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"CSI: Miami" Target Specific (2009)

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Nightfall. Beautiful houses. Glistening waters. Must be Miami. A woman arrives home to find that the power has been cut. She takes a gun from a drawer but it's too late. A dark figure sneaks up behind her and STABS! STABS! STABS! Bleeding, she crawls to the gun and fires. BANG! BANG! With her last bit of strength, she dials 911. The woman's last sight before passing out: paramedics ... and a certain redhead in sunglasses.

YEEE-OWWW! Cue opening credits! Can't get fooled again, dontcha know!

Ryan arrives on the scene and identifies the victim as Megan Hamilton, who is in critical condition. He then notices a bullet hole in the wall. Caine, meanwhile, notes that two rounds are missing from the gun. "One bullet is in the wall," Ryan says. "Where is the other one?" Growls Caine: Maybe her attacker took it with him. The pair follow a blood trail leading to an ornate knife. The would-be murder weapon.

Montage time! Eric examines the knife for prints. It's been covered with wax as if it belonged to a collector of some kind. A print, meanwhile, reveals a name: Patrick Garrety. Seconds later, the man is sitting in the hot seat. "I reported that knife stolen a week ago," the man claims. He had noticed Megan, his personal chef, eyeing it. "She said it belonged in a museum," Garrety sneers.

Megan, in the meantime, has awoken. "I shot him," she says to Caine. "I know I shot him." The only problem: only Megan's blood was found at the scene. Montage time! Calleigh searches the crime scene for clues. Suddenly, a man emerges from the shadows and pulls a plastic bag over her head! "I'm a police officer," she gasps. "Don't do this!" Sure enough, the man reconsiders and flees.

Montage time! Travers examines a piece of clothing found in the teeth of Megan's dog, who was tied up outside during the attack. "It's a synthetic fiber used to make bullet-proof clothing," the Brit says. Ah ha! The attacker was wearing a vest that absorbed the bullet, which explains the lack of blood. Travers then reveals the patent on the material is owned by celebrity outfitter Zoe Belle. Before you can say "Zoe Belle," Caine and Natalia arrive to interrogate the designer. "I had a few things stolen from me few weeks back," she says.

Just then, Caine notices a man in a nearby tree snapping photos. It's the paparazzi, Belle explains. The man, Cameron West, is probably just hoping a celebrity client arrives. Natalia demands the photographer's camera. Back at the lab, Ryan and Eric examine the digital images. Shockingly, they find photos of Calleigh ... and Ryan ... and Eric ... and some redhead wearing sunglasses. "He's taking photos of all of us," Ryan says.

Faster than you can say "Cameron West," Cameron West is sitting in the hot seat. "You're a real piece of work, Delko," West sneers. "Just like your father!" Eric charges the young man, but stops just short of slugging him. Naturally, Eric thinks the Russians are behind the conspiracy. Caine doesn't disagree. Before you can say "Ivan Sarnoff," Mr. Sunglasses shows up at prison to visit the Russian mob boss. "Lieutenant, you can't prevent what is about to happen," Sarnoff says with a creepy smile.

Back at the lab, Natalia and Ryan reexamine West's photos. She notices a shot of Patrick Garrety with Zoe Belle's trainer. In fact, Zoe Belle's trainer appears to be in just about every single picture taken at a house which was later robbed. "He's the one," says Ryan/ Captain Obvious. The trainer's name is Tony Ramirez. When Natalia arrives to question the man, she finds him being taken out on a stretcher. Someone "jumped" and stabbed him. "He came out of nowhere," Ramirez says. Natalia examines the wounds -- and quickly discovers that they are self inflicted. The moron stabbed himself.

Before you can say "moron," Ramirez is sitting in the hot seat. "We can prove youre part of a scheme to rob your clients," Caine growls. The trainer admits to participating in the burglaries, as well as stabbing himself to "throw off" the CSIs. Interesting scheme. Ramirez also confesses to working for two guys -- one of whom is Cameron West. But who is the other?

Montage time! Calleigh examines the plastic bag that almost killed her. She discovers residue of an anti-biotic cream used to treat bites. "That means Megan Hamilton's dog bit off more than just clothing," Eric notes. One Hummer ride to Animal Control later, Eric discovers that Megan's dog has blood on its collar. Montage time! Eric examines the blood. And guess what? It belongs to Sarnoff crony Sergei Patrenko. Before you can say "Sergei Patrenko," Caine and Calleigh are sneaking up on on the gangster in a parking lot. Sure enough, the Russian has a bandage on his wrist where he has recently been bitten. Patrenko explains that Megan wasn't supposed to be home when he attempted to rob her place. "Arresting me is not wise," he tells Caine.

Sure enough, Sergei is put into the squad car when BANG! BANG! BANG! Shots from across the bay! Sergei is dead. About that same time, Ryan discovers the CSI Hummer has a flat. A van pulls up behind our hero and a Russian voice asks: "Do you need any help?" Ryan is knocked out cold. Moments later, we see the clean-cut cop duct taped to a chair. "I'm not going to tell you anything," he sneers. A mysterious figure PUNCHES Ryan in the face. Hard. To be continued ...


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