fi" (#3.20). 8/10 it is.

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Disgusting quote!

Author: dandywolfe
26 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode opened with a disgusting quote "The prostitute is not, as feminists claim, the victim of men, but rather their conqueror, an outlaw, who controls the sexual channels between nature and culture" by an anti-feminist named Camille Paglia. She can call herself a "feminist" (as she sometimes does or others somehow mistakenly call her, since they do not understand what feminism, especially radical feminism is, and other assume they understand when hearing it from misogynists and anti-feminists perspectives) if she wants to, but her actions and ideas do not make that true, nor even align anywhere near that of any liberal or radical feminism. Camille is a rape apologist and for a supposed "lesbian" is seemingly so obsessed with protecting males, gives males the excuse of "not being able to control their urges or themselves", "inherently rapists", and seems to be on a mission to protect any male that exploit females. That's not liberal or radical. Most radicals, and especially wlw (bisexual rads, lesbian rads) are female-centered because radical feminism is that itself. Camille also sees prostitution as "sex work" and females having "freedom and power over males". That is false and is not radical. Prostitution and porn are exploitation of females. There is no freedom or power in either, when the majority of females in prostitution and porn as abused, rape, not paid unless they do everything that they are told even if they attempt and cannot continue, kidnapped and sold into the sex trade, forced abortions, coerced by pimps and johns when they are at their lowest times in life, often are on drugs while in prostitution and doing porn, because it is too much to bare, among other horrid things. There is no power or freedom, nor consent, in being forced to perform sex acts and being refused money, abused/sexually abused if you don't, and when getting out of prostitution is not as easy as media and the minority of "happy sex workers" tries to make it seem. It is not freedom when the "happy sex workers" (the minority of prostitutes and porn) get to speak over and are heard over the majority who are not in denial of being harmed, are trying to survive, and get out. All of those terrible things I've listed are definitely not "rare things". When prostitutes and females in porn do get out, some decide to tell the truth of these industries, because they are now free and can have a voice about their experiences and many other females. It's just that most people either do not listen OR trivialize their experiences as "only a few", so that they do not have to feel guilty about continuing to watch and use these misogynistic services that exploit and degrade the female sex, and especially hurts women of color, bisexuals, and lesbians. There are so many experiences, sourced information from articles, and statistics, yet people are too lazy to do the research to understand why everyone should be anti-porn and put an end to prostitution, in which the survivors are often trying to do, but get shutdown by the few "happy sex workers" and disgusting supporters of the porn industry, because apparently getting off is more important protecting and saving lives. People need to remember that in these industries, especially prostitution, as soon as money is involved to pay for another human being, the female being the product and the male being the consumer (which is the majority of the case), it is objectification, and definitely is not and never will be "freedom", "sex work", nor "female power/empowerment".

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An absolute pleasure to watch

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
9 December 2016

'Criminal Minds' is a favourite of mine, though admittedly some seasons are far better than others. The show has too admittedly become more hit and miss, and every season has at least one episode that doesn't work or is a stinker.

There are many classics of the show and Season 4 (one of the best and more consistent 'Criminal Minds' seasons) has seen several gems such as "The Big Wheel", "Zoe's Reprise", "Conflicted" and "Omnivore". "Pleasure is My Business" is one of Season 4's better episodes in my opinion and is almost a classic.

My only complaint actually is (and this is in agreement with a previous review) is that over-familiar and done to death being in the same elevator with the unsub and not realising, actually making (or coming close) far from stupid characters seem so. Had no objection personally to the supposedly misogynistic opening quote.

However, production values are stellar as ever, as are the suitably moody music, only used when needed to be and is never intrusive to being over-bearing or low-key to having no presence, and the solid directing that keeps the drama alert while giving it room to breathe.

Scripting is taut and thought-provoking, while the story is throughout gripping with many surprising twists and turns that makes the truth and the supporting characters not what they seem on first glance. The ending is especially moving, one of the most truly emotional endings of Season 4, while Reid's awkwardness is very cute.

"Pleasure is My Business" develops the supporting characters wonderfully. There is a surprisingly sympathetic unsub, one of the first and most effectively written and developed female ones, who one feels genuine empathy for and understand her point of view while at the same time not condoning her actions in any way. In fact, the father character is the character that the viewer hates.

Loved that "Pleasure is My Business" had Hotch, back when he was actually interesting and not reduced to invisible background, given a prominent role here. Plus in a way that was intriguing and emotionally investible, his role in the ending being a large part of why it worked so well and is up there with my favourite Hotch moments.

Acting is very good, while all the leads do a typically top notch job Thomas Gibson is especially marvellous and the unsub and her father are portrayed in a way that is up on their level.

Overall, an absolute pleasure to watch and almost perfect. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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