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Kidnappers Gone Wild
ccthemovieman-18 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This kidnapping story turns out to be clever and more complex that it first looks. A woman with a carriage is giving her baby a stroll down a crowded sidewalk when suddenly the tot is snatched and the two kidnappers start screaming at the mom, labeling her the kidnapper. While the mother is hysterical, she's grabbed from behind by some sort of security man and the kidnappers run off.

When things get sorted out, it's now up to everyone to deal with the kidnappers and try to get the baby back unharmed. Things get further complicated when the female partner of the kidnapping duo, shoots the guy. Now, they have to find her....AND find out who's behind all of this. It doesn't help when one of the family members interferes with the CSI team and nearly blows the case.

Anyway, this is an episode that certainly will keep your interest.
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A well-told mystery
SylviaToyStLouis27 February 2017
This episode starts at a high pitch and holds your interest until the end. While it is easy to sympathize with the victims - a small family that has lost a child - it is the relationships, interactions and conflicts among the characters that makes you want to keep watching. Real people under stress in a difficult situation often make bad choices when trying to resolve that situation. That happens here and is part of why this episode is engaging in a story that was probably difficult to compose into a brief 45 minutes.
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